A new beginning or a tragic end?

The wedding went off without a hitch. Hana was radiant. Acchan was a basket case but he managed not to faint. The bridesmaids were beautiful as was the maid of honor and Aya was stunning as the matron of honor. Since Hana’s mom had died when they were teenagers, Aya got the honors. Her mother even behaved herself. Wonders of wonders. Ju almost passed out when she came over and talked to him like he was an actual human being and not some dog off the street.

At his first opportunity, Ju pulled Aya aside and asked what was up with her. Aya was clueless. It was Hana who told them what was up. Apparently she had told the bitch that if she acted unkind toward Ju or Acchan, when she finally had a child she wasn’t going to let her anywhere near it. Ju had to give it to the girl, she was a master at blackmail. She knew that with Aya not having any kids, Hana was her only hope of having a little one to spoil. Aya filed that threat away for future use. She turned to her appreciative husband and gave him a little kiss. “Dance?”

Ju grinned and nodded then escorted his wife onto the dance floor. It was one of those slow numbers and since she was wearing three inch heels, her parts met his in a way he liked so he held her close but kept the rating down to a pg level. No use in pressing his luck with her mom around. “Did I tell you that you out shown the bride? You aren’t supposed to do that lovely lady.” Aya just smiled at him. “Flatterer. Score all the brownie points you want, we are still staying until the reception is over.” Ju pouted a bit. He was all for taking his lovely wife home and acting like they were on their own honeymoon. “Alright but I get to peel that dress off of you later and see what surprises you have on under it.” He waggled his eyebrows and she couldn’t help the laugh the sight conjured.

The two laughed and enjoyed each others company through the dinner, toasting, and other things done at receptions. The happy couple left early mainly because their honeymoon was on hold until Hana’s vacation rolled around in another month but that didn’t mean they couldn’t start their honeymoon activities and both were all for that idea.

Everyone stayed and enjoyed themselves for another couple of hours then started heading home. Since Ju had enjoyed more of the bubbly then she had, Aya drove them home. They weren’t far from the house when the accident happened. Aya had to swerve sharply to avoid hitting a driver who had run a light. Since it had rained and the roads were wet, the suv fishtailed, skidded and ran into a tree. While the passenger side airbag deployed, the driver’s side did not. Even wearing a seatbelt, Aya’s head hit the steering wheel hard. She was out cold when Ju finally was able to get free of the airbag.

The police were there in record time as was an ambulance. Aya still hadn’t come to and Ju was frantic. He kept calling her name while he held her hand and peppering the paramedics with questions. The police had to practically pry him off of the woman to get his statement. The driver of the other car had been chased down by some witnesses and only the fact that Ju didn’t want to leave Aya kept him from going after the man. When the ambulance was ready to go he hopped into the back and no amount of talking could keep him from holding his wife’s hand. They said it didn’t look like she had any internal injuries but from the knot on her head she probably had a concussion. Ju wasn’t paying attention. He was too focused on the still form of his love.

She was checked over by the best team in the hospital and put into a private room. She hadn’t so much as moaned and the doctors were concerned about the severity of her head trauma. A CAT scan revealed no swelling but by then she should have been coming around some. They checked Ju over too just to make sure and told him that if he went down who would be there when Aya awoke. That got him to calm down enough to be examined. He called her parents to let them know what was going on, then called Michiko. She promised to be there as soon as she could get someone to cover for her. He called Toshi and his friend told him he’d be there within the hour.

Ju pretty much kept himself together until Michiko showed up. As much as he hated to admit it, he broke down and cried like a baby. He was so scared that he’d lose her like he had Hayato. She just held him and let him cry out then told him that she had the best care and that he’d better have his act together when she woke up. “You’ll scare the life out of her with that face. Go clean up. I’ll be here when you get back.” As much as Ju didn’t want to, he headed toward the facilities. After using the john and splashing some water on his face, he felt almost human again. Toshi and the parents were there when he got back. He explained to them what had happened and they were allowed to go into the room for a few minutes.

Toshi told Ju that he knew Aya would be fine. “That is the toughest spitfire I’ve ever met. She’ll be okay Ju.” Everyone hung around for a few hours but there was no change. They took her down for another CAT scan and it too came back negative. Finally the doctors just told him that she’ll wake up eventually and for him to get some rest. Ju told everyone to go home and he’d call the minute something changed. Michiko promised to bring him some clean clothing and to tell Ichi what happened. Toshi gave him a hug and told him to hang in there. At some point Ju laid his head down on the bed next to Aya’s limp form and fell asleep.

The next day, Michiko brought him a change of clothing. Ju called the shop and let them know what was up then went and got something to eat. Aya would scold him if she knew he wasn’t eating. The doctors wanted to run a EEG or something like that so she was being tested. He was waiting in the room when she was wheeled back in. They pulled him out of the room to talk to him. Aya’s brain was showing a minimal amount of brain activity. She wasn’t brain dead but it looked as if she was in a coma. They explained to him that it could be for a day or two or for years. No one could know for sure. They told him to talk to her as if she was awake and to hold her hand. It was believed that even in a coma patients can hear and feel.

The news staggered Ju. He didn’t know what to do, how to handle things, who to talk to. A coma? His baby, his love, in a coma? It didn’t even register when they gave him a sedative and sat him down. He answered questions in the same drab yes or no tones that one would have expected from someone half asleep. This was a nightmare right? He’d wake from it soon right? But it wasn’t a dream and no amount of shaking could wake him from it.

They made him leave after the third day with no change. He needed to shower and attend to some legal things, let them know what was up at the studio and that he’d be unavailable until further notice. No one gave him any grief and all wished Aya a speedy recovery. He did too. The flat was lonely without her around. Being there made his heart ache. He spent most of his waking hours at the hospital, holding her hand, talking to her, making jokes and crying softly. Acchan and Hana came to visit and Ju almost had a meltdown from looking at Hana. She understood and didn’t take it to heart when he left the room. They didn’t stay long but Hana made sure he knew that if he needed anything to call them. Ju hugged her a little longer then was necessary then shooed them out of the place before he broke down again.

It was day six and Ju was holding her hand, rubbing her knuckles softly and telling her how much he missed her when she flexed her fingers some. It was the first response he’d gotten since the accident. When he told the nurse she just smiled at him and told him not to read too much into it. Those things happened from time to time but Ju would have none of that and swore it was a sign she was waking up. The nurse had just finished her sponge bath and was about to leave when Aya moaned and coughed. Ju was right there with a cup of water and a straw if she woke and needed it. She coughed again, croaked “water” and took a sip before really opening her eyes. She looked at him, then the nurse. “Where am I?”

Ju refrained from letting out a whoop but got down on his knees and held her hand as he told her where she was. She nodded then pulled her hand from his. “I was in an accident and I’m in the hospital. I was in a coma for a week. I get that but what I don’t get is why you are here. Are you the guy that hit me?” Ju looked at her thinking she was joking but the look on her face told him she was earnest. “I’m Ju…Junichiro. Your husband. Don’t you remember me?” She made a face, concentrating then shook her head. “No.”


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