New beginnings

Ju had spoken to his manager and they had come to an agreement with the company concerning his work. Ju agreed that if needed he’d do one more tour but would do mostly session work. They agreed when he said that he wouldn’t re-sign next year if they didn’t. Since that band was clambering to have him back for their next tour and a couple of artists wanted him to do some work on their songs, the company wasn’t trying to tick him off. He was still super busy what with sessions and the shop but he at least was close to home and usually didn’t have to leave town.

After some false starts, he’d managed to patch things up with Aya which was the main reason why he’d laid down some ground rules. His marriage was more important to him then his life and he wasn’t going to jeopardize it for any amount of fame or money. No use in having either if she wasn’t there to share it with him. Speaking of Aya, Ju wondered where the woman was. He’d been in the shop all day and hadn’t seen her since early that morning. His lunch and dinner had been left for him but no note as to where she was. He wondered what she was up too. He shrugged and went to shower. He’d find out soon enough.

When he came out of the shower, he found his black jeans and a brand new tee that said “Damn right I’m hot!” on the front laid out on the bed. He was kind of tired but there was no way he was going to turn down a night out somewhere with his wife. From the clothes he figured the bar and he had to admit, it would be good to see the guys again. He got dressed and headed to the kitchen where he could smell dinner being heated up. The sight of his wife got him heated up.

Aya was in a pair of jeans that could only have been sprayed on, a low cut tee that showed off her bosom in the best way and said, “Property of a sexy beast”. She was wearing at least three inch heels which meant she wasn’t planning on staying overly long and she had every intention of rubbing that nice body of hers up against his most important parts being as the heels got her closer to his height. He walked up behind her and ran his hands around her waist. He placed his chin on her shoulder. “What’s up sexy lady?”

Aya turned her head just enough to give him a quick peck on the lips. “You really need to learn how to use that reminder application on your phone. Today is Acchan’s birthday you goof. Hana is throwing a party for him at the bar. I figure we can show up, spend a little time dancing, then come home and act like two horny teenagers with their parents out of town.” The smile she gave him tightened his jeans considerably. He was about to put his hands in some interesting places when she scooted away and began putting bowls on the table. He sighed and sat down to eat.

They took Aya’s car to the club. He’d given her a cute little KIA Sorrento as an anniversary gift. He’d bought it used and did some custom work on it. It was cute and just her size. The thank you he’d gotten was worth the hard work and money he’d spent. How she managed to find a couple new buttons to push amazed him but she had and he’d enjoyed it more then he could say. They parked and headed inside. Megumi met them at the door and was nice for a change. Aya commented on it and they both decided that her new boyfriend was the reason.

The place was packed and the party was in full swing mode. They looked around and spotted Hana and Atsushi by the bar giving each other little kisses. They pushed through the crowd and made it to the couple. Hana hugged them both, then Acchan hugged Aya and received a slap on the back from Ju. He handed him his birthday gift which was two tickets to a concert by one of his favorite artists. Ju pulled a few strings to get them but it was worth doing the extra work. Even Aya had agreed that it was okay saying that giving up her husband an extra few days, was worth the look on Atsushi’s face when he saw the tickets especially since Ju had planned on giving them to her. He thanked them both profusely then went to put them in his safe in the back.

While he was gone, Ju went to get himself a brew and Aya chatted with Hana. “You two looked awfully lovey dovey. I take it things are progressing quite nicely.” Hana grinned and held up her hand to show off the engagement ring on her finger. Aya’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline. “Wow! This is kind of sudden isn’t it? You aren’t pregnant are you?” she whispered.

Hana shook her head no. “That’s the thing Aya. We both want kids. I’m almost at that age where having one can lead to some serious health issues for me and my baby. Besides…I’ve never met anyone like Achan. My whole day just brightens when I see him or hear his voice. It’s crazy really. You know me. I’ve never been one to totally commit to anyone but when he asked the thought of saying no never entered my head. I didn’t think I’d ever trust a man after that last jerk I was hooked up with but those two are like night and day.” She took Aya’s hands in hers. “If what I feel for Acchan is even a tenth of what you feel for Ju, then I don’t know how you can bare to be away from him for a second.”

Aya pulled her to her and gave her another hug. “It’s not easy sometimes but I’m so happy for you and him. He’s such a nice guy and I’m glad he’s found someone to make him happy and I don’t have to worry about whether I like her or not.” Ju came back just then dragging Acchan by the shoulders and congratulating him profusely. “So I see Hana told you the good news. About time this piker got his shit together and joined us tortured souls. I’m kidding baby so turn the wattage down on that glare please. Really. I’m happy for you guys. Now let me see what kind of ring the skinflint got you.” He whistled theatrically. “Nice rock. He must be serious Hana. Now where’s my hug?”

Ju got his hug and gave Hana a kiss on the cheek before giving his wife a peck. He turned to Acchan. “So dude. Has she met the family yet?” Acchan nodded. “Everyone but my grandmother. We plan on taking a trip out there later this month. Everyone else adores her to the point where they are asking her why she’d want to marry me. You know a number of them look down on me because of what I do. She set them straight in no time. Being feisty must run in the family.” Acchan hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Hana got a fierce look on her face. “No one talks about my baby period…except for me and only when he deserves it.”

“Uh oh Acchan. You’re in trouble now. If she gets as bad as Aya, your friends are gonna cringe when they see her coming.” Ju huffed out an ouch when Aya elbowed him for that remark but she laughed. “Your friends love me. It’s Toshi that cringes and he usually has reason to. Speaking of Toshi, he just walked in.” Ju turned and waved when he spotted Toshi. The man had been spending a lot of time in their part of town lately. If Ju didn’t know that he had a lover and that Aya was devoted to him he would worry. As it was, no man after his wife would have pulled the stunt Toshi pulled to get them back on track. He owed Toshi for that.

Toshi walked over, greeted Acchan and Hana, gave Ju the man hug and gave Aya a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Uhm…Aya? Can I talk to you…in private?” Aya gave him a look but after taking in his appearance she nodded and the two headed back out to the entrance of the bar where it wasn’t so crowded or noisy. Ju just looked on puzzled and wondering what that was all about. He was tempted to follow them but was distracted by Acchan. “Leave it be Ju. He was there pleading your case while you were out acting an ass. If he wants to talk to Aya about something in private it has to be something important. She’ll tell you if she can.” Ju nodded and drank some of his beer while waiting for his honey to come back.

Out in the parking lot, Toshi and Aya were leaning against Aya’s suv. “I’m not sure how he’s going to react Aya but I want to do it. I mean, I can’t see myself with anyone else but it’s a big step. I know legally it won’t mean much but spiritually…” He shrugged. “I just want him to know that he’s the only one I want now and forever. Do you think I’m asking too much of him?” Aya thought for a moment. She believed that Kiba loved Toshi as much as the other man loved him but they were two men. They were wired differently. “Toshi, do you think that if you asked him and he said no and had a good reason for it, you could accept it? It wouldn’t be because he doesn’t love you in his own way. It would be something else. I’ve seen the smile that seeing you puts on his face and I’ve not seen it for anyone else. All I would suggest is that you not treat him like a girl when you do. No flowers, romantic dinners or that foolishness. Bring it up after you’ve screwed his brains out and you two are having a quiet moment. Just talk to him.”

Toshi listened and his eyes got wider the longer Aya talked. By the time she got to the screwing part Toshi was beet red. He had to admit, Ju married one smart cookie. She had them pegged and she was right. Even if he said no, they would still be lovers. Toshi nodded and pulled a box out of his pocket. Inside were two gold bands inlaid with jade. “I got these for when the time comes. I found a monk who will perform the ceremony. I want you and Ju there of course. I’ll let you know how things turn out. Thanks Aya and do me a favor, don’t tell Ju until I call you to let you know what Kiba says. I don’t think I’ll be up for any teasing if he says no. Here. You hold on to these. Ju can give them to me during the ceremony or not. I’m off. Wish me luck!”

Aya took the box from him just as Ju walked to the door. He stood silently as Toshi gave Aya a hug and a kiss on the cheek then took off. She waved goodbye, put the box in her purse and turned letting out a startled “OH!” when she spotted Ju. He walked up to her and pulled her into his arms. “I was beginning to wonder if he’d kidnapped you. What was that all about?” Aya hugged him tightly then looked up smiling. “I want a kiss first handsome.” Ju complied and she sighed contentedly. “Toshi had to ask my opinion on something. He’ll let me know the outcome tomorrow. He said I could tell you then. Now let’s go inside and you can show people why we are wearing the tee shirts we have on.”

Ju had to grin at that. “Oh yeah baby! I AM the sexy beast!” He turned and pulled her gently back into the bar and onto the dance floor. They danced to a few of the sappy dance songs that played. The beats were fine but the words…all love songs and mushy but hey he had his baby with him and she was moving his favorite part of her anatomy in some very suggestive ways in front of him. He was happy when something a little slower came on and he was able to take her in his arms and show her how much parts of him appreciated the display. She called him a pervert but kissed him like she wanted to eat him on the dance floor.

He was about to pull her toward the door when a hand clamped down on his shoulder. He turned to find Ryo and the rest of the band behind him. A whole lot of back slapping, hand shaking and finger pointing ensued along with some cheek kissing for Aya. Of course they had to drag Ju into the back where it was quieter and get all the skinny on his travels and the work he was doing and to introduce him properly to his replacement. They told him that any time he felt like throwing down to let them know and they’d be happy to let him join in. Ju was happy to hear that. He felt like a heel for leaving them like that after swearing he only wanted to play for fun. They all understood and admitted that if the opportunity arose that they would probably have done what he did.

While Ju was with the boys, Aya and Hana were treating Acchan to a dance their way. Acchan was more then a little nervous about dancing with Aya like that but soon he relaxed and got into the flow of things. Another couple of guys joined the small group and they wound up with no one dancing with no one in particular just floating from person to person. It was fun and Aya was really enjoying herself when she felt someone rub up against her that had better be Ju or he was going to get an ear full. It was her sexy husband and she let him continue to rub up against her in an oh so suggestive and pleasurable way.

Not long after that, the cake was rolled out and everyone sang happy birthday to Acchan. Aya fed her husband cake and only managed to get some on part of his mouth which she took great pains to lick off. Hana managed to grab the plate the rest of the slice of cake was on before Aya dumped the thing on the floor as Ju kissed her thoroughly. Acchan walked up behind her as Aya and Ju broke for air and just stared at each other, some type of silent communication going on between them that resulted in smiles that told you exactly what they were thinking.

“I hope we are like those two 15 years from now. Hell. I hope we turn into those two now. What say we go have a kissing contest and see if we can give each other those same smiles.” He waggled his eyebrows at her and she laughed. He was such a goof. She got Aya’s attention and told her to go get a room because they intended to and laughed as Acchan winked at the two and dragged a her to the door. Ju just shook his head then turned back to his wife. “Getting a room sounds like a plan. How about we go home my sexy lady and see what kind of trouble we can get into?” Aya was all for that and the two headed out to her car.

Ju was quiet the trip back and Aya wondered what was on his mind. She found out as soon as she closed the door to the flat. She turned and bumped into her husband who was looming over her like a giant which in a sense he was since she’d taken off her shoes. He looked her in the eyes then his gaze traveled oh so slowly down her torso and back up. He was wearing the expression of a hungry predator who had just cornered dinner. She quirked an eyebrow up and asked him with a hint of heat in her voice. “Am I looking at the beast or the sexy?” Ju leaned over and got into her face. “I’ll let you decide after I make you come for the third or fourth time.” Aya grinned and licked at his lips that were oh so close. “Promises. Promises.”

Ju picked her up then and threw her over his shoulders. “I’m going to use you to make me feel good all over.” Aya laughed and was glad she hadn’t had anything to drink stronger than a soda considering how she was being manhandled. She noticed that he was swinging her shoes in one hand. She didn’t ask until they’d made into the bedroom and Ju had kicked the door shut behind them. He stood her up carefully on the bed and told her to use him for support if she needed too. She nodded clearly puzzled until he began to slowly run his hands over her body. He took his time like he was memorizing each curve.

He pulled her closer and laid his head on her chest for a moment then ran his hands under her tee, lifting it until enough of her skin was exposed for him to kiss. He kissed her mid section while his hands went up and popped the strap on her bra. Bringing his hands around to the front, he fondled her breast as he kissed her midsection. She was glad for his support when he finally licked at one nub of a nipple and sucked it into his mouth as he pinched the other one gently. He always knew just how much pressure she liked and he used that knowledge skillfully. Once he was sure he had lavished enough attention on her breasts, he pulled the tee over her head, bra and all, then started slowly peeling her jeans down.

He managed to get them down around her ankles so she could kick them off but he left her panties on. He leaned his head on her midriff again as he ran his hands over her buttocks, between her legs and up and down her thighs. His mouth went back up to one breast and sucked on the nipple while he used one hand to rub between her legs pressing her panties up against her sex. It was like she was a teenager in a car and was allowing her boyfriend to touch her but only through her panties. It was an erotic thought and it made her wet. He finally slid a finger under the edge and flicked at her clitoris eliciting a moan from her.

As if that was a signal, he pulled them down until she could step out of those also. He had her sit on the edge of the bed as he got undressed. He was semi hard as he got down on his knees, picked up her shoes and slid them back on her feet. He looked at her and the look was full of wanting. He spread her legs and grinned at her. “Hold on to something baby. Daddy is going to work.” He put that marvelous tongue to work, licking and tasting her until she was bucking off the bed not sure if she wanted to get away or get closer. He held her hips down and sucked when he wasn’t licking until she began to chant his name.

He was hard and dripping by then. He motioned for her to turn over on her stomach, pulled her up by the hips and made sure her feet were firmly planted on the floor. With the heels on it put what he wanted where he wanted it. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear. “That was the sexy. Now here comes the beast.” He entered her fast and hard and set a swift pace. His hands sought out all of her sensitive spots and worked them until Aya was biting down on the coverlets to keep from screaming her pleasure.

Ju was in pure baby making mode and though he knew that Aya couldn’t get pregnant, that didn’t stop him from wanting to release as deep in her as he could. Her being in the shoes put her at the right angle for him to go as deep as he could get and it felt so damn good. It felt too good and as he kept hitting the right spot in her, she shuddered and came bathing him in warmth and heat and pulses as she orgasmed around him. He rode her down as she collapsed on the bed still twitching from after shocks. He was so close, so close. He moved in and out of her even harder, lifting her hips off the bed as she began to moan once again. His hand moved between her legs and played with her, the other hand grabbed a breast and worried the nipple. “Oh god baby. Aya. Come for me again beautiful lady. I need to feel you come for me again.

He twisted her clit as he twisted her nipple, both hard enough to just be on the right side of pain and she came again and this time he went with her. Both of their bodies arching together from the sheer pleasure and intensity of it. He managed to remember to roll onto his side and not collapse onto Aya. When his mind could halfway function again he found his wife staring at him. “What was that all about?” Ju just grinned. “I can’t show my wife that I can push her buttons too?” She eyed him for a minute, shrugged and snuggled up against him. She was too sore in a good way to care. Just as she was drifting off the phone rang. Ju cursed and picked up the receiver ready to blast whoever was on the other end when there was a loud whoop and Toshi’s voice could be heard yelling. “He said yes! Tell Aya I love her and thank you! Later dude!” Then he hung up. Aya just smiled. “I’ll tell you in the morning love. Right now all I want is a kiss and some sleep.” Ju was happy to oblige her and soon they were both sleeping peacefully.


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