Writer’s block

Me: *sits in front of the keyboard looking at it like it’s a space alien’s death machine*
Ju: Yo! What’s up? You haven’t been keeping me and the missus busy. What’s the deal with that?
Me: *glares at him*
Aya: Ju what are you bothering her for? It’s obvious she has writer’s block.
Ju: *thinks* She could write about us when we…*gets Aya’s hand across his mouth*
Me: Been there. Done that.
Ju: Not with me you haven’t!
Aya: *glares*
Me: *glares*
Ju: *grins*
Me: I promised Jessi that I’d write a little something for her graduation and all I’m drawing is a blank.
Ju: Drawing? I thought you were having trouble writing. I didn’t know you could draw.
Aya: *sighs*
Me: How have you put up with him all these years?
Aya: Must be the awesome dick.
Ju: *grins*
Me: You aren’t being very helpful Ju. I know. Maybe I’ll do a dream sequence with you and Toshi going at it. Jessi likes yaoi.
Ju: *pales* Please don’t. I’ll be good.
Aya: *pats him on the chest* You’re always good baby. We just need you to behave. I know it’s hard but try will you?
Ju: It’s not hard yet but it can get there whenever you want.
Me: *rolls eyes* I’d tell you to get a room but you have one and I for one need some sleep.
Aya: I’m sorry we can’t help. Maybe some sleep?
Me: Thanks but you can help by keeping the comedian pervert in check.
Aya: I’ll see what I can do. He is a handful at the best of times
Ju: Uh ladies? I’m right here. Hello? Can we not talk about me like I’m not?
Me and Aya in unison: NO! *fall out laughing*
Ju: *pouts*
Aya: Come on you big baby. Mommy will make you feel all better.
Ju: *grins*
Me: *shakes head* Pervert. That still doesn’t break my writer’s block.
Ju: You just wrote something didn’t you?
Me: *makes fish out of water faces*
Ju: Score one for the Ju man.


~ by jujuken on June 18, 2013.

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