What in the world…..

Ju: is the matter with you? looks at mun who is sitting at her computer looking forlorn

Mun: I think I’m suffering from Jessi withdrawal.

Ju: Eh?

Mun: Well Jessi usually logs on around now but with her working…

Ju: Ah. I get it. You could always write some more.

Mun: I did. Apparently you haven’t checked Aya’s blog you hound dog.

Ju: grins Told you about that did she? I couldn’t help myself.

Mun: Sure you couldn’t. I wonder if they sell tranquilizer guns online.

Ju: You wouldn’t!

Mun: Try me.

Ju: ………..

Mun: Smart man. sighs This is the down side to retirement. Everyone else is working. OH! I did find a whole bunch of new photos of you.

Ju: How many does that make now, 100, 200?

Mun: I lost count a long time ago. I’ve got 254 in my photobucket account but that’s only part of my collection. I probably should combine and name or number them or something.

Ju: See? There’s something you can do.

Mun: It’s scary in there! Why do you think I haven’t done it up until now?

Ju: How could looking at my handsome face be scary?

Mun: Don’t be so modest Ju. -_-

Ju: grins

Mun: Alright! Alright! I’ll consider it. I’d still rather talk to Jessi.

Ju: gives mun a mental hug She’ll have a few days off soon and you can wear out your fingers at will.

Mun: True. When did you get so understanding? eyes suspiciously

Ju: grins

Mun: Oh for Pete’s sake! Yes I’ll write out some smut for you. Pervert.

Ju: And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mun: My name is not Aya so in your dreams. Go away.

Ju: I’m gone lady. Perk up okay?

Mun: Ju…thanks.

Ju: No problem just don’t forget the smut.

Mun: Don’t press your luck. Later.


~ by jujuken on August 21, 2013.

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