New Beginnings-Epilogue

Aya listened quietly as Ju gave her more details on the weeks that had passed while he drove them to the hotel. The joy she felt from earlier was fading the more she heard of how horrid she’d been to him. The doctor had said that it was the guilt that made her want him to stay away from her because she wasn’t worthy of his love. That it was driving her to try everything to drive him away. In an abstract way she understood that but it didn’t make it easier to hear about it.

When they got to the hotel she was mildly amused at his choice of rooms. “The honeymoon suite? Really Ju? Why?” He’d given her his best shark’s grin and told her that they’d be at it like honeymooner’s if he had anything to say about it. “You’re a pervert and I’m sorry.” He looked at her grinning. “When have you ever been sorry I’m a pervert?” When she began to tear up he pulled her into his arms.

“We need to talk this out don’t we baby? The block may be gone and the worst of the guilt but you still are having issues with things aren’t you?” Aya nodded. Ju led her to the sofa, sat down and pulled her into his lap. “Talk to me pretty lady.”

Aya sniffed a couple of times then leaned her head against his shoulder, one hand rubbing his chest in small circles. “It’s just that I was so awful to you these past weeks. You didn’t deserve any of that love and I’m so sorry I put you through it. I don’t know how you can forgive me so easily after my behavior.” Ju took the hand on his chest and placed it over his heart.

“Do you feel how fast my heart is beating? It’s because I have you in my arms. No I didn’t deserve it but you weren’t in your right head and I love you too damn much to give you up without putting up one hell of a fight.” He gave her a kiss that had her pulling at his hair to deepen it. When he let her breath again he smiled at her. “One of the reasons why I got the honeymoon suite is because they have a huge tub. It’s time for some water sports baby.”

Aya gave a slight smile then meeped as Ju picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder like a small child. He gave her bottom a good smack then took a very long time “rubbing the sting out”. She called him all kinds of pervert to which he agreed. That is until he saw some of the toys she’d thrown into their suitcase. He held up the clitoris stimulator and told her that she should never call him a pervert again. She blushed, he grinned, placed the stimulator on his finger and began chasing her around the room with it and laughing like a cartoon villain. He tried to “stimulate” everything but what it was designed for. He used it on her ear, her nose, and her sides, which had her laughing in no time. She finally collapsed on the bed, tears streaming down her face from laughing. He plopped down beside her and just watched her as she got her wind back.

“You have no idea how good that sounds to me right now. I wondered if I’d ever hear it again. I missed you baby.” He leaned down and kissed her, a long, slow, lingering kiss. She gave him a smile and told him to get sexy while she ran water in the tub. He let her up with only a passing swat at her tush, sat up and began to undress. She knew his idea of sexy was naked. He took his time hoping she’d come back in the room so she could properly admire the view. When she didn’t, he went to investigate.

When he walked into the bathroom the first thing he noticed was that the tub was half full of water, the other half bubbles. The second thing he noticed was his wife with her back to him. He was about to say something when she extended her hand in a stop position. The other hand she held up and clicked a small device in it. Music started to play. She tossed the remote onto a stack of towels as her body started swaying back and forth to the music. She had his attention that’s for sure. She began to slowly unbutton her blouse. She rolled it off of her shoulders, rolling her hips at the same time and tossed it to the side. She still had her back to him as she reached behind her and popped the snap on her bra. This came off and she held it up, swung it around her head a couple of times then tossed it behind her. It landed on his head. He left it there.

As the music continued playing, she slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her skirt, he hadn’t seen when she had unzipped it…to busy looking at the bra hanging in his face, and began to slowly ease it down her body. She kicked it to the side with her blouse and continued dancing in nothing but some very lacy and very small panties. She made a show of caressing herself especially his favorite part of her anatomy then slid those panties off and tossed them behind her also. She turned her head, her hair falling across her face and stole a glance at him. She turned back quickly and her body started to shake. Then she bent over holding her sides and the laughter she’d been trying to swallow bubbled out. “You…you…goof! Oh God I love you! Come here you silly man!”

Ju was more than willing to comply with that command. She reached up and pulled the bra off of his head as he put his arms around her waist. He bent down and kissed her and it was all tongue and teeth and heat. “Nice show.” She grinned at him. “Water’s getting cold.” He nodded and they both eased into the tub. He sat with his back against one side with her between his legs.

“How am I supposed to wash you like this?”

“Don’t you worry about that. I’m going to have a lot of fun washing you first.” Aya could only call him a pervert and leaned back against his chest waiting for the fun to begin. Surprisingly enough, he just sat there for a time, holding her and enjoying the feel of his baby in his arms again. He finally picked up a sponge and some body wash and began a slow sudsing of his lady. He took his time running first the sponge and then his hands over her body as if trying to make sure that his memory of it wasn’t faulty. He would give her kisses from time to time as she looked up at him. He finally seemed to have had his fill and rinsed her off. They traded positions and she returned the favor. He was enjoying a very nice hand job when he stiffened and grabbed her hand. When she asked he sheepishly told her that it had been a while since he’d had any type of sexual release and if she kept that up he was going to have to wait a bit before he was good for anything else.

She smiled at him. “I could always talk about my mom. That should help.” Ju shuddered. “That would kill the mood for the duration of our stay. How about we get out of here and you can let me put some of those toys to use?” She couldn’t have agreed more and the two dried off, with a minimum of groping and a lot of kissing. He backed her up to the bed, kissing her the whole way, his hands moving as if possessed, over her body. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. This hasn’t been like you being on a job. I didn’t know if I’d ever feel you again, be this close to you again, make love to you again. I want to savor this, the feel of you and being in you.”

He looked at the toys, shook his head and got two items. The first was the cock ring. He was serious when he’d said he’d had no sexual release at all for over a month which was a record for him. He knew he wouldn’t last long without it and he wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible. The second was a small bottle of a special oil that stimulated whatever body part it was used on. Aya’s eyes got a little wide when she saw it. She really didn’t remember putting it in the bag. She suspected it had been left in there from some other time they were out. The last time he’d used some on her she’d gotten so hot she would have impaled herself on furniture if it would have relieved some of the sexual tension the stuff created.

He had her lay down on the bed while he poured some of the oil in his hands and rubbed them together. He set about kneading her breasts, pulling at the nipples, and getting them coated in the oil. He dragged his hands down her torso spreading more oil along the way. Aya had already started moaning a little as the stimulus from the oil made her breasts and nipples tingle. When he smeared some on her clit and inside of her she began to squirm. Ju sat back and watched as the oil did it’s thing. Aya was writhing on the bed, her whole body blazing with sexual heat. When he slicked oil on himself she licked her lips, spread her legs and beckoned him to her.

He took his time. He kissed her, pulled and twisted her nipples the way she liked, fingered her as he kissed her until she was practically begging him to enter her. He did very slowly, his eyes closed, head thrown back. This was his idea of heaven. They just fit so perfectly. He gazed down at her as he rolled his hips slowly. The oil had him tingling madly and the only thing that saved him was the ring. His wife didn’t have that luxury and was trying to impale herself on him but he was having none of it just yet. He continued his slow, shallow thrusts as she whimpered and tried to get more.

He looked down at her with eyes filled with heat, lust, pleasure and above all else, love unbridled. She was his center and the center of his world. Having her with him again, being able to hold her, make love to her, even torment her was all that he could wish for. He called her name softly, over and over as he tormented them both. He was sweating from the exertion of holding back, trying to prolong the inevitable. He called her name a little louder as he finally could take no more, the oil, the feel of her, the moist heat…it was all too much. She was at that point and beyond. He finally plunged into her to the hilt and set a punishing rate, his hips rolling as he made sure to stimulate that spot within her that he knew so well. He kissed everywhere he could reach in a frantic haze as that all too familiar feeling rushed at him and with a cry he came, calling her name once more.

Aya was a quivering ball of nerves that wanted scratching. Ju’s slow, shallow thrusts were driving her crazy. The oil had her keyed up, wired, hot and horny and Ju’s teasing motion was increasing all of those sensations. She came once from just the sound of her name on his lips. Came again when he started kissing her all over, increasing his pace and his depth. When he came, he took her with him in a shower of sensation that let her know she was alive, loved and more importantly forgiven. She was still having little aftershocks when he was finally able to speak. “Damn. That was…damn.” She agreed one hundred percent.

They lay in each others arms for a while, not talking, just listening to each other breathe and trying to get themselves together. As much as they both wanted to sleep, the oil had to be washed off first. They finally got up and took a quick shower together. There was just washing and kisses but both were too tired for anything else. They snuggled against each other in the bed and Ju was asleep in record time. It took Aya a little longer to finally find sleep. With everything that had gone on that day the one thing she hadn’t really had time to digest was that he was fine. Nothing happened to him physically from the accident. She marveled at that and said a silent prayer to whatever god spared the man she loved before finally drifting off to sleep.


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