Facing Aya: An Opportunity part 5

Aya was surprised to find Ju waiting for her when her shift ended. She walked over to him and struck a seductive pose. “Hey big fella. Looking to give a lady a ride on your…big bike?” She waggled her eyebrows at him. Whatever was on his mind, he didn’t rise to the bait. He just nodded, gave her a kiss on the cheek and took her purse to put in one saddlebag while he pulled out the spare helmet and handed it to her. She pursed her lips at that but knew he’d tell her what was up when he was ready.

Ju was so deep in thought that he almost rode past the house and made a sudden sharp turn into the driveway. He made sure she was okay then followed her into the house after putting the bike away. Aya was waiting in the kitchen at the table when he came in. It was their usual spot for serious talks and she could tell one was coming.

Ju sat down across from her and took her hands in his. “Aya…things went better than I thought they would go. I didn’t get an offer from the man I auditioned for but my work was streamed to the boss and he wants to sign me to a one year contract. Now before you get all crazy, it’s probably only going to be session work like I did today. I’d be in a studio recording a track for some artist or other. I wouldn’t be part of a group or anything. I’d just be on call for studio work, at least for now. Isn’t that great? You won’t believe who I talked to today. It’s true. He does curse like a drunken sailor.” He laughed softly, shaking his head at the memory. Looking back at Aya, his amusement lessened. She wasn’t looking impressed. If anything she was looking blank. Giving him a blank face was never good. It meant she was hiding what she was feeling. “Baby. I won’t do it if you don’t want me too.”

Aya’s thoughts had been racing as she listened to Ju talk. She had a bad feeling about this but she really didn’t have anything concrete nor quite frankly did she have the right or heart to rain on his parade. She got up, went over to him and waited for him to slide his chair back so she could sit in his lap. She leaned her head against his and put her arms around his neck. She spoke softly, choosing her words carefully.

“Ju…this is your chance to fulfill a dream. I wouldn’t love you so much if you weren’t the type to take advantage of every opportunity given you. I have faith in you and our love and while I’m not happy about the possibility that you will get picked up as support for some famous band and be away from me for long periods with those pesky groupies around, I wouldn’t be much of a wife if I didn’t support you now. I am proud of you baby and if this makes you happy, then you have my full support.” She kissed him then, a soft gentle kiss before placing her forehead against his. “Besides, I can always whap you one if you get too big headed. How are you going to work things with the shop if you are working a session?”

Ju breathed a sigh of relief and thought about her question. “I think Yukkie can handle things well enough. It’s not like I’ll be gone for months at a time. A day or two…a week at most. I have to let our lawyer look over the contract first.” It just then dawned on him that he was in show business. On the outer fringes maybe but still…he was in the business. He smiled then and it lit up his face. The sight made Aya laugh. When he looked at her she explained that he looked like a kid that had gotten his most wanted toy for a birthday gift.

“I guess I do. I have a business that’s successful. A new career in the entertainment business and I’m lucky enough to have a wife that I love and who is supportive and understanding and who rides my “big bike” better then anyone ever has or ever will. I don’t think that you are going to have to worry about me and groupies. You are the only one that has keys to this bike.” He kissed her then and had her squirming in his lap in record time. They had to break apart when Michiko came in with Ichi. Ju told them the news which got Ichi’s attention and a promise to go with him once if it was allowed. Michiko just hugged him. Aya watched them with a smile on her face. Ju was so happy right now. She just hoped that things would stay this way but she had a feeling that their luck on that front was about to change.


~ by jujuken on April 25, 2013.

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