The only way to keep her out of trouble is to….

Lock the little minx up! I can’t turn my back on her for a minute. I’d finished lunch and was on my way back to rehearsal when I heard all this noise coming from the stage area. I walked in to find that woman I married dancing with one of the tour’s many dancers. I wasn’t sure if it was a competition or a lesson. He’d do some moves and she would either copy him or do a few of her own that he would copy. All I know is they had an audience and the audience was loud and rowdy.

I sighed and shook my head. What was I going to do with her? I don’t think she realizes how popular she is with the staff. She’d turned into their mothers, sisters, confidants. They knew better than to think of her as a girlfriend. She made sure that they all knew how far they could step with her. Kept me from having to do it. Plus, as one of the band members joked, I get bat shit crazy if I think someone is hitting on her. I’ll admit the first time I caught one of the stag hands getting too friendly I offered to peel his skin off of him. But she took care of their scrapes and cuts, stage hands always get banged up, and generally made sure they ate properly and of course those massages of hers helped a lot to make her popular.

I took a seat at one end of the stage, dangling my legs off the edge, and watched with some amount of pride and a whole lot of amusement. Aya was laughing as she tried to do some of the dances that were part of the show. After a while a few more of the dancers got on stage and before you could blink it looked like party time. The other band members came over and we pointed and laughed at the scene. None of them could really dance especially our fearless leader who eventually showed up. Everyone got real quiet trying to figure out what he was gonna say to all the goofing off. He just flashed that smile of his and told them to continue so they did.

He watched and laughed for a while than sauntered over to me and asked if she was always like that. I just nodded. “You ought to see her when she’s really on. She’s just playing around now.” As if on cue one of the songs that she really liked of his started playing. They had a CD player on. She started doing a toned down version of shaking it and I grinned. I excused myself and got up on to the stage proper, walking over and getting into her line of sight. She smiled even wider and I could tell from the gleam in her eyes that she was about to put the other dancers on notice that she could shake it with the best of them when she wanted, and she wanted with yours truly. Who was I to deny her some fun?

Because this wasn’t the club she wasn’t in a dress but she was wearing shorts and a tee. It was hot and she didn’t need to wear a uniform. That was fine with me. The shorts outlined my favorite part of her anatomy and when she turned up the heat on the dance floor I was right there with her. We put on a show and managed to stay just the legal side of x-rated. Before long we had company. Dancers are a competitive group and no one wanted an amateur, no matter how nice, upstaging them. Still, Aya and I gave them a run for their money. By the time the song had ended, we were giving each other the “I’m so gonna have fun with you later” look and I didn’t know about her but I was having a hard time keeping myself from kissing her into next week. We’d managed not to give each other those breathstealers in public but I said to hell with it this time and gave her a kiss that the guys ribbed me about for the rest of the tour.

The was the last time she did that. She said that if I got involved then the dancing taxed her self control. I didn’t mention some of the looks she got from some of the stage hands. I really didn’t want to kill anyone especially since I liked most of them. The idea of locking her in one of the buses when I wasn’t around did appeal to me. Nah, she’d just find a way to crawl out of a window and make me a miserable person for the rest of the tour. It’s not worth it. I guess in a way I’m enjoying the envy of some of the guys. Maybe if I could get her to sing they’d realize she’s not perfect. I know! I’ll give Toshi a call and see if he can stop by. I’m sure he’ll say something that will cause her to give him that death, zombie glare (his words, not mine) where the other guys can see it. That will scare off the bravest man. Yeah. That could work. I’m so evil.


~ by jujuken on July 22, 2013.

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