My thoughts on Yoichi.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, it seems that one of my old girlfriends had a baby, my baby, and didn’t tell me about it. She passed a little while ago and left letters for me and my son, one explaining that I had a son, and two telling Yoichi who I was and where he could find me. She had been keeping track of me over all of these years. She told Yoichi about me, kept him up on my current events, but didn’t give him a name until he received the letter. He came calling not long afterwards and is currently staying in the spare room in the shop while attending college.

Yoichi. He’s a good looking kid…young man. Gotta remember he’s 23. I’ll be honest with you. His mom was a real looker. I mean “stop traffic” good looking. She was also possessive, vindictive, and jealous to the extreme. If I committed myself to someone then we were together and I don’t fool around. If I’m freelancing, well that was different and I let the lady know up front. Let them decide if a “friends with benefits” relationship was okay with them. We were together our senior year of high school. To say the relationship was tumultuous is like calling Mt. Fuji a small hill. (gotta thank the mun for that analogy). Pardon the language but we fought more than we fucked and it got old fast. By graduation we had split up. She went off to college in another city and I stayed here. To tell you the truth, I’m at a loss as to why she didn’t let me know. It would have been a way for her to keep her hooks into me. Guess I’ll never know.

Yoichi and I hit it off from the very beginning. We have a lot of the same interests which has helped a lot. He’s been telling me about his growing up and I’ve been filling him in on my career from local player to session bassist and touring. I think he was more impressed with the shop though. We’ve been busy…nothing unusual there…and since I’m not touring, I’ve been able to work on a few custom pieces. When he saw the mustang I thought he was gonna literally drool on it. I told him that I might let him drive it one day. It took a couple of years before I’d let Aya near it. He seemed to understand and didn’t press it.

I have him doing odd jobs around the shop to help pay for his “room and board” though I wouldn’t have made him do it. He volunteered and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He seems to be getting along with the guys and none of them are complaining about the uptick in females that have been dropping by since he started. I was worried about Tomoka, why I don’t know. She said hello, was very polite, then ignored him the minute Ichihara walked into the room. That girl has it bad. Ichi…well I don’t think he knows what to make of his cousin. He’s still trying to process anyone and I quote “unlucky enough to have you as a dad” unquote. Michiko just nodded and went about her business after giving her nephew a welcoming hug. Nothing phases that woman. If you look up “go with the flow” in the dictionary you’ll find her picture. As for Aya…

She’s been polite but very cool towards him. I think she’s a bit jealous of the time we’ve been spending together. I do try to include her in things but she’s been reluctant to join in and I’ve seen some of the looks she’s given him. She doesn’t seem to like him though he’s done nothing to deserve that from what I’ve seen. He accidentally walked in on a make out session and while I can understand her being a little embarrassed, she swore he’d been watching us for a time and hadn’t just “walked in” on us. What should have been some snuggle time turned into a time out. I think she was more put off about it then I was. She really needs to get this jealousy thing under control. He’s done nothing to deserve it and it’s beginning to work my nerves a little. He’s my son and I want them to like each other. He seems to like her. He asks lots of questions about her and our life together, how we met and such.

I’ve got a session tomorrow that’s going to keep me out of town for at least a day, possibly two. I hope the place is still standing. It’s going to be my first away gig since Yoichi has moved in. I told Aya in no uncertain terms that she’s not to treat him unkindly while I’m gone. If she’d been a cat all of her fur would have stood on end after that remark. I modified my tone a bit and was able to get her to at least give me a kiss which I hope will lead to some fun and games before I go. She won’t do anything if we aren’t behind closed doors which she locks now. All that from one little accident. Oh well, as long as I get some snuggle time, I don’t care how it comes. Maybe in the future, she’ll warm up to him. It’s all a parent can ask for.

Damn. A parent. Never thought those words would apply to me. Strange things happening. Strange things. Oh and Toshi is still speechless. That really works for me! I should be insulted but if it keeps his mouth shut, I’m all for it. Acchan is happy for me and Hana thinks he’s gorgeous. He seems to like them also.

Aya just walked in and was pleasantly surprised to see dinner all ready and the table set. When I told her that Yoichi cooked she eyed the food like she expected a black miasma to spew out of it. She did eat after watching us dig in. Yoichi is a fine cook. His mom was so I guess he learned from her. He even did the dishes. Aya thanked him and even gave him a genuine smile. Maybe things will get better after all. I can only hope.


~ by jujuken on October 8, 2013.

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