You just can’t win sometimes.

It was a late Saturday morning when Ju turned over and opened his eyes. He’d expected to find a nice warm Aya when he did but the bed was cold. He rooted around on his nightstand, found his watch and peered at it bleary eyed. It was after ten which explained the cold bed. No way Aya would still be in bed that late even if they’d been up most of the night. As it was he was the only one up late. He’d done a show and hadn’t gotten in until well after two.

He sighed, yawned, stretched and then climbed out of bed. Since he’d showered when he got in he settled for some water on his face, a quick rinse of his mouth, and a comb through his hair. He pulled on some jeans and a tee shirt, then headed out to find his wife and food. He found food first since it seemed that his wife had gone shopping. He settled down to eat and check his emails only really looking up when he heard a car door shut. He went to the front door to see if she needed help with the bags and to steal a kiss. The bags he got, as for the kiss he was ignored. That made his eyebrows rise. What in the world was he in trouble for now?

He followed her into the kitchen juggling bags as he went. After placing them on the table he got into his wife’s line of sight. “Aya? What’s wrong baby?” She gave him a positively lethal look before answering. “I talked to Hana earlier. She went on and on about the show you guys put on and wondered why I wasn’t there. What could I say to that hmm? That my husband doesn’t ask me if I’d want to see him perform? That he has yet to ask me if I wanted to go to a show, any show, that he’s playing in? How could I possibly say any of that? She’d think my husband was a jerk and I’d have to agree with her.” With that she stormed out of the kitchen and left Ju standing there with his mouth hanging open.

She didn’t come right back in and being not as big a jerk as she seemed to think, he put up the groceries, reheated and ate the rest of his food and washed up behind himself. He thought furiously while he did all of that and realized that in a sense he hadn’t invited her but she had told him that she knew the band and didn’t like them so why go to a concert to see them? He was confused. He took his confusion into the living room and stopped as he spotted Aya sitting on the sofa, her head in a book. He swallowed and eased toward his very upset wife. He quietly sat down on the other edge of the sofa out of arms reach and if she tossed the book at him he’d have some time to duck or at least try to catch it.

He cleared his throat. When she didn’t look up he sighed. “Aya I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d want to come since you said you didn’t like the band. Why didn’t you just ask?” She gave him that hated village idiot look. She put the book down and turned to him. “What has liking or not liking the band have to do with wanting to see the man I love do his thing? At the least you should have given me the opportunity to say yes or no. You didn’t even give me that option.”

Ju nodded in understanding. He was wise enough not to point out that she specifically told him that even HE couldn’t get her to suffer through a concert with that band. “I’ll make sure you have a standing invitation wherever I play. How about that?” She just shook her head. “Then it wouldn’t be special now would it?” With that she closed her book, got up and went back into the bedroom closing the door behind her. Ju held up a finger to respond and couldn’t think of a thing to say to that considering the lack of logic behind it. He was still sitting there twenty minutes later with a headache trying to puzzle it out when Aya came out of the bedroom, gave him a kiss on the top of his head and sauntered into the kitchen to make some tea.

Toshi found him later that day sitting in the same spot with his legs drawn up mumbling about women and crazy.


~ by jujuken on June 22, 2013.

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