The Proposal

Toshi had been jumpy all evening. His talk with Aya had helped some but still he was nervous. This whole thing could go wrong and he didn’t want to jeopardize his relationship both emotionally or professionally with Kiba. There was no denying that the man had gotten under his skin so thoroughly that no one would be able to dislodge him. Toshi just wanted a piece of the world and Kiba to know that.

They had left Gark where there’d been lots of drinking and food. Nothing unusual. Kiba had been his usual goofy self which meant he was in a good mood. They were currently in Toshi’s place since it was closer when the groping had started. Groping was good. Groping was very very good. Speaking of which…

His shirt had been flung somewhere to his right and at the moment besides thinking he was busily trying to eat Kiba’s face. The man could kiss a corpse back to life in Toshi’s opinion but he’d never tell Kiba that. He ended the kiss and nibbled on his lover’s neck.


~ by jujuken on June 23, 2013.

24 Responses to “The Proposal”

  1. “Mmm. You’re considerably subdued this evening. Not in a hurry?” Kiba found himself laughing softly as his lips found his lover’s ear lobe where he nibbled. His hands trailed down Toshi’s sides and to his waist band.

    • Toshi twitched a little at the light touch. “Now why would I be in a hurry? I’ve got you for the whole night don’t I? I want to savor every last inch of you. Besides…you’re still dressed so I see neither one of us is in a hurry but that can be changed you know.”

      He looked down to where Kiba’s hands rested. “It’s gonna change in a hurry if you keep your hands there. It gives perverts like me ideas that maybe you need these off. I’d be happy to oblige you.” He rubbed his groin against Kiba’s to let the man know he was semi-erect already.

  2. Kiba laughed softly. “I’m sure it can. Tell me, why am I with you again? No, wait , don’t answer, the sex is incredible and you’re my best friend.” He groaned at Toshi’s movement. At least they weren’t starved for each other. The vocalist pushed his lover back slightly to give him some room to remove his own shirt, which he threw and watched it land with Toshi’s somewhere off to the right.

    “Now I’m not so dressed.” He retorted with a smile.

    • Toshi’s heart almost jumped from his chest when Kiba asked then answered that important question. He didn’t say he loved him but Toshi HAD listened to Aya and she was right. For the most part men just weren’t wired that way. Declarations of love and devotion…nah. Great sex and friendship…those words worked.

      He bent down and nibbled on Kiba’s ear to hide any emotion that may have shown on his face. “Great sex, best friends and you taste good. What more could a man ask for?” he said with a chuckle.

      He stopped nibbling long enough to pull his belt from his pants, open them and drop them to the floor stepping out, kicking them to the side and standing in only his boxers which had a very visible tent in them. He gave him a sexy leer. “You’re still overdressed.”

  3. “Then why don’t you get over here and undress me?” He returned the leer and knew full well that he was asking for it and that Toshi would be happy to oblige, but he moved before his lover could pounce and Kiba found himself on his knees in front of Toshi.

    “Or I can finish undressing you.” His fingertips found their way under the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down, exposing the bassist to the slightly cooler air. Kiba grinned, licking the other and after toying with him briefly, he took Toshi’s member into his mouth. He knew he’d have to stop before the other exploded, but he’d get the ques he needed. Or so he hoped.

    • Toshi’s eyes almost rolled back in his head and he let out a low moan at the feel of Kiba’s mouth, his talented mouth, on him. Yep. His lover was in a very good mood. He knew from experience that if he watched Kiba it would be over much quicker than he’d like so he just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lover’s mouth on him.

      He resisted the urge to rock himself in and out of Kiba’s mouth, opting instead to let Kiba set the pace. “Don’t get too comfortable down there Kiba. I’ve got other plans for you.”

      He sucked in a breath as Kiba worked more magic on him and his treacherous penis twitched violently. He would have loved for it to last longer but he really wanted in his lover in the worst way. “Kiba,” was all he needed to say he hoped. The strangled sound of his voice should be more then enough warning.

  4. Kiba chuckled and took his time withdrawing, allowing his tongue and lips to trace their way down his lover’s length. It wasn’t that he wanted a face full of seed, he just wanted to tease. Most of it depended on his mood, and when it was good, he was playful. He looked up at the other from his kneeling position on the floor. “Good enough?” He asked, eyes half lidded as he regarded the other.

    • Toshi took a couple of seconds to collect himself. He was so hard it hurt. “Good lord yes! Almost too damn good! You do know I’ve got to return in kind? But I damn sure can’t do that with you still dressed. Allow me to remedy that situation and I’ll make it worth your while.”

      He held out a hand to help the vocalist up and mindful not to get any precum on Kiba’s clothing, turned him so that his back was to the bassist before sliding his hands to the waistband of Kiba’s pants and slowly moving them down. As he did he ran his tongue down Kiba’s neck, nipped at his shoulders just at the base of the neck, then ran his tongue down the center of Kiba’s back as he lowered the pants to the floor, boxers and all. When he got to Kiba’s buttocks he nipped both cheeks playfully then turned the vocalist around and licked his lips at the sight before him.

  5. Kiba gasped, his neck was one of his more sensitive spots and Toshi knew just how to attack him to make him twitch. His nipples hardened on their own and a shiver passed though his body as he was undressed. “You always make it worth my while.” Kiba purred, his hands playing across his own flat stomach.

    • Toshi grinned at that. “It takes two oh sexy one. Now if you think you can make it to the bed, I can ravish you properly.”

      He stood up but not before giving Kiba’s penis a long lick. He pulled Kiba to him for a kiss, making sure that his erection rubbed against Kiba’s and moaned at the feel of it. If the man didn’t get into bed soon Toshi was afraid he’d wind up fucking him on the floor which wouldn’t lead to a warm and fuzzy conversation later.

      “I want to taste all of you Kiba,” was all he said as he slowly backed the man toward the bed.

  6. “You always do.” He meant on both counts and was interrupted only by the kiss. Long fingers tangled in Toshi’s hair as Kiba guided both of them to the bed. Before he knew it, he was on his back, pulling the bassist as close to him as possible, attacking his neck and collarbone, his body generating more friction between them he rolled his hips into Toshi’s.

    • It took everything Toshi had not to just lube the man up and take him right then and there but he needed to take a little time with him. He wanted everything to be just right. He let Kiba work on him for a bit before he started a downward trek of exploration with Kiba’s body as the uncharted territory. When he had finally worked his mouth down the length of Kiba’s body, he stopped and lifted the other man’s erection to get at the sack beneath it. He mouthed it carefully before sucking it into his mouth.

      He worked his tongue around it as he sucked while stroking Kiba’s erection. He finally let it go with a soft plop so that he could run his tongue up Kiba’s length. He didn’t waste a lot of time on the preliminaries. He worked Kiba into his mouth a section at a time until he had practically swallowed the man whole. He raised off of the man then repeated his first action until he had a nice rhythm going. He used a finger to circle Kiba’s opening in a teasing fashion.

  7. Which was what Kiba was expecting. Their sex was often frantic and rough, which he didn’t mind in the least. This was a nice surprise from the norm, but he couldn’t help but wonder if something was up, but that thought slipped from his mind as Toshi continued to work on him. He all but writhed with the bassist’s mouth on him, his legs were drawn up and spread to allow Toshi more access. “K-keep that up and I may just l-lose it.” He whispered.

    • Toshi released him with a final swipe of the tongue. “Now we can’t have that can we?”

      He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube he kept there. He carefully prepared Kiba then himself and took a deep breath before slowly entering his lover. Usually he waited for Kiba to let him know he was okay but tonight Toshi was the one that needed to wait. He didn’t know why the man felt so much better tonight than any other night but Toshi knew that once he started moving it would be hard and quick. He didn’t think he’d be lasting too long this night.

      Toshi looked down at his lover and grinned before slowly moving in and out of the man. Once he was sure Kiba was okay he pulled Kiba’s legs up until they were just under his armpits and clamping his arms down so that Kiba couldn’t move his legs but spreading him so that Toshi got a good view of all the sexiness beneath him, he began to move faster.

      The pace he set wasn’t as bruising as it could have been but Toshi had made sure that the angle was perfect to hit Kiba’s prostrate as often as possible and hard enough to send shock waves through the mans system.

  8. Kiba couldn’t exactly move closer to Toshi, but he could pull his lover closer to him. He wrapped his legs around Toshi’s back and pulled him closer. His eyes fluttered closed as the bassist rode him and his breath came in quick gasps, each time Toshi drove himself home into his partner, Kiba would shudder, and beg for more.

    • Toshi was so startled at Kiba’s pleas for more that he almost lost his rhythm. He must have been doing it right to get this reaction so not wanting to disappoint, he redoubled his efforts. He practically bent the man in two to get at his luscious mouth while he pounded that special spot in Kiba. He tried to think of all types of things to keep back the tide that was about to overwhelm him.

      How was he going to ask? Was he going to ask? What would he do if Kiba laughed at him or said no? He thought about all of these things and he tried to give Kiba all that he wanted. The man just felt too good and Toshi could feel his self control slipping.

      Working his hand between their bodies, he began to stroke Kiba’s erection, working it faster as his body began it’s final run to completion.

  9. With one hand freed, he tangled it in Toshi’s hair, pulling him to kiss him hungrily. So close, he was so close and then the bassist was touching him, stroking him, bringing him closer to the edge and release. “T-toshi…” It was the name of his lover, the one man who could work his nerves like no other. The one person who could bring him to these heights, the one person he trusted to do this to him. It was saying something. Kiba had many friends but none were this close.

    As the pace built, so did Kiba’s cries, he came with a scream, pulling Toshi in as closely as he could, his fingernails digging into the back of Toshi’s neck.

    • Hearing Kiba call his name, feeling him tighten around him as he came, it was enough. It was too much and Toshi came whispering Kiba’s name in the man’s ear. “Oh God Kiba…too good. Just too good.” He didn’t say he loved him. He didn’t say he couldn’t live without him in his life. He didn’t say that being in Kiba’s life in any way was more important to him than breathing. He didn’t say any of that but it’s what he felt.

      He sighed and shuddered again as he slowly pulled out of Kiba, releasing the man’s legs as he did. He rolled over onto his back and reached for some tissues that he kept nearby for cleaning up. He handed a few to Kiba and cleaned himself up.

      “Damn Kiba. How is it that the sex doesn’t stop getting better?”

  10. “Well, you keep things interesting.” Kiba set about cleaning himself up, but not before leaning over and kissing Toshi. “If things got boring, there would be a problem, now, wouldn’t there?”

    • He returned the kiss then sat up using one hand to prop himself up. “Indeed it would. Kiba…have you ever thought about us? I mean, what is next for us and I don’t mean the band. I mean you and me and this, this thing we’ve got going? It’s been on my mind a lot lately. ” He turned to look at his lover trying to gauge any reaction from the question.

      “I, I don’t know how to put this Kiba but at this moment, I just can’t see myself ever looking at anyone else. I’m at home and at peace when I’m around you. The idea of anyone else is so foreign that I don’t even entertain it anymore and haven’t for a long time. I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to make this permanent. Have you ever considered marriage? I mean if it was legal here. You know Ken Hirai supposedly got married to his long time boyfriend. I want that for us Kiba. If you’ll have me. You know what I have and who I am. That’s all I can offer you.”

      He swallowed then and waited for an answer.

  11. Kiba blinked, it wasn’t a question he was expecting, not from Toshi at least. He listened and it sunk in what the older man was asking. It wasn’t like they weren’t exclusive already, he just wanted to make it permanent and official. He was touched and a smile lit up his face. “Are you proposing to me, Toshiyuki?”

    • Kiba’s smile was so dazzling that it made Toshi’s tongue stop working and all he could do was nod. For Kiba to use that name in this situation was a good sign at least. He took a deep breath and made it official.

      “Kiba I would be honored if you’d marry me. I know it’s sudden and all but I’ve had it on my mind for some time and well…I’m talking too much ain’t I?” He had a look on his face like a child expecting to find his biggest wish granted.

  12. “You are.” Kiba reached up, his hand cupping the back of Toshi’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss. He didn’t say it, but he was thinking it. Yes, he’d marry the fool. Just because he didn’t declare his undying love for his idiot didn’t mean that he’d just dump him.

    • Toshi’s eyebrows went up as he was pulled to his lover. The kiss said it all and Toshi couldn’t help the smile that split his face when the kiss was over. He added a few more smaller kisses before bouncing out of bed and doing a little dance over to the pile of clothes. He pulled out his pants, plucked out his cell phone and hit speed dial. It was late he knew but he didn’t care.

      He waited until the phone was answered and without so much as a hello he shouted, “He said yes! Tell Aya I love her! Later!” Then hung up and turned back to the bed. He crawled onto the bed and sat back on his heels just looking at Kiba with a stupid grin on his face.

      “I can’t believe it. You said yes. No argument. No hesitation. Amazing. If I was in my twenties again…hell even my thirties, we’d be humping like rabbits right now but I’m not so I’ll settle for ravaging you again after some sleep. I don’t know how the hell Ju does it. His battery must be wired differently than mine.”

      He laid down next to his lover and pulled up the covers. They had a mountain of things to go over but sleep first. He turned and gave Kiba a kiss that said all that he didn’t say then settled down for some sleep.

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