Not sure about this.

Ju: What are you so happy about?

Me: My friend Jessi got a job!

Ju: She’s the friend that keeps you writing about us?

Me: Yep. Isn’t it exciting! Such good news!

Ju: I’m happy for her honestly but what does that mean for us?

Me: Eh?

Ju: Well if she’s working, she won’t have as much time to read so you won’t write as much.

Me: blinks I don’t think…

Ju: Omg! I’ll be put in the closet again! Aya! You have to do something!

Me: -_-

Aya: Don’t mind him. If we do have to spend more time in the closet, I’ll make sure he’s occupied.

Ju: Now I know I’m in trouble! Mun…save me! You’ve got to write or Aya will drain me dry!

Me: Since when has that been a problem for you?

Ju: Uhm…

Aya: grins

Me: Don’t worry. I’ll still write. She needs something to read after a hard day at work. Tormenting you is funny. She’ll appreciate it.

Aya: is trying not to laugh

Ju: Uhm…

Me: What’s the matter Ju, stuck?

Ju: Uhm…

Me: looks at Aya He isn’t broken is he?

Aya: gooses him

Ju: jumps and rubs his abused rear end, glares at his wife Traitor.

Me: Don’t you have a wedding to get ready for?

Ju: About that. What about the bachelor party?

me: They don’t do that in Japan. I checked.

Ju: Uhm…

Aya: Yeah. I think you broke him.

Me: Could you drag him out of here and give him some meds or something?

Aya: Or something.

Ju: eyes his wife suspiciously

Aya: smiles innocently

me: chuckles Don’t worry big guy. I’ve got at least one wedding to do, a reception and maybe two parties before hand. You’ll stay busy enough.

Ju: nods while being pulled by the hand, mouths “save me” as he’s pulled out the door

Me: You’ll be alright. Just carry on. laughs

Ju: I’m not so sure about this or you or her for that matter. Are you sure you…never finishes sentence as Aya snatches him through the door

me: The things I put up with. Congratulations Ms. J!


~ by jujuken on August 8, 2013.

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