Ju got a call about a week later for a shot at a session. All went well and he wound up doing some work for the first time. It was hard and exciting as well as educational. He learned a lot from the guys he worked with and the singer was very nice to him and complimented him on his skills. He was warned that not all artists were like that and some were a bitch to work with. His lawyer had looked over the contract carefully. He’d be working for a studio at an hourly rate. He would or would not tour at his own discretion but it was well advised to do the job unless there was a scheduling conflict that couldn’t be resolved. He was under contract for one year after that things were negotiable.

Ju burst into the flat all excited energy and happiness. He went looking for his wife and found her in their bedroom taking a much needed nap. She’d had a hard week at work and her shift the night before had been extended due to a horrific crash. It was very late when she got in. She got up early to fix Ju some breakfast and wish him well then got her housework done, dinner planned and the shopping done. She was out for the count when the whirlwind she married blew in and pounced on the bed. Aya glared at him through sleep filled eyes or at least she tried too. She let out a yawn and turned over, pulling the covers up around her head.

Ju laughed and pulled the covers back down, giving her a kiss on the cheek while he was at it. She sighed and turned over to look at him, his smile infectious, made her smile in kind. “Hello crazy man. How’d it go?”

“It was amazing! I learned so much about what is expected of me. The other guys were lots of fun. They liked my stuff which is high praise. They all thought you were cute. You know I had to show off pictures. I’ve got another gig in two days so I’m going to have to get that car laid out for Yukkie to work on.” He looked at her long and hard. “How are you doing? You look tired.”

She sat up and gave him a kiss. “I’m never too tired for you.” He grinned at that. “So, what are you wearing under all of those covers?” Aya laughed at him. “You’re a pervert!” When he continued to give her that grin she swallowed. “Oh dear. You’ve got to be kidding. Don’t tell me that session work gives you car showitis!” He waggled his eyebrows at her and crawled up on the bed. Aya backed up as far as she could before her back hit the headboard. Ju crawled up until he was nose to nose with her. He gave her a little kiss, then another. His kisses were soft and gentle and Aya found herself responding in kind. She inhaled slightly when he cupped her breast through the covers.

She was wearing a tee shirt and sweats. He continued to kiss her softly as he pulled the covers down. She put her arms around his neck and he lifted her from beneath them in one easy motion and laid her on top of the covers. He took his time undressing her making sure to kiss as much skin as he could. Once she was naked he just looked at her marveling on how lucky he was to have her. From the look she was giving him he assumed she was thinking the same thing.

“You do know you are overdressed right? I can’t show you properly how proud I am of you when you’re dressed like that. Of course I could always put my clothing back on….” He silenced her with a kiss that left her breathless. It didn’t take him long after that to wind up in the same state of undress as his wife who promptly jumped on him with a vengeance. It took everything he had to not just turn her on her back, lift her legs and enter her without much fan fare. He knew better but it was so hard to control himself when she was kissing and licking him in all of his hot spots.

Ju’s mind was in a haze of lust when he realized she was about to put that talented mouth on a place that while appreciating it, would end things too soon so he stopped her. “You do that and it’ll be all over baby. I’ve got a suggestion. On your knees at the head of the bead.” She did as he wanted. He spread her legs apart just enough to slide his head between them then he eased her down to mouth level and used that flexible tongue of his on her. She was panting in no time and trying hard to get more of him in her. He held on to her hips preventing her from moving as he ravished her vaginal area with his mouth until she came with a shudder. He eased her down his body, kissing her navel and both nipples on the way down. He turned them both over, placing her on her back and entered her quickly.

She rose up off the bed with a wordless cry of pleasure. He stroked her hard, deep and fast, rolling his hips on the in stroke. He knew he wouldn’t last long but from the sounds she was making he didn’t need too. He sped up his strokes, his head touching hers, the sweat making his hair stick to his head. “Oh god baby. Oh god! So good. So good. I can’t hold out much longer baby. Come for me.” He knew his wife. Something about him speaking to her like that always set her off and this time was no exception. She came with his name on her lips, her whole body shuddering as she bathed him in her juices. All that warmth and wet and tightness undid him and he followed right behind her.

It took a minute or two for him to get his thoughts coherent. Seemed like he wasn’t the only one. He pulled Aya into his arms and kissed her forehead. “I love you sexy lady. If I forget to act like it you have my permission to kick my scrawny ass.” Aya laughed softly. “You have the scrawny part right.” She giggled when he poked her with his finger for that remark. “Do you think we’ll be alright Ju? I mean with you being gone possibly?”

Ju just hugged her for a second. “I’ll make it alright because nothing is worth making you unhappy. I…” His conversation was interrupted by a loud gurgle coming from his stomach. Aya laughed and started to get up looking for her clothing. “We’ll talk at dinner.” He just nodded and watched her as she headed into the bathroom to clean up. Things were going to interesting for the next year.


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