An Opportunity part two

The club turned out to be about twice the size of Acchan’s and about an hours drive from where they lived. Toshi and his idea of not far and about the size of, needed some work as far as Ju was concerned. They had taken the van because it was the only car any of them had big enough to carry all of their equipment. Aya rode with him and the rest of the guys piled into Ryo’s car.

The guys were really excited about the gig. Actually being paid some real money didn’t hurt either. Ju had emailed Tomoka who on short notice had done some fliers for them. Ju had one blown up and they were going to use that to advertize their performance. It would go up next to Gargoyle’s under “opening for”. They didn’t really have to worry about original songs falling flat since they were a cover band and that was noted in the fliers. She had used a photo they’d taken about a year ago during one of the battle of the bands that happened at the bar once or twice a year. Photoshop took care of the rest.

Tomoka had done good work. Ju wondered idly if she had considered going into the advertising field. He shrugged. He had his own thing to think about at the moment. He looked at his wife who was very quiet but very animated. He wasn’t sure if she was more interested in places to shop as she was terrified that they’d do, he’d do, really well.

She finally turned to him, smiling. “Don’t you start worrying about me love. You’ve got plenty enough on your mind. I’m going to be spending your appearance money while you guys are practicing. Want me to book a hotel room for later?” She waggled her eyebrows in a good imitation of him at his worst. He just laughed, called her a pervert and told her how much he loved her but he wanted to go home to ravish her and the set shouldn’t be letting out that late. She nodded and went back to memorizing all the shops they went past.

Ju pulled up to the club and whistled. He estimated that the place could hold a good 4-500 people easy. He wasn’t sure if they were ready for that large a crowd or not but they had promised and they would do their best. He got out of the van just as the other guys were pulling up. They unloaded their equipment, Ju gave Aya detailed instructions on how much NOT to spend that he was sure she’d ignore, kissed her soundly to the amusement of the guys and sent her on her way. The club manager was there to let them in and show them where to set up and all. He gave them the rundown on set times, crowd size, payment, the usual stuff. They’d get a small percentage of the gate which was normal. Ju had made sure to have Hana tell her friends and Acchan emailed notices to regulars to have them pass the word out. He said that he was going to post a flier on the door of the bar, leave one of the bartenders in charge and meet them at the club later. Said he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Ju was glad of that. The more familiar faces there the better. It was do or die so he lifted his bass and mini amp and followed the rest of the guys to the rehearsal hall.

Aya had her eyes set on a small lingerie shop near the club and made a beeline for it after dropping Ju off. She ran into Hana there. The woman was looking at a scandalously thin nightie with matching panties. She jumped when Aya poked her and managed to look guilty while trying to hide the nightie behind her. Aya raised an eyebrow, a mischievous grin on her face. “My. My. I wonder who those are for. Does Acchan know he’s about to be ravished? It is Acchan right?” Hana turned a few shades of pink and nodded. “I got us a room for later.” Aya hugged her cousin. “Good for you. He’s a good man Hana. Don’t mess this up and don’t mess with his head. I wouldn’t want to see either of you guys hurt.”

Hana hugged her cousin and then asked what Aya was doing in the shop. “I’m sure you’ve already got plenty of sexy stuff for that stud you married. How much more do you need?” she asked laughing. Aya just rolled her eyes. “You have no idea how hard it is to keep one step ahead of that stud as you call him and with this, she pointed down the street, I need to make sure that any and all groupies are left in the dust. I’m not getting any younger you know.”

Hana gave her a puzzled look. “Aya, I would bet my life on the fact that Ju would sooner cut out his own heart then cheat on you. Why the sudden insecurity?” Aya looked out the window in the direction of the club for a minute before answering. “I have a feeling that my life is going to change tonight and I don’t know for better or worse. That scares me more than I want to admit. I know Ju loves me but I’m afraid that the call of professionalism might be stronger; that his drive to be an established bassist might be stronger then his need to be with me. I won’t hold him back Hana but I don’t want him to hit the road either. So…I shop for nice things to keep him interested. Can’t hurt.” Hana looked like she wasn’t convinced but didn’t press it. She could understand a little of what Aya was feeling considering both of their past relationships. She nodded to her cousin and the two ladies set about finding lingerie to wow their men.

While the ladies were shopping, Lethal Wound pretty much auditioned for the club owner. He was pleased, said so, and told them they could open. They would be introduced as a cover band which was what they were. The rest was up to them.


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