The tour got into full force and it was exciting and tiring. Ju got to visit places he’d only read about and hanging out with the guys was fun. He managed not to get too drunk most of the time and always, always called Aya. He made sure that they actually talked when he called. No just calling to be calling. He would tell her about his day in detail, ask about hers, find out how the brat was making out and sometimes let the boss man say a few words to her which got her acting like a fangirl most nights. Still he missed her and her kisses and he told her so.

They were on the other side of the main island and had just finished a grueling three day run to three different cities. Ju was exhausted. All he wanted was a nice hot shower, his baby in his arms, and a massage. He was only going to get two of the three unfortunately. They wouldn’t be back on his side of town for at least another ten days. No time for a quick visit either as they had six stops in those ten days.

He had tried calling her when he’d finished playing but he couldn’t get a signal. He sighed and went for his massage. If nothing else it would help him sleep. Always did. He stretched his long frame out on the table on his stomach and listened to the idle chatter that always went on in the room set aside for massages. One of the guys was talking about how the new girl had given him such a good massage that it had made him hard. Ju chimed in at that with a laugh. He mentioned how embarrassed he was the first time that had happened to him and the girl had to practically flip him over physically to get him to turn over. He said she’d just huffed and went on working saying it was a normal reaction to having certain muscles stimulated and for them to pull their minds out of the gutter. He wasn’t talking about that particular muscle. They asked him if he still went to her being married and all. He told them with a serious leer that he’d married her, then closed his eyes and tried to relax as he waited his turn.

He had dozed off when he felt small hands kneading his sore shoulder muscles. He groaned in pleasure. She was good. He tried to make pleasant conversation but she just grunted or remained silent. He kept his eyes closed just enjoying the massage when he felt that all too familiar tingle that let him know that certain body parts were awake and curious. He sighed. Must have been all the talk about it because he couldn’t remember the last time it had happened to him when it wasn’t his wife giving him the massage. He was glad that the massage therapists that they used on the tour usually only did the shoulders, back, arms, and legs. No need for him to turn over and give the poor woman a thrill or a scare. He was feeling like a bowl of jello he was so relaxed. Unfortunately that ended when she moved his shoulders letting him know he was to turn over.

He asked if she could give him a minute or two much to the amusement of a couple of the guys still in the room. She mumbled no and a few of the guys still waiting called for him to just bite the bullet and turn over. Every guy she’d worked on had the same problem. They were taking bets on which of the other girls was going to ask her for lessons. Ju sighed and turned over, apologizing as he did only to suddenly start choking. To add insult to injury, that tent in his pants jumped noticeably. That got some of the guys attention and they started catcalling and teasing about how he wasn’t as immune to other women as he thought. When the therapist bent down and kissed him like he was dinner and she was starving, the whole room got quiet.

She finally let him come up for air. She laughed at the look he was giving her and the “wha? how? when? damn!” that came out of his mouth. At a cough from one of the guys he shook his head, sat up and introduced his wife to the rest of the room. The combined voices all going “what?” and “no way” made Aya laugh. She bowed to the room and then leaned against her husband. Turns out she had put in a leave of absence notice and had applied for a job with the medical team that traveled with the band. She’d let the doctor know in advance that she was married to Ju and made sure it was okay with their fearless leader. He had agreed mainly because he was tired of Ju moping around whining that he missed his baby. Ju would have loved to pay him back for not telling him but the man could probably kick his ass with all that martial arts training so he figured he’d just leave it be. He had his woman with him and from the kiss he’d just gotten, things were going to be very lively in his room….fuck! He was sharing a room with a couple of other guys.

As if she had read his mind, she informed him that she had a room set aside for them but they couldn’t get to it if he didn’t let her go so she could finish the other two massages she was scheduled to do. He let her go with just a breath stealer when he really wanted one of his shark attack kisses. He did keep an eye on the other two recipients of massages just in case. Aya noticed and told him in no uncertain terms that he was to behave, she was there to work, and if he acted up she was going to sleep with the girls and he’d get no hugs or kisses much less anything else for the rest of the tour. That got his attention and his agreement that he would behave. He did growl a bit when she finally met their fearless leader. She acted like a dumbstruck teenager. How one smile from that man could turn a sane woman into a gibbering idiot was beyond him. When he said he was looking forward to one of her now famous massages and Aya started grinning like said idiot, he knew it was time to go.

If Ju had wanted to get jealous over Aya’s attention to the boss man, she quickly killed that notion. She commented on how pretty he was and how nice but she liked manly looking men. Pretty boys are only good to look at but manly men you enjoy. The way she said it made Ju glad he wasn’t still on the table. She showed him just how much she enjoyed her manly man and he had no problems with that.

They managed to work together on that part of the tour with no problems. Her nursing skills came in handy and all the girls took massage lessons from her much to the guys amusement. Being a nurse she knew pressure points and that’s what caused the reactions besides just having a pair of great hands. She and Ju couldn’t always have separate rooms but that was okay. He got to see her, touch her, talk to her and that was enough. He was happy. She was happy and the boss was happy. No more whining and much better playing. It also kept some of the groupies in check and everyone was happier about that.

Ju found out later why his wife pounced on him over something he said. She couldn’t believe that they had both thought about her working there at the same time. Made her think of how much he was going to miss her. That made her happy so she made him happy. Things were good.


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