An Opportunity

Ju was downstairs in the spare room of the shop practicing. He seemed to always be practicing or playing something these days. Being around Toshi, and Gargoyle by extension, seemed to have lit a fire in him musically.

He’d never really been all that serious about playing but that had changed lately. It could have been vanity kicking in. He’d been told by a number of people with and without Toshi that he was really good. Now he had a drive to see how he matched up against some pros. He’d discovered he had the same drive to be the best that he had with his racing and his shop. He wanted people to notice just how good he was and seek him out. He went through a few more chords of the song he was practicing before calling it quits for the night. Aya would be in soon and if he had a choice, playing with her was always at the top of his list.

He put his bass up and was about to leave when his cell phone rang. Toshi was on the other end sounding flustered. “S’up dude? I need a big favor from you. We are playing in a club not far from you. Our opening act cancelled on us. I know it’s short notice but do you think you guys can cover for them? It’s a hole in the wall so no big expectations but 24 hours is too short a notice for most bands unless they are already here. You guys are already here.”

Toshi waited patiently for Ju to say something. The wait stretched to long minutes. He knew Ju was there. He could hear him breathing. He finally called the man. “Earth to Ju. I know you’re there. Talk to me.” Ju cleared his throat. This would be a great opportunity if he could talk the others into playing. That was the problem. Still, they owed Toshi a favor for filling in for him. He might be able to use that to his advantage. “Let me call them together. I should probably know the answer in a couple of hours if not sooner. Give me the particulars especially what the club owner is paying, when and where, how long a set.” He looked up from the desk where he was jotting down info when he heard the front door shut. “Look. Aya just got in. I’ll call Ryo then get back to you. Talk to you later.” With that he closed the connection, grabbed the note and headed upstairs to greet his wife.

He greeted Aya with a kiss and a hug and asked her how her day had been. They talked for a few minutes while she changed then he told her about Toshi’s call. He tried hard not to keep secrets from her especially ones that could come back and bite him in the ass. She listened quietly to what he had to say then held her hand out to him. “Baby…this decision is between you and the band. I can’t make it for you. If you want to do it and they agree then I’ll be there to cheer you on and jump your bones when you’re done.” Ju had to laugh at that. The woman was true to her word. No groupies would ever get the chance at him if she could help it. He hugged her until she eeped and swatted at him. She told him to call Ryo while she made them some dinner.

Forty minutes later he emerged from their bedroom with a smile on his face. It had taken some talking but the guys had agreed especially when he reminded them that Toshi had kept them playing when he was too busy with work. He’d called Toshi and they had worked out the few details but there wasn’t much for them to do besides show up, rehearse and then perform. The club they would be at wasn’t much larger then the bar so the guys shouldn’t be nervous. They had decided to play the set that they’d just played at the bar the past weekend and Bitch would still be the closer.

Aya listened while she finished dinner, glad her back was to her husband so he didn’t see the dread on her face. When she turned she was all smiles and encouragement. He knew she was faking it but that made him love her even more. He told her so and kissed her thoroughly. She held on to him for a few minutes then finished dinner. They ate in relative silence both lost in thought. Aya finally looked up and asked Ju when they were leaving for the club the next day. He grinned at her and told her to wear something with easy access. She just laughed and shook her head. That broke the tension some and the two finished eating and cleaning up, laughing and in his case groping, like usual. There was no love making. They both had a lot to do early and Aya was kind of tired from work so they just snuggled and fell asleep. The next day promised to be eventful no matter what the outcome.


~ by jujuken on April 9, 2013.

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