What did you do with my Ju?

Mun: *is having breakfast when Ju comes in whistling happily* What’s up handsome? You’re in a good mood.

Ju: Yep. You did good with that piece even if you tormented me through most of it. The end result was worth the wait and the torment. Aya kicked me out of the bedroom. *grins*

Mun: *blinks* Aya kicked you out of the bedroom and you’re happy?

Ju: Yep. *plops down in a chair, stretches out his long legs, puts his hands behind his head and gives a self satisfied smirk* She called me all kinds of a pervert and kicked me out, bed clothes and all.

Mun: *nods slowly* And you’re happy about being kicked out?

Ju: *nods*

Mun: *makes sign of the cross with her fingers* Who are you and what did you do with my Ju?

Ju: *sits up and laughs* Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I have my reasons.

Mun: They’d better be damn good cause right now you’re a keystroke away from deletion.

Ju: *holds up hands in surrender then looks around before talking softly* First of all I got her to cry uncle. I was too much of a good thing I guess. Second and I hate to admit it, I’m just too tired and worn out to keep it up but I don’t want her to know that. So when she kicked me out I saved face and I’ll get some rest. Best of two worlds. When she’s calmed down some I’ll get back in the room and back into her.

Mun: *shakes head* You’re scary. You know that right?

Ju: And devious. I give her 48 hours tops. It’s not like she’s pissed at me, only tired and sore maybe. I’ve been a tad relentless.

Mun: A tad? That’s like calling Mt. Fuji a big hill.

Ju: *grins*

Mun: Well at least I won’t have to write any sex scenes for a while. It’s getting harder to do you know.

Ju: For a little while. A very little while.

Mun: Really freaking scary.

Ju: *grins*

Mun: Well now that I’m sure you are you, you can go now. I want to finish my breakfast in peace. Oh and Ju…good job in the last two chapters. You can do mush when you want to.

Ju: Thanks but if you tell that to Toshi…

Mun: Lips sealed now git before I tell Aya your little secret.

Ju: *salutes* Aye, aye captain. Talk to you later.

Mun: *watches him leave and wonders who she pissed off in another life to have him in her head; goes back to eating and plotting his next round of torture*


~ by jujuken on September 16, 2013.

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