What did I say? II

Aya was working on the menu for the week when Ju came home from an early meeting and session. He had a rather pensive look on his face so of course Aya asked him what was wrong.

“I got another job offer. It’s a big tour and I’d be on the road for about 2 months off and on. It’s with….”

Aya’s eyes got big when she heard the name. “Baby you have to take this! I can’t believe it! Just wait until the girls find out you are playing support for him! I know. Two months. We’ll both die being apart for that long but you can’t pass this up.”

Aya thought about it for a moment, wondering if she could get a job on the medical team that always toured with big bands. She was about to suggest it when Ju spoke up.

“I wonder how I could get you on the medical team.” Aya blinked, then gave him a smile that made him take a step back. He’s still trying to figure out what he said that turned his wife into a sexual wildcat.


~ by jujuken on July 9, 2013.

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