New Beginnings part 5

Aya stopped short when she spotted Ju. He looked very nice and respectable. She had to admit he cleaned up well. She took in what she could see of his physic and liked what she saw. Okay. So maybe this date wouldn’t be all bad. She blushed at the thought and at his scrutiny of her appearance. From the way he was smiling at her she must have passed muster. She had found the cutest little cocktail dress of navy blue and white. She paired it with some high wedge dress sandals and had put her hair up. She was wearing a necklace she had found in the jewelry box of two entwined hearts studded with diamonds not knowing it was a gift from him.

“You look beautiful Aya. These are for you.” He handed her the roses. One dozen long stemmed, dethorned, American Beauties. Aya smiled and took the roses, thanking him before putting her nose into the blossoms to catch their scent. “There’s a vase in the cabinet over the sink that should hold them nicely. I’ll get it for you.” Aya watched him go, first admiring the way his pants fit him then frowning a bit. When he came back with the vase and water, the roses were on the table and she was gone from the room. He gave a puzzled shrug then put the flowers in the vase and waited for her to show back up figuring she’d probably forgotten something. He was surprised when she came back out of the bedroom holding one of his dress shirts. She handed it to him.

“I think this outfit needs this. No. Don’t button the shirt. Let it swing open.” She smiled at the effect that had on his whole demeanor as he did a full turn in the shirt, letting it fly up around his body. Ju was grinning when he faced her again. She always wanted him wearing a dress shirt over that outfit. When she saw him she got that strange look on her face he’d seen earlier. “Aya? You okay?” She snapped out of whatever it was and nodded. She smiled a little and told him that he looked very nice, which got him grinning again. “We’d better go or we’re going to be late.”

He ushered her to the garage and the mustang. She stopped with her mouth open. He had borrowed the van to bring her home and this was the first time she’d seen the mustang. “This is yours? It’s amazing! Did you do the work on it? You did? Very nice. What year is it? So you bought this after we got married? My name is on the registration too? Can I drive it? Well not today but one day?” She threw question after question at him on the way to the restaurant. She seemed more than surprised at some of his answers. She realized then that she had a lot of years to catch up on.

When they got to the restaurant, they were greeted warmly by many of the workers. They were regulars and people were happy to see them. Aya was impressed. Once they were seated and had ordered, things got quiet between them. Ju for once in his life was at a loss as to what to say. He finally settled on something he thought would be safe and asked how her shopping trip had gone and if she had done her usual and spent a small fortune. Aya started to bristle at the spending remark but noticed that he was grinning. There was something about that smile that both bothered and tickled something in Aya. She reached out her hand and touched Ju’s face ever so lightly. There was something, a glimmer, a ghost of a memory maybe.

Ju sat there calmly as if Aya was a skittish filly and he was afraid to spook her. Something was going on with her and he didn’t want to stop whatever it was. When she ran her fingertips over his lips he kissed them softly. That seemed to wake her from whatever daze she was in. She pulled her hand back looking at it as if she’d touched something strange yet magical. She looked up at him. “Hana says I should let you kiss me.” Ju nodded slowly. “Only if and when you want me to Aya. I don’t know if I told you but when we first started dating, I didn’t do more than kiss you on the cheek for almost four months. I think I can wait until you really want me to now.” Aya blushed at that. “Hana told me. Why? I mean why didn’t you make a move sooner?”

“To be honest, there was a doctor that had his sights set on you. He called me a thug. I’m not Aya and while I wasn’t the poster child for good behavior I’ve never been arrested for anything worse then disorderly conduct and you can thank Toshi for that one. You used to say that between the two of us we didn’t have enough common sense to come in out of the rain to stay dry…at least when we were together. But the thing is, while I’m not nor have ever been a thug, it got to me. I knew what happened to you in college and I didn’t want you to think I was like that jerk. I was so in love with you that I was scared to death that you’d stop seeing me if I pressed the issue so I waited. I would have waited forever if that’s what it took.”

He reached out his hand and took hers hoping she wouldn’t pull away. When she didn’t he continued. “I know that you don’t remember us but I do. I fell in love almost from the first moment I saw you and if anything I love you more now then ever. You taught me so many things about life and love. Who I am today is in part because of what you taught me and if this thing doesn’t pass, if you find that there is no love in your heart for me, I’ll be crushed but I would let you go if that’s what would make you happy. I love you too much to ever see you sad or unhappy.”

Aya squeezed his hand then let it go so she could get a tissue from her purse. After looking at him she pulled another one out and handed it to him. “We must look a sight. Both of us sitting here with tears in our eyes.” She dabbed at hers not wanting to mess up her makeup. Ju played it off. “You look beautiful no matter what. Ah…food’s here.” They ate and talked quietly with Ju filling her in on growing up with the brat and some of the important points in their life together. He made sure to tell her the good and the bad. He had her in tears of laughter recalling some of their goings on. He made sure to keep all mention of sex between them to himself. If she asked then yeah they’d talk but he wasn’t about to push that on her. This time when they left the restaurant and he offered her his hand she took it. Next stop, Acchan’s.


~ by jujuken on September 6, 2013.

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