New Beginnings part 7

When Aya woke, she was in the backroom of the club with Hana placing a cold compress to her head. Ju was in the corner trying to get past Acchan to go to her. He told him to wait until Hana had a chance to look at her. Hana asked Aya if she was dizzy or nauseous. Aya told her no and slowly sat up asking what had happened. “Ju’s kiss happened. Can’t say I ever heard anyone passing out because of one. What happened? Acchan let him go before he punches you.”

Ju went over to Aya’s side and took her hand. “You need to stop scaring me like this. I’m too old for this. What happened?” Aya started to speak but then doubled over moaning and holding her temples again. “My head. Hurts. Medicine in my purse.” Hana got the medicine out of Aya’s purse, giving her a bottle of water that Acchan had brought over and the pills. Aya shook two into a shaky hand and took them with a couple sips of water. She laid back down and put the compress back on her head. After a few minutes she seemed to be feeling better.

“I remember enjoying the kiss and wanting more, then I remembered saying that Ju could kiss a corpse back to life but with the memory came pain so intense. I’ve never felt anything hurt that badly before.” She stopped speaking, grimacing in pain. Ju suggested that he take her home and the reaction he got from that suggestion was intense and not what he expected. Just the thought of being in a car with him was enough to get her head screaming to the point that she was retching from the pain of it.

Hana told Ju to leave until she could figure out what was wrong. Acchan pulled him from the room as Hana went to her sick cousin, rubbing her back until the drive heaves lessened and she fell back onto the sofa she’d been laying on. “Aya? I think you need to see someone about this. This can’t be an injury related problem. Something else is going on. Do you still have that doctor’s card? Good. Make an appointment. Something is wrong in that pretty head of yours and I’m afraid if you don’t get it right you and Ju are history.” Aya for her part just put her head in Hana’s lap and cried.

Ju was sitting in Acchan’s office trying not to act like a deranged maniac. What in the world was going on? They’d been having such a nice date and one kiss turned his love into a crying ball of pain. He stood up when Hana came in but she stopped him from leaving.

“She’s resting Ju. The meds seem to be helping but we need to talk. I think she needs to talk to someone professional. Whatever is causing this is in her head. It’s like she’s so afraid of being with you that it’s causing her to suppress her memory and giving her severe headaches if something comes back. I mean, I’m no doctor or anything but from what I remember from class, these types of things do happen. Ju…you might have to stay away from her for a while. I know. I know. It’s not you really. It’s Aya but until we can get to the bottom of this, any memory that comes calling because you are around might cause her to have another episode like this one. She’s agreed to call the shrink at the hospital. Maybe he can get to the bottom of things but until then…if seeing you is going to cause her pain, do you really want to do that to her?”

Ju sat down hard. Memories of him were causing Aya pain? Why? They’d been happy together. He didn’t get it and he said so. Hana agreed with him. “These things usually don’t make much sense to those of us on the outside. Probably makes sense to Aya though. Is there someplace you can…” She was interrupted by the door opening. Aya was standing there looking very pale and very cold. Ju went to her and was about to take her hand when she stepped away from him.

“How often must I tell you that despite us being married, I do not know you so please refrain from touching me or getting into my personal space.” Ju looked at her as if she was growing a second head. “But, but, but Aya we were on a date and were having a good time what…?” Aya grimaced, swayed a bit then got herself together. She gave him a cold look. “I doubt that seriously now if someone would take me back to that house and explain to me how I got here…not you…Hana or Acchan…I would be very grateful. She turned and left the room without so much as a goodbye. They all looked at each other. It was like a different person had just walked out then the one that had first entered the club. Hana’s heart went out to Ju who looked as if he’d been told his puppy had been run over by a car.

“It’s going to be okay Ju. Once that shrink gets to the bottom of this weirdness everything will go back to normal. Until then maybe you’d better stay with us for a while.” Acchan agreed but Ju nixed that idea saying he could stay in a hotel for a while. Hana nodded and went to collect her possibly crazy cousin while Ju made arrangements to sleep elsewhere. If they didn’t get to the bottom of this and soon he had a feeling that his marriage was going to be over and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.


~ by jujuken on September 10, 2013.

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