At the bar…parties and celebrations continued

Ju had just pulled out of the garage when his phone rang. Toshi was on the other line and from the sound of things at a party of some sort. Ju told him that he was headed to the bar to hang out with Acchan since Hana and Aya had kicked him out. He explained what was up when Toshi asked why. The man got quiet on the phone for a minute then told Ju he’d meet him at the bar in an hour and hung up. Ju was fine with that. The more the merrier. He figured he’d get Acchan plastered since he lived over the bar and didn’t have to drive anywhere. If Aya could treat Hana to a little party he could treat Acchan to one. He made a few more calls then pulled out onto the street and headed toward the bar.

The parking lot was mostly empty since it was still rather early in the evening. When Ju went in he found out that Acchan was off. He called the man and found him at home. Ju went up the back stairs and knocked. Acchan answered the door in his briefs and a tee shirt. Ju looked at him and went “Ew. Dude put on some pants and come downstairs. I got a small surprise for ya.” When they got downstairs Acchan was greeted by a number of his friends and employees. He looked at Ju questioningly.

“We’re throwing you a party dude. Gotta celebrate your last days of freedom and all that. I called some of the guys together and got some of the staff to whip up something for us…at my expense so take that frown off of your face…so sur-fucking-prize!” He turned Acchan to face the crowd and everyone yelled congratulations and condolences and the like. Ryo and the band start a funeral dirge and everyone started laughing at that.

Ju told everyone to get a glass of whatever their poison was for a toast. “I’m paying for the food but you drunks have to pay for your own liquor. Ain’t no one rich enough to water you losers.” Once everyone had a glass he held up his beer. “To Acchan. Congratulations old man. Bout time you joined the rest of us prisoners. May you be as happy as one man can be. Cheers dude.” Everyone took a sip and shouted out words of encouragement or smart remarks.

Ju was laughing and punching Acchan in the shoulder when the door opened and Toshi walked in with a guest. Ju stood stock still, his mouth opening and closing but no words coming out. When Acchan asked what was wrong, Ju came out of it. “Dude…the guy with him is J from Luna Sea. Fucking “Wake Up Motherfuckers” J from Luna Sea. I could live till I was ninety and never be as good as he is. Damn.”

He walked over to Toshi and gave him the man hug then waited for some introductions. Toshi obliged him and Ju made it a point not to act like a fanboy and fall all over himself. He did a respectable job of it. Seems Toshi and J met during a photo shoot years ago and both being hell raisers proceeded to do just that. They’d been friends ever since. They had run into each other earlier that night so Toshi dragged him along when he came to the club. He left the two men to get acquainted while he went to say hello to Acchan.

“Man I’ve been a fan of yours for years. Are you planning on doing any more solo work or are you and Luna Sea working on something?” J answered that he was thinking of putting out another single and that there were some plans in the making down the line for Luna Sea. Then he said something that made Ju’s eyebrows shoot up. He told Ju that he’d seen him on tour and had checked him out. He said he was impressed. You could have knocked Ju over with a feather. He thanked the man and offered him a drink which he accepted. By the time Toshi had gotten back to them, they were drinking beers and talking techniques.

Toshi clapped Ju on the back. “Where’s the missus? I know she’d love to meet the caveman here since she likes bassists.” Ju sighed. “She kicked me out of the flat cause she’s having a lingerie party for Hana. Place is full of giggling women.” Toshi looked around the bar. “Call them and tell them to get down here. The place needs some perfume in it if you get my drift.”

Ju looked around and the men outnumbered the ladies two to one. He pulled out his phone and called home. When Aya answered he could hear lots of laughter in the background. “Hey baby, Toshi asked me to call and see if you and the ladies would like to come by the bar. We decided to have a little party for Acchan but there ain’t enough ladies here according to him oh and J is here. Yeah that J. He’s a friend of Toshi’s and…hello? Aya?” He looked at the phone as the dial tone sounded. He looked up at Toshi. “I think she hung up on me.”

Toshi grinned. “She probably fainted from shock. I’d give her fifteen minutes before she’s through the door in something drool worthy. You know how much she likes Luna Sea and bassists in general.” Ju shook his head. Toshi was probably right. Breathe was a Luna Sea song after all. He went back to talking to the other man as the beer flowed freely and the place got loud. Lethal Wound came out and started a set just as the door opened and at least twenty women walked in led by Hana and Aya who was in that slinky little brown dress that Ju had made for her and looking good enough to eat.

Hana made a beeline for Acchan and claimed her man and a beer while Aya came looking for him. She managed to give him a kiss on the lips and kiss for Toshi on the cheek before the fangirl took over as she was introduced to J. J seemed dutifully impressed, laughed when she told him about Breathe being the only song she can sing without scaring people and agreed to sign autographs before he left. While she was busy schmoozing J, Toshi and Ju talked about Toshi’s upcoming nuptials.

Ju was pleased to find out that things wouldn’t happen until the fall at least. Summer was touring season and neither had the time to plot and plan a wedding. Ju would have time to get his gifts to the couple together. He was about to ask Toshi if they were going to keep everything a secret when Ryo announced that Ju and Toshi were in attendance and that they had a special guest with them. The three men waved to the crowd. It felt funny to Ju. He was not used to his friends and acquaintances cheering for him like they were. He felt a touch on his arm and looked down to find his wife smiling at him. It was a smile of pride and it made him feel very satisfied.

J left not long after that. He signed a lot of autographs, gave Aya a kiss on the back of her hand that almost had the woman swooning, and a slap on Ju’s back hard enough to make him take a step or two forward. He was talking and laughing with Toshi as they left, his gravely voice distinctive from everyone else. Ju pulled his wife into his arms after they’d left and gave her a kiss. “You ready to go baby? I’m beat.” She nodded and they made their way to Acchan and Hana said their goodbyes and went home.

It had been a long day and Aya still had to clean up after her little get together. Ju showered while she did and fell asleep shortly after. Aya took her shower and eased into bed with him not wanting to wake him up. She smiled as he gravitated toward her warmth in his sleep. She really was proud of him and she was going to make sure she told him when he woke up. For now, she was content to listen to him snoring softly and snuggle close to him.


~ by jujuken on August 19, 2013.

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