New Beginnings part 3

Ju had a troubled sleep. He kept having nightmares that Aya would never get her memory back and fall in love with someone else and leave him. He finally fell asleep during the wee hours of the morning. He awoke with the warmth of his wife snuggled against him and the relief that filled him was a wondrous thing. He pushed back the locks of hair that had fallen into her face and kissed her gently, first on the forehead then on the cheek. He pulled her close just enjoying the feel of her against him. They stayed like that for a time with her sleeping and he just watching her. She finally yawned and stretched, opening her eyes. He was about to tell her good morning when she let out a squawk, squirmed out of his arms and promptly fell off the sofa.

He chuckled and tried to help her up only to have her beat at him with her hands. “You pervert! How did you do that? I can’t even sleep and you pull a stunt like this! What kind of man are you?” Ju was extremely confused.

“Woman what are you talking about? I woke to you snuggled up on me like you usually do and thought you’d gotten your memory back. Think about it. You locked the door last night. How the hell was I supposed to jimmy the lock, pull you out of bed and put you in front of me on the sofa of all places? If I was gonna do all that I’d have just climbed into bed with you.”

She had gotten up by then and was glowering at him. “Then how do you explain me being here?” Ju just shrugged. “You do that sometimes. Walk in your sleep. You usually wind up on me in some way. Sometimes you’d just curl up in my lap and go back to sleep. Sometimes you’d jump my bones.”

Aya gave him a look of pure skepticism but couldn’t deny the fact that he had a point. It would have been easier to just crawl into bed with her then trying to drag her out there without waking her. She turned and walked back into the bedroom slamming the door behind her. Ju sighed again. That hurt. He was so sure she was his Aya again. He flopped back down on the sofa, pulled a pillow across his face and screamed his frustration into it.

It was later in the day when Hana and Acchan stopped by. Aya was happy to see Hana, one of the few people she remembered, and was pleased to meet Hana’s new husband. They explained to her that she and Ju were leaving their reception when the accident occurred. Acchan pulled Ju aside while the ladies talked. He was saddened to hear how things were going. “She hates me Acchan. I don’t know why or what to do. I’m the same me she fell in love with. Do I have to be busted up for her to notice?” Acchan patted him on the back and told him he’d have Hana talk to her. Ju just nodded. It couldn’t hurt at this point.

When they got back to the ladies Ju was pissed to find that the conversation was centered around Toshi. Aya was peppering Hana with questions about the man. Hana, not knowing what was up, supplied lots of fangirling giggles. Ju really had just about all he could take of that. “You know Toshi’s engaged right?” When Hana shook her head no, Ju went on. “If this gets out I know who to come after. He and Kiba are engaged.” He wasn’t prepared for the squeal from Hana and it made him jump.

“Oh my goodness! I knew it! We’ve been taking bets on whether those two were an item. Damn, and I can’t tell anyone. At least not yet. Make sure you let me know if they go public. Wow. You just made my day. Toshi and Kiba. I hope they are as happy as you guys…” She trailed off blushing. Ju smiled at her. “That’s okay Hana. We’ll make it back. Just wait and see.”

Aya took all of this in with first surprise then boredom. “We’ll see.” She mumbled something under her breath that Ju didn’t catch but Hana gave her an appraising look. She grabbed the woman and dragged her off the sofa. “Come on Aya. Let’s go shopping and let the guys have some time to get sloshed or something.” Aya didn’t protest. She wanted out of the house. Ju had a way of looking at her that made her uncomfortable in some way. It was equal parts longing, love and pain. She could see that he probably loved her but she just didn’t feel the same. She sighed, grabbed her purse and phone and headed out of the flat without so much as a see you later. Hana gave Acchan a worried look and a quick kiss and followed her out.

Once they were gone, Ju just sat and looked miserable. Acchan didn’t know what to do for his friend so he sat there quietly until Ju decided to talk. He listened to the events of the day and raised an eyebrow at Aya’s little sleepwalking bit. “Dude, somewhere in all of that confusion your Aya is trying to get out. Her subconscious brought her to you. You just have to find a way to get her conscious and subconscious on the same page. Why don’t you take her out? Go on a date. Take her someplace nice then bring her down to the bar. The guys will be happy to see her and maybe something will click. Call Ryo and see if you can play a song or two when you get there. Can’t hurt considering how things are now.”

Ju nodded. “That’s a good idea. Now if she’ll just agree to it.” That was the million dollar question in the mind of both men.


~ by jujuken on September 4, 2013.

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