After coming down off of the amazing high I had thanks to the offer and my wife’s very enjoyable reaction to something I said, though I’m still not sure what it was, the reality of who I was touring with sank in. Honestly…I was terrified. Not because of who I’d be working for but because I wasn’t sure if I was good enough. Aya told me in no uncertain words that if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have gotten the audition much less the job. Then she called me a silly man and initiated a round of necking that had me forgetting all about my worries. Damn demoness. Works every time though.

Rehearsals started in earnest about a couple of weeks ago. He’s a stringent task master and made us all work out as well as rehearse. Slave driver. I’m getting my severe abs back and the wife isn’t complaining at all. I had the guys laughing at me when I told them that she’s been stripping me down and inspecting me for changes as soon as I walk in the door. They keep wondering how a woman six inches shorter and at least a sixty pounds lighter could manhandle me so much. I just smile at them. Apparently that smile tells them loads because I usually get the “you’re so lucky” or the “you’re a pervert” comment behind it. What can I say? If my clothes have to come off then you can bet hers are gonna follow.

With Ichi out of school he had plenty of time to learn the nuts and bolts of running the shop. I had him learning under Ryu and Yukkie and the kid was learning fast. They have the shop well in hand so I don’t have to worry about that. Tomoka was down for the summer and she was helping with the designs. That left me totally free to practice with the others. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in my life. The only advantages I can see is the wife, told you about that, and learning more stuff than I could possibly ever forget. I have a brand new respect for Toshi now. That little mini tour I did was nothing compared to this. I guess I really am in the big leagues now.

We played our first couple of stops and the audience, the pace, the work…all new to me. It was grueling at first but by the third performance I was an old pro. I understand the need for massages before and after. Your muscles take a beating playing for two hours non-stop. While the massage people were good, no one does me like my baby but then she’s been doing it for years. The biggest surprise were the groupies.

I have never seen a group of more determined people in my life. We had girls throwing undergarments up on stage at one place. They are like vultures and will pounce the minute they get a little hint that you might be interested. I had one woman back me into a corner and only me yelling for help saved me from being attacked. I could have protected myself but I didn’t want to hurt her. I’ve been told that sometimes you have to give them a verbal slap and sometimes a push if they are really persistent. I’ve taken to keeping all of my clothes on while on stage no matter how hot it gets or what our crazy ass leader wants. He did one show and all of us had to be without a shirt. I thought I was gonna get gang raped that night so I told him no more half naked shows for me. He understood though it amused him no end. And Aya calls me a pervert.

Aya. She’s been so understanding about all of this that I almost feel guilty I’m not around enough. I do miss my baby. I’m used to seeing her every day and with being on the road and rehearsals that go well into the wee hours, we just haven’t spent as much time together as I’d like. That being said, the little minx is up to something. She gets this look on her face from time to time and I know she’s plotting in that scary mind of hers. I guess I’ll find out when I find out and hopefully I’ll survive it but since she’s not upset with me about anything that I know of, I should be safe. That thing about me, her and groupies…the buttons that woman has pushed. I flat out told one girl that she wasn’t old enough to know half of what my baby can and does do to me. Don’t get me wrong. The women that get backstage are usually jaw dropping gorgeous but they ain’t Aya. I have yet to ever meet a woman who could make me hard with a smile. She has on more than one occasion. She really has ruined me.

Speaking of Aya. She woke me up this morning all tears and smiles than jumped my bones like she meant it. I have no idea what that was all about. I’m gonna ask her when I get back home. Home. I’d love to be there right now instead of looking at all these mugs around me. The slave driver is back. Oh well. I guess this means break time is over. I’ll write up some more when I can. We’ve got another show tonight. I’ll talk to you peeps later. Peace!


~ by jujuken on July 15, 2013.

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