Yo! Toshi here! That friend of mine is in the shower and knowing him he’ll be in there until his body starts to wrinkle or the water turns ice cold. Then he’ll stare at that ugly mug of his for another half an hour or so. That gives me time to post here. He left his laptop on with me in the area. You’d think he’d know better by now.

I’ve been friends with Ju for years now. I met him by accident at a club Gargoyle was playing at. It was a small place, close crowd and all. He was quite noticeable being tall as a tree and sporting pink hair. Kiba and I weren’t an item at the time and he looked…well he looked good. It was hot in the place and he was wearing a wife beater that was plastered to his chest by sweat. He had those dragons on his arms but not as many other tattoos as he has now. I notice a lot when Kiba is doing his MC thing. Not like I have much else to do until he calls my name. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not always possible to tell who is gay, straight or bi just by looking at a person. There are exceptions but for the most part you have to look for signs and Ju was politely but apparently firmly chasing girls away from him. To me that meant gay, at least bi and looking for some man action. Think about it, pink hair, well muscled and chasing girls away. What else was I supposed to think? Married wasn’t even in the equation. Come on…his hair was pink, bright, flaming, blinding, hot pink…well parts of it at least.

I nodded at him and he nodded back. I thought to myself that I was getting laid tonight! I was brought back from my sexual fantasy by Kiba calling my name. I did my little bass solo, we finished the set and I went out into the crowd looking for my treat for the night. I found him at the bar and struck up a conversation. Now I pride myself on my ability to pick up dates but he wasn’t biting at any of my hints. When I saw his wedding band I put two and two together. Didn’t matter though. We were having a nice conversation. He told me about his band, his bike and his shop and before I knew it we were acting like old friends. It wasn’t until later that I realized I’d met him at a music shop earlier in the year. Hair was a normal color then but you’d have thought I’d remember those tattoos.

He hadn’t been married long but he liked car shows and the missus couldn’t always go due to conflicts in scheduling. I was usually free for those since we tended to play late evening. We made a date so to speak and the rest is history. We’ve been fast friends ever since. Shame the man turned out to be straight but hey, you can’t have everything. That wife of his turned out to be a cute, little, pistol and about as dangerous as a howitzer. I’d hate to think what that mind of hers could come up with if she set her sights on making you pay dearly for hurting her husband. I’ve come close.

Ju and I were out on the town. We got into an intense game of Mahjong with a couple of toughs. Me and my mouth got to flapping, Ju got to winning (the lucky bastard always did) and the toughs got pissed. Needless to say a brawl broke out. We won the war but Ju wound up with a nasty knot on his head from a broken bottle. We wound up at the local hospital and I had to call Aya. She very quietly told me that if Ju wasn’t alright she was going to inject me with something that would rot my penis off. The look in her eyes still makes me shudder. She’s a scary lady. Ju recovered and Aya forgave me but she still gives me that dead fish eye, psychotic look from time to time.

Aya…smart, cute, sexy and so in love with Ju that it’s almost obsession. He’s the same way about her. I’ve never seen two people so in love and suited to each other. Oh they battle. Some of them have been epic but no matter how bad things get, they always find their way back to each other. As for me…well I think I’ve found my prince charming finally. He was under my nose for years but I was too dumb to notice…and he was too damn stubborn. It was worth all the time and trouble to reel him in. He’s grumpy, adorable, nerdy at times and whether he knows it or not, mine. He doesn’t know it but I work his nerves on purpose. If I didn’t he wouldn’t chase me away and I’d be staring at him spellbound all the time. At least this way I can say that I have some control left.

Ah. Ju just came into the room and is reading over my shoulder. He hasn’t hit me yet so I guess all is well. I checked out GARK’s site while I was on here and noticed that a new pic had been posted of the band. I’m gone or should I say we’re gone. TTYL


BTW: The extremely handsome guy in the black shirt is yours truly. The star crossed guy sitting next to me being adorably nerdy is Kiba.


~ by jujuken on March 25, 2013.

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