New Beginnings-The final chapter

Ju hadn’t so much as seen nor talked to Aya in almost two weeks. He’d left the hotel and was staying at Toshi’s while the man in question stayed with Kiba much to Kiba’s chagrin. Hana had made sure that Aya had called and made an appointment with the shrink from the hospital. She was going for her fourth session today. He was surprised when his cell rang and a cold sounding Aya was on the other end. “As much as I hate to get you involved, the doctor wants to see us both if you can spare some of your precious time. The appointment is at two, at the hospital, room 321.” Then she hung up just like that. Ju ground his teeth. She was doing a pretty damn good imitation of her mother right now. He wondered what the doctor wanted to see him about but the only way to find out was to make the appointment. He told the guys he’d be leaving early and went to Toshi’s to change.

When he got to the hospital he was met by a fuming Aya. “What did you say to him to make him want to see us both? I don’t even know how you knew which doctor I was going to. Hana told you didn’t she? When I talk to her again…” Ju cut her off in mid tirade. “I haven’t talked to Hana more than to ask how you were doing. She didn’t tell me who you were seeing. You called me. I was going to ask you why I was here and Aya? Why are you so angry with me? I haven’t seen you in almost two weeks so why the attitude? It’s not like you to be rude and unpleasant with anyone. What have I done to make you hate me so much?”

Ju turned as a voice behind him said, “That’s what we’re here to find out.” The doctor introduced himself and beckoned them into his office. “Mr. Ichihara, I called you here to ask you a few questions about the accident since Aya doesn’t remember. Please have a seat. Mrs. Ichihara, I will not discuss our sessions without your okay so don’t worry. I just need some answers and your husband is the only one who can give them to me. Now if you will both take a seat we can begin. On second thought. If you think this will be too much for Mrs. Ichihara you can wait in the reception area.”

Aya gave him an suspicious look. “I’ll stay here and make sure he doesn’t badger you into telling him things he doesn’t need to know.” Ju just shook his head. She really was beginning to work his nerves with her attitude. “Do whatever you want. I will do anything to get MY Aya back cause lady you aint her.” The doctor just smiled. “Now, now. Both of you stop. Mr. Ichihara, Ju, you want your wife back. Aya, you want your life back. The two are inclusive. Please. Let’s get started.”

Ju gave a brief background on the wedding and reception then started telling about the trip home. The doctor watched Aya carefully as she began to breath a little harder and her face flushed. He told Ju to stop talking when he noticed that she had the arms of the chair in a white-knuckled death grip and was grimacing in pain. “Mrs. Ichihara. I want you to wait in the reception area and I’ll take no argument from you. This is clearly causing you pain but it is something that has to be done. You suffering through it at this point is not.” Aya was about to protest when Ju got up, took her by the arm and without so much as a goodbye, pushed her out the door and locked it behind her. The doctor raised an eyebrow at that but she didn’t knock on the door so he said nothing about it other than letting Ju know that she would probably make him pay for that.

Ju nodded. “I know that doc but I want my wife back. I miss her. I love her and that woman just isn’t her. So let me finish telling you the story so we can let her evil twin back in.” The doctor nodded and listened very carefully. At one point he stopped Ju and had him draw him a diagram of the scene. “So you’re telling me that when Aya swerved to keep from being hit, she was originally heading in this direction. So how did you wind up hitting the tree on your side?” Ju couldn’t answer that question. He guessed Aya must have lost control of the car.

“Mr. Ichihara. Would you say that your wife loved you very much before all of this?” Ju nodded. He had no doubt about it and told the doctor so. The doctor thanked him for coming and told him that with luck he’ll have his wife back and to be patient. Ju told him he hoped so and left. He passed a still fuming but quiet Aya on his way out. He was about to leave without saying anything but stopped in front of her and got in her face. “You can talk to me like I’m dirt. Be mean and nasty to me but dammit woman I love you and you will come back to me.” He pulled back before she could slap him, then turned and walked out.

When the doctor finally called her in she was a walking storm cloud. The doctor looked at her and asked her why she was so angry. She took a deep breath and told him that she just got upset the minute she saw him. She told him what Ju had said and the doctor asked her an interesting question. “Why does the fact that a man loves you so much that no matter how mean and nasty you are to him he won’t back down make you angry? Most women would love to have a man that devoted to them but it seems to make you extremely agitated.”

“Well I’m not most women and I can’t stand him.”

“But you did once and almost at first sight from what I remember. I want to try something different this session. Would you be willing to allow me to hypnotize you? Sometimes your subconsciousness is willing to talk when your conscious isn’t.” Aya thought about it then gave her permission.

Once he had her under he began to question her about the accident. “Do you remember the accident? Good. Tell me what happened.”

“I saw the driver coming at the last minute. I turned the wheel of the car to avoid being hit but it fishtailed and headed toward the tree. I thought I was going to die and steered the car so that it wouldn’t hit on my side but…but…”

“But that put your husband’s life in danger.” Aya wailed. “I could have killed him! I’m supposed to love him and protect him but I was willing to risk his life to save my own! I was just so scared I was going to die and…and…” When she started crying uncontrollably he brought her out of it. He gave her a tissue to wipe her tears. She remembered nothing from the session.

“Mrs. Ichihara. I believe I’ve found the root of your problem. It will take both you and your husband working together to break this block and I’m sorry to tell you that more than likely it will be unpleasant for both of you. This is not something you have a choice about I’m afraid. The walls that are built up around your memories will crack from time to time and there is no way to predict or stop them. What if you are giving a patient medicine or driving when one comes? I see you understand now. I can see you both next week if that’s alright with you. I’ll have my receptionist call your husband and see when he is available and then let you know. I’ll explain everything then.”

When Aya left she wasn’t sure whether she should still be mad, curious, excited or terrified. She decided on a little of all four. She called Hana and asked if she could meet her when her shift was over then went to a little bistro that she liked to wait and ponder her next move. She had been lost in thought over a now cold cup of tea when she heard her name called. She looked up to see Toshi standing in front of her. He flashed her a smile and took a seat uninvited. After looking around he asked where Ju was. Whatever expression was on her face at the mention of “that man” it made Toshi pale. “Damn Aya. You’ve given me some looks but none that scary. What did he do to piss you off like this?” Aya stopped a passing waitress and ordered more tea for her and one for Toshi. “He’s still breathing. Do I need any more of a reason to be pissed?” She went on to tell him what happened at the doctor’s office with Ju.

Toshi frowned at her. “You know Ju is my good friend. One of my best friends and if I say that I know him then you can bet your life on it and I know for a fact that he loves you without reservation so why you treat him like dirt is beyond me. He’s a good man Aya and I’m not happy about the fact that you aren’t giving him a chance to show you. I thought you guys were doing okay with the date and all and then wham. He said you’d turned into the ice queen. Let me tell you, if I’d have met you first I may have made a play for you but you aren’t the lady that you used to be and honestly, I’m not sure I like you very much. The Aya I know wouldn’t be trying to justify disliking someone who has done nothing but shown her love and devotion.”

He stood up just as the tea arrived. “I tell you what. When you get your head on straight I’ll treat you two to lunch or dinner or something but lady, until then, we are not friends.” He left some money on the table to pay for the tea and ran into Hana on his way out. He barely gave her more than a hello and a kiss on the cheek before telling her “good luck with that one” and leaving. Hana pursed her lips. That didn’t sound good at all. She found Aya wiping tears from her eyes and sat down next to her.

Aya leaned her head on Hana’s shoulder. “Having a rough day I see.” Aya nodded and gave her the short story of her day. “Aya. You know I love you like a sister right? We have always been honest with each other and it’s time I was totally honest with you. I don’t like the way you’ve been treating Junichiro either. Think about it hun. Besides your mother and she doesn’t count, have you found anyone, anyone at all that has had an unkind word to say about Ju? Hasn’t everyone said how much you two loved each other? The other nurses at the hospital who have come to visit, every last one of them told you how much you guys were devoted to each other. What makes you think that just because you’ve lost your memory that HE’S changed? You are the one that has changed and not for the better. The most devoted dog in the world will get tired of being kicked by its master and either flee or retaliate. You don’t want either to happen but it will if you don’t get your head out of your ass and make some changes. Call Ju, call the doctor, set up the appointment.”

Aya had the good grace to blush. Maybe she was being a bit nasty when she didn’t have to be. She sighed and gave Hana a hug thanking her for talking some sense into her. She took a deep breath and called Ju. They managed to have a civil conversation though she could tell he was still unhappy with her and her behavior from earlier. She did apologize and his tone modified. He was cool to her but agreed to the meeting. She called the office, told them what was up and had the appointment set up.

Both were curious when they finally got to the doctor’s office a couple of days later. Ju made polite conversation but you could tell he was waiting for the nasty remarks so Aya didn’t give him any. In a strange way it was nice but a headache came along with any thoughts of anything they did being nice. She did tell Ju this and it perplexed them both. They waited quietly for the doctor, each in their own thoughts. It wasn’t long after that the doctor ushered them into his office.

“Mr and Mrs Ichihara, Aya and Ju if I may. It seems that you are suffering from what we call memory association disorder. It’s usually brought on by witnessing a horrific event or by guilt. In this case Aya, it’s bought on by guilt.” Both Aya and Ju looked confused. They couldn’t understand what Aya could be so guilty about that she would block out her memory of the man she loved. The doctor continued.

“I noticed something odd about the accident. If what you described is accurate then the car should have impacted the tree on Aya’s side not yours.” Aya groaned then and put a hand to her temple. Ju was about to ask what was wrong but the doctor shook his head no. Aya had to deal with it. “I believe that in a panic, thinking the crash might kill her, she opted to angle the car to protect herself. This put you at risk Ju and the guilt of that has been eating at her.” Aya was rocking in her chair, moaning, tears of pain staining her cheeks.

Ju looked at her in alarm, not because of what he’d heard but because of the obvious pain she was in. He wanted to hold her but just him moving toward her seemed to unleash another round of pain. She was panting from it now. The doctor noticed but continued. “Under hypnosis she admitted that she didn’t want to die and changed the angle of the car. She put you at risk and it’s eating her up inside so she’s blocking it and you out. You need to tell your husband what you did Aya and begin to heal.”

At this Aya let out a wail that was of pure pain and agony. Ju did go to her then and put his arms around her, holding her tight as she struggled to get away from him. “Ju, if you love your wife and want to get your life back, explain things to her. Tell her that it’s natural and instinctive to do what she did. Now is the time to put all of your love on the line.” He stood up. “I’ll be outside. Talk to your wife Mr. Ichihara.”

Aya’s struggles had weakened but she was still moaning in pain. Ju took in all that had been said, trying to find the words he needed. He held her, rocking and she cried from pain and whatever else was going on in her head. “Aya, baby. What you did was instinct and that’s all. Even I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing. You had a split second to try to save us both. How can I be upset at the end result? Think about it. You yourself always say that things happen for a reason and we can’t always know what that reason is. This time I know. If you hadn’t pointed the car in the direction you had, I’d be in mourning right now. Baby think about it. Your airbag was faulty. If the car had hit on your side you’d be dead and I’d be alone and so broken that nothing could put me together again. I’d probably have joined you in the afterlife before long and by my own hands. I love you that much.”

Aya had quieted but was crying softly now. Ju turned her to face him. “You don’t have anything to be guilty for. Fate turned your head to save you, save us. How can you feel guilty about that?” He pulled her close, kissing first each eye then her forehead then he leaned his head against hers. He thought of the things that she’d done for him all of these years and sang softly to her:

You don’t know how you touched my life
Oh in so many ways I just can’t describe
You taught me what love is supposed to be
It’s all the little things that make you beautiful to me.

What makes you different, makes you beautiful.
What’s there inside you, shines through to me
In your eyes I see, all the love I’ll ever need.

He stopped singing as she called his name softly. He looked down into brown eyes full of confusion. “Isn’t that what I told those judges? In your eyes I see, all the love I’ll ever need. It’s true Aya. Every damn word. I want to see that love in your eyes again. Come back to me pretty lady.” She reached up a hand and caressed his cheek. That look that Ju had seen before was on her face. This time he knew it was his Aya looking out at him. Now if she only stayed. All his doubts lifted when she pulled him down by his goatee and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

She started crying again. “Oh Ju, I could have killed you. What kind of a wife could I be doing something like that? I don’t deserve to be with you. I don’t know how you’ll ever forgive me. I’m such a coward.” Ju just laughed in relief and gave her a hug that threatened to break a few ribs. When she beat at him he eased up some. She gave him the “village idiot” look and he was so happy to see it he gave her another bone crushing hug. She swatted him this time. “Will you stop that! That was not a question. It was a command. You’re going to bruise me. Where are we? Where? What the hell? Do I really want to know? Okay but I’m starving. You can tell me over dinner. Your treat. Where are you going?”

Ju let out a whoop and opened the doctor’s door. “She’s back doc and as feisty as ever. She’s starving so we’re going for dinner but do you want to talk to her first?” When the doctor said yes, they went back into the room. Aya was trying to fix her makeup. The doctor explained what had happened telling her that more than likely the past couple of weeks would be like a dream and come back to her in stages but she should remember all of it in time. Aya tried to apologize and beat herself up about the accident but Ju and the doctor both told her that what she had done was a normal gut reaction and Ju reminded her again that if she hadn’t, the accident would have probably killed her. They both thanked the doctor and Aya made a follow up appointment just to be safe.

They were holding hands when they left the hospital and pretty much kept it up throughout dinner and much of the ride home. Ju had clued her in on most of the events of the past couple of weeks but left Toshi out of it. Aya would be mortified to know that she’d actually made a pass at the man much less been told off by him. He wanted some peace and quiet for a while at least. Michiko and Ichi were home when they got in and were happy that Aya was back to her old self. She apologized for causing so much trouble and was about to apologize for putting Ju in harms way when he told her in no uncertain words that she had nothing to apologize for and he didn’t want to hear her do it again. That got him a swift kiss and a smile.

“You’d better go pack an overnight bag if you’re going with me and you ARE going with me.” Aya gave him a puzzled look. “Think about it. We’ve been estranged for almost a month. I’d stay here but Michi and Ichi are here.” Aya looked even more confused until she noticed the starving wolf look she was getting. She walked up to him and put her hands on his chest, looking him in the face. “How could any woman in her right mind forget you? I love you Ju.” She gave him a mini toe curler then went to pack them some clothing. She threw a few toys in the bag also and his cock ring. She owed him for what she’d put him through and she was going to make sure that she paid him back for every moment of suffering she’d put him through.

He raised an eyebrow at the size of the bag she rolled out of the room. She gave him her own version of the starving wolf look. “I called the hotel and changed the reservation from a day to three. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”


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