A first meeting

Yoichi has spent the last week either apologizing or breaking into a sweat whenever he sees me. It’s getting on my nerves actually. I laid down the law to him in no uncertain terms. If I caught him in one more lie, even a little one, I was kicking his ass to the curb. No discussions. No excuses. Just because Aya is soft on the boy doesn’t mean I’ll be. I guess he has a good reason to tiptoe around me but still. If he’s man enough to admit he was wrong then he should be man enough to deal with the consequences.

My pretty and pretty lenient wife, and I made up for our lost snuggle time. She threatened to have me neutered if I didn’t leave her alone. I didn’t and neither did she. One night I came into a flat lit by candles from front to back. We made out in every room but Yoichi’s, Ichi’s and Michiko’s. When I came up for air from a kiss that threatened to make ME pass out, she informed me that she warned them all to stay away until around ten pm or they might get an eyeful. She just took Yoichi’s key from him just to be safe. We made good use of the time.

Aya decided that Yoichi needed to apologize to Hana and a few of the regulars at the bar also. Acchan had threatened to beat him for me but Aya nixed that idea. She gave them the nuts and bolts of his reasoning and they reacted with a mixture of revulsion at his mom, sorrow and some residual anger at Yoichi. They both agreed that no one should have grown up under what had to be a demanding and crazy parent. It didn’t absolve him of his actions but at least they had a reason for them.

We all piled into the stang and headed out to the bar. Since it was just the bar we were all dressed in jeans. Unlike me, both my wife and my son have an ass, his not as prominent as hers but enough to get the girls talking. Aya mentioned that to me. I could have gone forever without hearing “you’re son’s got a great ass” coming from my dear wife. You get three good looking people, looking good in jeans and tees and you get attention when you walk into a place. We got attention. Yoichi for his part went to Acchan and Hana, bowed low and apologized to them. Hana whacked him on the back of his head with a stack of napkins and Acchan threatened to beat him black and blue if he tried anything like that again but they both gave him their forgiveness. He then went in search of some of his lady friends and informed them that he was mistaken about Aya’s attention and informed them that he was my son. Now that got a lot of attention.

The band was playing and I introduced them to Yoichi formally. They announced the fact on the mike and he had to go up and say hello. You would have thought prince charming had rode in on his white horse from all the sighs that man got when he smiled at the ladies in the crowd. He was getting a few looks from some of the guys too which freaked me out. I turned to say as much to Aya when I spotted Toshi standing by the door. He looked like he’d been broadsided by a truck. I walked over to him. “What’s up old man? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Toshi jumped as if he hadn’t seen me approach. “Not a ghost but a vision. Who is that godling on the stage? He’s, damn, yeah. If I wasn’t engaged…I’d be all over him. I just got in. Is he someone important? Please tell me that you know him. I want an introduction. I may not be able to take him home but I damn sure want to drool all over him for a while.”

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. He hadn’t looked at me once while he was talking. His eyes were all on Yoichi. Aya took pity on my poor frazzled brain. “That is Yoichi, Toshi. Ju’s son.” Toshi looked at Aya to make sure she wasn’t kidding, then he looked at me. “Is she serious? How the hell did someone as butt ugly as you make that vision?”

Aya stopped me from hitting him. “His mom was the looker you ass. What brings you this way and will you stop ogling my son? It’s giving me the creeps.”

Toshi pushed me out of the way and talked to Aya as if I wasn’t there. “Takerie is playing the next town over so I just stopped by to see what was up. I’m not speaking to you Ju. You held out on me. Why didn’t you tell me your son was such a looker? Never mind. Aya be a doll and introduce us.” I stepped in front of him and raised a finger. “Behave Toshi.” The look he gave me promised that he would…probably badly. I sighed and Aya giggled then gave me a quick kiss before leading Toshi over to where Yoichi was surrounded by his new found fangirls.

I followed behind the two looking morose. I had the feeling that things were going to take a downward turn. Aya politely but firmly shooed the fangirls away and Yoichi breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn’t learned how to handle them yet. He smiled when he saw her and Toshi promptly ran into her back apparently hypnotized by the smile. He looked at Aya and asked if she was okay. She nodded and then gave Toshi a warning glare. To my horror he ignored it. First time I’d ever seen that glare not work. The look on Aya’s face would have been comical if the reason why it didn’t work wasn’t my son.

Toshi was practically bouncing while waiting to be introduced. “Yoichi, this is one of Ju’s closest friends, Toshi. Toshi, this is Ju’s son Yoichi.” Aya had barely gotten the words out when Toshi rounded on me.

“First. His mom must have been some looker for the kid to look this good with you as his father. Second. Having said that, why the hell didn’t you introduce us earlier and last but not least…” He turned back to Yoichi who was standing there with a not sure look on his face. Toshi took his hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it. “It’s my pleasure to meet someone as devastatingly handsome as you.” To my horror, Yoichi blushed from his roots to his neck.

I grabbed Toshi by his earlobe and dragged him to the side while Aya gave Yoichi an appraising look. “What in the world are you doing? I thought you were engaged to Kiba.” Toshi gave me the look and crossed his arms across his chest.

“I’m engaged not dead…at least not yet. But did you see him? Damn the man is gorgeous! Eye candy to the nth degree! What? Did you think only women would see him that way and want a shot at him? You’re just a chick magnet. He’s a magnet for chicks and guys. I wonder if he’s an equal opportunity kind of guy.”

The more Toshi talked the more I was alarmed. When I thought about it, other than his interest in Aya, I hadn’t seen him give another female more than a look. But then I hadn’t seen him gawking at any guys either. Maybe there was some hope. He was still young and kids these days were waiting longer and longer to have sex. Stupid idea if you ask me but hey I was special case. I don’t know what was showing on my face but my lovely wife pulled me down by my goatee and gave me a kiss that had me forgetting where I was for a moment.

“What was that for, not that I mind much,” I asked. She wiped lipstick off my lips and patted me on the chest. “You, my love, are a pervert. Of course the idea that your son might actually be a virgin has you mystified and that he could be gay has you horrified. Not everyone can be like you my love. Stop spacing out, accept him for what he might be and save him from that pedophile you call a friend.”

I looked where she was pointing and Toshi had Yoichi backed against the wall though Yoichi didn’t seem to be in any trouble. He was actually laughing. I sighed. “Come on beautiful. Let’s go save my son from that old pervert. I don’t want Kiba coming up here loaded for bear. Have I told you that I love you lately?” Aya smiled up at me. “Yes but I’ll never hear it too much so you may declare your love at will handsome.”

I promised to do much more than tell her later and we headed over to see what had Yoichi so amused. Toshi had just finished telling him about our last car show trip, thankfully leaving out he and Kiba’s tryst. I didn’t add anything about that myself. I didn’t even want to think about it. Yoichi was blushing a bright red by the time Toshi was done with his tale. Heaven only knows what he said about us. When Yoichi saw us standing there he blushed even harder if that was possible.

“Alright you old pedophile. What have you been telling him? I swear I’m calling Kiba and telling him you’re down here trying to corrupt my son.” Toshi gave me a grin so wicked I was tempted to take cover behind Aya and drag Yoichi with me.

“Believe me. If Kiba could see this vision he might help. I’m going over to say hello to the still newlyweds. Care for something to drink Yoichi?” Yoichi nodded. “Whatever you’re having is fine with me Toshi-san.” Toshi blinked and licked his lips. Aya tittered and me…I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. What Yoichi said was innocent enough but how he said it would have made most men very interested if he had been female. The look he was giving him would have made the promise in his voice a reality.

Toshi practically ran to the bar. Once he was gone Aya fell out laughing and was joined by my son. Aya waved a finger back and forth in Yoichi’s direction. “That wasn’t very nice Yoichi. You shouldn’t play those types of games. Toshi, while a pain, is a very nice guy. Don’t lead him on.” There was something I was totally missing here so I asked.

Yoichi turned to me. “Aya and I worked on an exercise where I had to reverse roles. I had to be female so she was the male. That little bit of acting was what I did during that exercise. Same tone and look. You really don’t forget anything do you?”

Aya grinned and bowed. “My gift and my curse. It can freak people out sometimes. Ju has learned that lying to me can be a futile effort. I’m going to remember everything he said word for word and his story better not change.” I didn’t argue the point. I don’t lie to her. I might not tell her everything but I try real hard not to tell her a lie. As much as that memory of hers can be a pain, it’s one reason why she hadn’t forgotten me when I left the hospital all those years ago.

I put my arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. “So. What made you decide to lead Toshi on?” Yoichi smiled. “He was doing some outrageous flirting. I remembered that you had said he was engaged and more importantly that while he might flirt he didn’t cheat so if he was going to try to lead me on it’s only fair I return the favor. He’s handsome though. If circumstances had been different, who knows?”

Aya must have felt me tense up because she hurried to say, “You still don’t know do you?” Yoichi shook his head. “I’ll guess I’ll figure it out one day but I don’t want to talk about it here and Toshi is back with what looks like drinks for us all.” Toshi was juggling three bottles and a glass so I went over to help him out. I handed the glass to Aya figuring it was her usual wine spritzer and took a bottle of beer. Toshi walked into Yoichi’s personal space, put a beer in his hand and curled his hand around Yoichi’s for just a second. “I started to get you something sweet but you’re sweet enough as it is.”

Yoichi blushed, Aya sighed and I grabbed Toshi by the collar and dragged him a good ten feet away from my son. “What are you doing you pervert? I don’t know if Yoichi is gay or not but if he is I sure don’t want him getting involved with you. No offense but I doubt if Kiba would take to kindly to poaching.”

Toshi shook my hand off and adjusted his jacket. “That’s an understatement. I’m just protecting the young man from the vultures circling around him. Look. I’m gone half a second and the crowd is moving in.” He pointed back to where my wife and son were talking and sure enough there were people who had moved into the spots we had vacated and were busy chatting up Yoichi. He was trying to be polite but some of his fans weren’t taking no as an answer. Toshi was about to “go to the rescue” when I stopped him. Aya could handle that bunch if Yoichi asked. Apparently he did because all of a sudden the crowd thinned as if someone had yelled “free drinks at the bar”. The ladies looked miffed and the guys looked scared. She must have had that glare up to full wattage.

I walked over to my pint sized tiger and gave her a kiss, nothing outrageous though I wanted to. When she goes all barbarian it pushes some serious buttons…as long as it’s not me in the cross hairs. Toshi just shook his head. “I don’t know how she does it.” Yoichi and I both chimed in. “Better them than me.” We looked at each other and started laughing. Aya put her hands on her hips and huffed. “That look has saved you on occasion.” I couldn’t argue with that so I took her hand and led her out on the dance floor.

I was relieved to see that Toshi had drawn the line at asking Yoichi to dance. The young man had grabbed one of the ladies and was dancing with her. I felt a swat on the arm and looked down at my wife. She was glaring at me. “Less watching and more dancing or I’m going to go dance with Toshi.” That set me off laughing and she had to smile. We both knew that dancing was one thing that Toshi rarely did. He wasn’t bad at it, just uncomfortable doing it.

We danced a few dances together then Yoichi came over and begged a dance. I told him we’d look funny dancing together and Aya hit me but not hard. I handed her off and went looking for that friend of mine. I found him at the bar entertaining Hana. I took a seat next to him and he gave me the evil eye. “What is that look for? How was I supposed to know you’d get the hornies looking at my son and knowing that why would I hasten it?”

He turned and started to say something then broke out into a grin I knew meant trouble. “So when did Aya learn to twerk?” I looked at him. “Learned to what?” “Twerk,” he answered and nodded toward the dance floor where my wife was busy shaking my favorite part of her anatomy in a very suggestive way with my son. There were a number of people twerking on the floor. I’d never seen the dance before and it was borderline porn but she looked delicious doing it. “I need to learn how to do that after I smack the crap out of my wayward child. Be right back dude.”

I headed out on the floor and gave Yoichi a smack on the back of the head and told him to let his stepmother go and teach me how to do that. Aya could not contain her glee as she watched him try to teach me how to shake a booty I don’t have. I was on the verge of giving up when Aya whispered something in my ear. Sex…I’m damn good at that. She informed me that all I needed to do was act like I was doing the deed doggie style with her. That got my hips moving in the right way. Once that was done the rest was easy. I’ll admit I almost lost control of myself when she “dropped it like it’s hot?” and proceeded to rub that oh so nice ass of hers all the way back up my torso. The little minx was enjoying my reaction too. I’m gonna make her pay for that when we get home.

I was enjoying the dance when I chanced to look to the side and Toshi was dancing with Yoichi. I’ll admit. I did the tripping. Things got even weirder when a young lady joined the duo and they made her a meat sandwich. I breathed a little easier but still. I think I’m going to have to have a long talk with the kid. I’m sure he’s a virgin but I’d be interested in who he was going to give his cherry to. Male or female. Aya told me later that it was none of my business and to leave Yoichi alone. I may for now but not forever.

We left not long after that. I gave Toshi a small piece of my mind. He gave me the finger. We’re still best buds. Yoichi went to bed, he had school the next day, and I took my sexy wife to bed. She gave me another one of those twerking lessons that got her into a whole lot of the best kind of trouble in the world. We talked about the possibility of Yoichi being gay or bi-sexual.

“He’s very pretty for a guy Ju. It’s possible.” I countered with, “He seemed ready enough to bed you.” She gave me a look that should have peeled my skin off. “Don’t look at me like that woman. I’m not completely sold on the fact that he was just acting. I think he likes you a little more than he should. If he had to have a first, you’d be a perfect choice. You’re gentle and understanding, patient. He could do a whole hell of a lot worse.”

“I’m very knowledgeable too. Don’t forget that.” She proceeded to prove how knowledgeable she was and had me gasping for air and ready for action in no time. I kissed her, turned her over on her stomach then whispered in her ear as I entered her. “Twerk for me baby.” She did. Nice and slow. It didn’t take much time and we both came with contented sighs. I was content to let the matter of Yoichi’s sexuality lie for now. Amazing what a chance meeting can bring about.


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