New Beginnings part two.

Ju sat in slack jawed shock as the doctor explained what was going on with Aya. It seems she couldn’t remember anything after she first started working at the hospital. He explained that most likely it was temporary and that being back home in familiar settings could jar her memory…or not. One thing he stressed was not to try to force anything on her. For all accounts and purposes Ju and everyone she’d met after a certain point were all strangers to her.

Aya, for her part, understood and agreed to a leave of absence until she could catch up on the last decade of medical changes. If her memory didn’t return within a year, she’d have to take the test for her nursing license again. Until then, she was released and the doctor advised her to see a specialist and to go home. Things in her home might trigger memories. Ju was all for it but Aya was reluctant to go home with a strange man. She still couldn’t believe that she’d married “someone like him” which had hurt Ju. She did soften that by telling him that normally he wouldn’t have been her type and that he must be someone special if she could fall in love with him and be married to him for so many years. Ju had to smile at that. Aya got a strange look on her face. She shook her head and the look was gone replaced with the blank look she’d pretty much been wearing since she woke up.

The ride home was quiet. Aya took in her surroundings as they drove through town and onto the street where the shop and flat were. She raised an eyebrow when he pulled into the garage. “We live over a shop?” The way she said it made Ju self conscious. “You own it Aya so yeah we do. I own the shop and you own the flat. It’s a joint venture. We live here with my sister Michiko and her son Hayato.” Aya pursed her lips but said nothing more. He tried to help her out of the car but she didn’t want him touching her. Ju’s heart tried to sink into the floor but the doctor had warned him.

Aya’s mood seemed to improve once she got inside. They’d gotten new furniture with some of Ju’s session money and the place was spotless. Sona came up to them and began rubbing against Aya’s leg. She picked the cat up and held her close. “What’s your name pretty one?” Ju told her that the cat was a gift from him and her name was Sona. Aya held the cat out and repeated her name which got Sona to meowing. She curled her in her arms and carried her with her as Ju gave her a tour of the flat. She paused when they got to the bedroom. “We are going to have to make some sleeping arrangements. I don’t know you and I’m sure not sleeping in the same bed with someone I don’t know. That sofa doesn’t look long enough for you so I’ll sleep on it.” Ju wanted to argue but she had a point as much as he hated to admit it.

Once they had hashed out the sleeping arrangements, Ju took her on a tour of the shop and reintroduced her to the staff. They had been clued in on what was happening. She was very polite and a tad overwhelmed by all the people there. She was impressed by the work being done and she told Ju that which made him smile again. She got that look again, this time she reached out and almost touched his mouth before pulling her hand down. She rubbed her temples and told him that she was getting a headache which the doctor had told her would happen. She excused herself and went back into the flat.

Ju watched her leave and his heart was breaking into smaller and smaller pieces. She seemed to not like him or their life at all. He shrugged. It was only day one. Patient is what he had to be but it wasn’t something that he was good at. He dragged himself upstairs and found that Aya had shut herself into their bedroom. He knocked and went in to grab an extra blanket and pillow. He told her to have the room and he’d manage. He asked if she wanted him to order some food and she said no that she needed to sleep so he told her he’d wake her up in a couple of hours because she needed to eat. She did thank him as he closed the door behind himself. He leaned against the door in frustration. He had her home and he may as well have left her in the hospital. She still wasn’t “home”. He wanted to hold her, kiss her, tell her everything would be okay but she was having none of that. He was a stranger and could be for the foreseeable future.

He had dozed off in front of the tv when Michiko and Ichi came in. Apparently Aya was up and in the kitchen cooking. She turned as they came in, eying them both curiously. They both looked so normal and not what she expected considering her “husband’s” appearance. They were concerned and the nephew seemed very upset that she didn’t remember him. He seemed to calm a little when she commented on how cute he was. Michiko washed her hands and helped with dinner while Ju and Ichi set the table. The meal was good but kind of uncomfortable for Ju. Aya tended to ignore him. He gave up trying. Something was going on in that pretty head and once they were alone he was going to ask her what it was.

He helped her wash and put up the dishes then sat her down on the sofa and asked her point blank if he’d done something to offend her. She told him no but he just wasn’t her type and she couldn’t see how they managed to be together. Ju sat down next to her and very quietly told her how they’d met and the events leading up to their marriage. She had tears coming down her face as she listened to all that he’d gone through with losing Hayato and the therapy. She smiled as he told her how he’d proposed. She told him she was sorry she didn’t remember any of it and asked him to give her some time. What else could he do but say yes?

They spent some time talking, he acted the goof for her to make her laugh and the two were getting along better when the doorbell rang. Before Ju could get up, the whirlwind that was his friend invaded the place with flowers, a grin and a hug for his “favorite girl”. Ju did a mental slap. He’d forgotten to clue Toshi in, what with all the meetings with doctors and getting her home. He tried to get the man’s attention but he was off to the races and Aya…Aya was giggling at his antics and blushing! Blushing! Toshi finally noticed and asked what was up. Ju calmly told him that Aya had lost her memory and introduced them properly. Toshi being the man that he is, was completely unfazed by this turn of events and jokingly stated that now he had a chance to win the fair lady’s hand from his competition. Aya didn’t know he was joking. She calmly gave him a breathtaking smile and told him the fun was in the trying. Aya blushed, Toshi laughed and Ju fumed as she took Toshi’s arm and ushered him toward the sofa. What in the world was going on? When Aya went to get Toshi a beer, without asking if he wanted one, Ju told Toshi he’d better tell her he was engaged and to a man or he was gonna kill him. Toshi held up his hands in mock surrender and was on the verge of telling Aya when she pointedly told Ju to move over. She wanted to sit next to Toshi. Ju let his temper get the better of him and went to grab her. Bad move. She gave him a look that he’d never seen on her face before. Toshi sighed. “That’s the look dude and considering she’s giving it to you and not me I’d say you were in deep dog poop. I’d better go before things get worse. Ju…call me and good luck. Aya…it’s been a pleasure and please take it easy on my friend here. Remember he loves you to distraction and this has got to be hard on him.

As soon as Toshi left, Aya turned a full wattage glare on Ju. “I was enjoying his company which is more than I can say for yours for the most part. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed. She turned and left the room. Ju sat down, put his head in his hands and groaned. His life had well and truly turned to crap.


~ by jujuken on September 4, 2013.

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