Another mun and muse moment.

Mun: is busy having lunch

Ju: comes in, sits down and glares daggers

Mun: ignores him

Ju: Don’t even try it! I’m pissed at you!

Mun: What did I do now?

Ju: How could you?

Mun: Don’t make me ask again. What…did…I…do?

Ju: You made my son gay!

Mun: Not yet but I’m thinking about it. Got the cutest little Korean guy in mind to pair him up with.

Ju: No you didn’t just say…Korean?! Why not Japanese?

Mun: Because he’s cute. I don’t need any other reason. They’d look good together. At least Yoichi would be top.

Ju: …….. That’s not making it better.

Mun: How about I make him bi then? Have some Japanese leading lady pop one cherry and a leading man the other. Threesome maybe? Hmm…that could be hot with the right pair.

Ju: groans

Mun: Be thankful. If Toshi didn’t have Kiba it would be him.

Ju: faints

Aya: walks in, finds Ju in a faint on the floor, checks his pulse then looks at mun Do I want to know?

Mun: Is he still alive? I told him I might have Yoichi lose both his cherries in a threesome and if Toshi didn’t have Kiba I’d have teamed those two up.

Aya: That was mean you know…about Toshi but that threesome, now that sounds interesting. Three guys?

Ju: hears that and faints again

Aya: That’s not good for his head, hitting it on the floor like that.

Mun: Not much in there to hurt. holds hands up at glare I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. This is who I would like to pair him with if I go that way. shows her a picture of Lee Joon

Aya: whistles Very nice. Can I take pictures?

Mun: No. And you call him a pervert.

Aya: grins

Mun: I think sleeping beauty is coming around. You alright down there handsome?

Ju: groans then sits up, whines Did she tell you what she was going to do? Talk her out of it please? We don’t have enough het around here now without having to worry about her writing yaoi and with my son at that. Oh that’s the other thing I’m mad at. Why are you just glossing over the sex scenes woman? Where are the details?

Aya: nods

Mun: There are only so many ways to write sex scenes before they become boring. You two have done everything under the sun it seems. Of course I could always have Aya use one of those dildos on you.

Ju: covers his ass with his hands and takes a few steps behind Aya

Mun: I’ll work on something okay?

Ju: And no gay Yoichi?

Mun: sighs No gay Yoichi.

Ju: Okay. Come on baby. Let’s leave her alone to make some more memories for us.

Mun: watches them leave But I didn’t promise he wouldn’t be bi. Bwahahahaha!


~ by jujuken on November 20, 2013.

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