I’m gonna kill her!

I know she put him up to it! I’m gonna kill her! My fearless leader informed me that there would be a change in the performance of one of the songs and that I…Me…Mr. Straight as an arrow…would be the fan service tidbit of the day! Me? Fan service? Oh hell to the no! I complained bitterly but to no avail. The show went on and I was the show.

That man put his hands wherever he thought he could get away with it. He draped himself on me and had the fangirls in a tizzy. When we finally got off stage, Aya was waiting for me with this look on her face that put a smile on mine. Then it dawned on me…she was waiting for me. She almost never waited backstage but usually in the massage room. How did she know there would be a change in the show? I gave her the look. She gave me another smile that wouldn’t have fooled a blind man.

I was going to jump all over her for that and not in the good way when she gave me a kiss. Now when I say she gave me a kiss, I mean she gave me a KISS! I’m surprised my clothes didn’t burn off from the heat of it. Boss man was wise enough to give us a separate room. As it was she was under my clothes before the elevator hit our floor. It was late and the place was empty but damn.

Still. No more fan service I hope but from the looks I’ve been getting from both of them I can expect more. I’m so gonna kill her.


~ by jujuken on July 24, 2013.

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