Parties and celebrations

Ju came home from a long tiring session with a pain in the ass singer wanting nothing more than some food a couple of beers and to snuggle with his wife. He knew he’d get the first two. That last might be a little more problematic.

Since the head nurse had transferred Aya’s nemesis to another hospital, they were a little shorthanded and Aya took it upon herself to work extra hours to make up for it. She figured that first, the shortage was because of her and second, hey bigger paycheck. That never hurt but she usually came home with just enough energy to heat up something to eat, take a shower and fall into bed. Since she wasn’t scheduled for a double shift he was hoping she’d be up for a little snuggle before sleeping.

Climbing the stairs from the garage, he mused that snuggling might be the only thing HE had strength for much less her. He was beat so one can imagine the groan that left his lips when he opened the door to a gaggle of giggling women. There were eight ladies laughing and talking and examining some very interesting lingerie. The living area and dining area were festooned with all manner of, clothing in the living room, and food in the dining room. His wife was nowhere to be seen.

Sighing, he put his bag down and went into the dining area. At least he could get some food. There was a nice spread laid out so he picked up a plate and began to fill it. That’s when one of the ladies noticed him. He had to admit later that she had a good set of pipes on her. Her scream was loud and piercing. It startled him so much he almost dropped his plate. What it did do was set the other ladies off and before he knew it mayhem had rained down on his head in the form of Hana’s bridesmaids. They were making so much noise he couldn’t be heard over it and finally put two fingers in his mouth and whistled a high enough note that it got everyone’s attention.

Once he had some quiet and everyone’s attention he inquired as to who they were and why were they invading his home. “What the hell is going here? A man can’t come into his own home without being scared half to death by a gaggle of screeching harpies? Where is Aya?” One of the ladies swallowed and pointed to a place behind him. He turned and cringed at the look on her face. He was going to be sleeping on the sofa if he didn’t get the jump on her.

“Baby I came home tired, not feeling all that well and hungry only to be screamed at like a bugler by a bunch of women I don’t know. Scared me half to death, I almost dropped the only food I’ve had all day and I couldn’t find my wife. I think I deserve to be a little grumpy about it right?” When Aya’s expression softened he breathed a sigh of relief. He might still get a little snuggle time in yet. She came over and gave him a soft kiss which made him feel better.

“What’s going on? What’s with all the frillys and ladies?” Aya was about to answer when Hana came bouncing into the room holding what could barely be called a negligee up in front of her impressive rack. She skidded to a halt, blushed a deep pink, and put the thing behind her back. “Hello Ju. Fancy meeting you here?”

Ju couldn’t help it. If he didn’t say it he was going to explode. “They ain’t gonna fit Hana. Try something with a little more fabric in that area.” Aya whapped him on the arm but she was smiling. “Don’t mind him Hana. He’s about to leave any way right Ju?” Ju’s shoulders slumped. He really was looking forward to some quiet time at home. Seems he wasn’t going to get his wish. “Can’t I just go into our bedroom and stay there?” Aya shook her head no. “We are having a lingerie party for Hana. She has to have just the right stuff for her honeymoon.” Ju still couldn’t understand why all the fuss since as far as a man was concerned all she really needed to be wearing was her skin. He was wise enough not to voice that opinion.

Aya turned to the ladies long enough to tell them that Ju was her husband and that he would be leaving in a few minutes. He started to protest once again but she pushed him into the bedroom and closed the door. “I know you are tired baby but please? Can you go down to the bar or something and yes, farther from here then the spare room. I’ll make it up to you later okay? Please?” Ju just couldn’t say no. She looked so adorable and her making it up to him usually made him very happy. She agreed to let him finish his meal first and went to tell the ladies that he would be going after he ate. He mentally added “and after a few toe curlers”.

He got his toe curlers too, one of them in front of the assembled ladies that had Aya rocking back on her heels and wondering if maybe she should kick the ladies out and keep him at home which she was sure was what prompted him to do it in the first place. Ju fought to keep the smug smile off of his face when he heard some of the comments that kiss inspired. Teach them to kick him out of his own house and away from his snuggle bunny. He got back into the mustang, revved it a couple of times than pulled out of the garage and headed down to the bar.


~ by jujuken on August 11, 2013.

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