New Beginnings part 4

Hana was quiet for the most part as she drove to the mall. Aya had peppered her with questions about Toshi, his relationship with Kiba and his “gayness”. All Hana could confirm was that Toshi was bi-sexual but his only real love seemed to be Kiba apparently. Once at the mall, she pulled Aya into the first restaurant they passed and got a table as far from everyone as they could.

After they had ordered she rounded on her cousin. “What is wrong with you? Why are so hell bent on finding out stuff about Toshi? He’s not the man you are married to and he will never be so I don’t get it. Aya shrugged. “He’s handsome, entertaining and more my type then that tattooed person I’m married to. What in the world did I see in him? It’s not like I was pregnant or something and we had to get married. Do you know I think he tried to molest me in my sleep last night?”

Hana shook her head. “Honey, if he really had tried you two would probably still be at it. Hell if the way you two kiss is any indication of how hot you two are together than molesting you would be a thrill for you.” She gave Aya a look. “How are you feeling aside from the obvious? You have a hormone imbalance that has turned you into a “sex demon” to hear Ju tell it. You didn’t argue about it either. Something about you wanting to touch him all the time. I know it had lessened over the past couple of weeks but you never went without sex for more than a few days.”

Aya blushed. She had been feeling a little anxious but she was not about to climb into bed with him and she told Hana that. “Aya. I know things are hard right now. Can I be honest with you? When I first heard about Ju, I came to check him out and I found a hard working, fun loving man who worships the ground my cousin walks on. I learned that you guys dated for four months before YOU finally pushed HIM into bed. He told you how you guys met but I bet he didn’t tell you that. Aya he was the perfect gentleman and not some thug trying to bed you. Please give him a chance and don’t judge him by his tattoos and green hair. Even you have to admit he’s easy on the eyes and if the pictures you took at the beach and are in that photobook are any indication he’s got a nice body. Cut you both some slack and try to find the man you fell in love with. If nothing else let the man give you one of his toe curling kisses. If one of them doesn’t get you interested then I’m going to have to have you declared dead and have a memorial service for you.”

Aya looked suitably chastened. She really had been judging the man on his appearance. She did find him attractive which scared her. He just looked so Yakuza that she couldn’t get around it. “Are his kisses that good?” Hana laughed. “You told us at my lingerie party that he could kiss a corpse back to life. From what I’ve seen and a few tales I’ve heard that wasn’t much of an exaggeration. Give the man a chance Aya. What could it hurt?”

Aya was about to answer when her phone chimed. She looked at it and it was a text message from Ju. “His ears must have been burning. He just texted me asking me if I’d like to go out to dinner with him.” She sighed at the look Hana gave her and responded with a yes and what should she wear. He told her something nice but not too fancy because they were going to stop by Acchan’s when they left the restaurant for some dancing. That made Aya smile. She liked to dance though she was going to have to get Hana to show her the latest moves. She got the time of the date then grabbed Hana. She had shopping to do and some dance steps to learn.

Ju closed his phone and resisted the urge to let out a whoop of joy. He’d just made one little step. Hopefully it would lead to a long walk hand in hand with his wife. He shook himself out of the daydream and called their favorite Thai restaurant for reservations. Thai food was something that Aya loved before they met and had gotten him into it. The choice of food was easy and since she didn’t discover this restaurant until recently, the food quality would be a surprise for her and score brownie points for him. He decided to wear his blue slacks since she swore they did marvelous things to his ass, what little he had, and a blue silk tee that tended to cling to him. Aya used to call it his “rip me off please” shirt. He called Ryo and clued him in on what was going on then asked what they were playing that night. He asked if he could sit in on one of the songs and Ryo was all for it. With all of that taken care of, he went out and down to the florist shop and bought her a bouquet of roses. In for a penny, in for a pound and roses never hurt. He gassed up the mustang and washed it, waxing and polishing it until it gleamed. He used the shower in the spare bathroom in the shop and dressed down there also. When he was done, he noticed that Aya was back home since the shower was running. He checked himself out in the mirror, grabbed the roses and went upstairs to wait for his wife. When she finally emerged from the bedroom he decided that it was well worth the wait.


~ by jujuken on September 5, 2013.

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