New Beginnings part 6

When they got to the club the parking lot was packed. Ju considered not going in but he wasn’t ready to end the date yet and Aya had expressed a desire to see the bar that Hana’s husband owned. Ju still had his reserved spot and pulled into it. Aya raised an eyebrow. He told her that he and Acchan had been friends since school and that all the band members had spots. They just let him keep his.

“Ah. I’d forgotten that you played an instrument. The bass right? Why aren’t you in the band any more?” Ju answered that he was doing session work and some touring. Her eyes got really wide when he told her who he’d just played support for. He told her that she’d spent a little time on the tour also. He had to laugh when she cursed her lack of memory. He took her arm and told her that the big guy had said she could return next year if she wanted as he escorted her in.

They maneuvered their way to the bar and found Acchan and Hana. The couple was happy to see them out and about. Acchan let Ju know that the band was in the back so he took Aya back there to meet them. Acchan had told them about her memory loss. They reintroduced themselves and joked about understanding wanting to forget a mug as ugly as Ju’s. She giggled at their antics and was enjoying herself when Ju heard a familiar song playing and asked if she was ready to dance. She bit her lip, a gesture of nervousness that Ju hadn’t seen in almost a decade, and nodded slowly telling him that she wasn’t sure if she could keep up with the new dances. Ju assured her that nothing much had changed over the years and that with her skill she should pick up what she liked in no time.

They made it out onto the dance floor and true to form, it didn’t take Aya long to get into the swing of things. The short lesson that Hana had provided and Aya’s formidable memory made it easy despite her misgivings. She found it ironic that the one thing that had made her life easier as far as school and a career was letting her down now. They danced to a few fast songs then something slow came on and Aya wasn’t sure what Ju was going to do. He held out his hand to her and she decided what could be the harm and let him pull her close to him.

Ju was in heaven and hell, having Aya so close to him physically but so far away mentally. He kept the dance strictly G, just happy to be close to her. He loved the smell of the perfume she was wearing and the way she fit in his arms. He looked down at her and asked if he could kiss her, nothing searing, just a touch of lips. She nodded slowly and he placed a soft kiss on her lips and that’s all. Aya was mildly surprised that he didn’t press the issue but he got his kiss then went back to just holding her close and dancing slowly. When the song ended he smiled at her and thanked her for the kiss. She got that look on her face again and reached out to touch his lips. Then she touched hers and looked confused for a second before she snapped out of it. He was about to ask her what was wrong when Acchan tapped him on the shoulder and told him it was time. Ju nodded and led Aya to a place at the bar, told her he’d be back in a little bit and that he had a surprise for her. She gave him a somewhat dazed nod and he left.

He was gone for about 15 minutes and when she saw him again he was on stage with the band. Hana had come over and was leaning on the bar next to Aya, keeping her company. When the crowd saw Ju with his bass next to Ryo, a roar went up. He waved at them and pointed his finger at a few people he knew real well. They did a quick sound check then Ryo announced that they were playing a song for a very special lady. When the first chords of Snow began and Ju chimed in the crowd went wild. He let Ryo do the singing this time. Hana leaned over and whispered in Aya’s ear that Ju had sung that song at one of their anniversary parties. Aya listened to the lyrics and blushed. It was sweet and Ju was amazing on the bass parts. When the song was done he simply said thank you into the mike but he was looking directly at her. He played one more song with the band then turned over the bass playing to his replacement and went back to his wife.

Ju couldn’t help the grin on his face. “I hope you liked it. My singing isn’t always the best so I let Ryo handle things. How did you like my playing?” Aya smiled at him and told him he was amazing. Hana chimed in with an “I told you so.” Aya nodded and they watched the rest of the set. When it was over, they danced a few more times and were having a good time when Hana started teasing Aya about kissing Ju. Aya finally relented saying she had to see what was so good about his kissing that everyone was talking about. Ju asked her if she was sure and she said yes. He agreed but told her he would just give her a “hey baby I missed you” kiss since they were out in public. She gave him a look and told him if he was going to take a shot at kissing her it was all or nothing.

Hana gave her a warning. “Be careful what you wish for. That kiss could have you climbing under his clothes.” Ju laughed and told her to stop starting trouble. Hana told Aya she’d been warned and sat back for the show. They switched places with Ju sitting at the bar and Aya between his legs. He tilted her head up, running a finger gently down her cheek then he kissed her. He really kissed her. He put enough love, desire, and technique into that kiss to last a life time. Aya whimpered and tried to deepen a kiss that was already so deep that it was a wonder either one of them could breathe. She pulled away from him and gave him the strangest look, then she grimaced in pain, put her hand to her temple and fainted in his arms.


~ by jujuken on September 7, 2013.

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