I’m so dead.

Ju’s cell phone rings

Ju: S’up dude?

Toshi: Dude. I was half way home the other night when I realized that Aya had given me the look and I’d ignored her. I’m a dead man right?

Ju: Put it this way, be thankful that she’s falling all over a piece of Korean pretty boy fluff at the moment and not in here with me. If she knew you were on the phone right now you’d be dodging lightening bolts coming from the earpiece.

Toshi: This is all your fault!

Ju: My fault! How the hell do you figure?

Toshi: If you’d told me that your son was a looker then maybe I wouldn’t have been so distracted and ignored the warning signs from that demon wife of yours. You think she’s going to remember?

Ju: This is Aya we’re talking about. Of course she’s going to remember. You just have to pray she won’t care but I doubt you’ll get that lucky.

Aya: from behind Ju
Tell him I’m working on a new more potent glare just for him. Tell him to wear flame retardant clothing the next time he’s around me. The look I’m going to give him the next time he steps out of line is going to set him on fire and not in a good way.

Ju: gulps

Toshi: heard everything, gulps

Aya: takes phone from Ju’s hand and closes it, effectively hanging up on Toshi
Now what’s this I hear about me “falling all over a Korean piece of pretty boy fluff”?

Ju: Uhm…uhm…meep?

Aya: You’d better make that ambush you promised spectacular or I’m going to be practicing my new glare on you.

Ju: I’ll trade you a leer for a glare. If I were you I’d be running out of the room about now. Oops. Too late.
grabs wife around the waist before she can get out the door
Now what was that you were saying about an ambush?


~ by jujuken on December 19, 2013.

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