Ju was watching TV when Aya came storming into the flat from work. He stood up to give her a kiss and squawked when she grabbed him by the waistband and dragged him into the bedroom closing the door behind her and throwing the lock. She gave him a long look. Ju wasn’t sure if it was a good look or not. When she walked over to him and undid his pants he figured it was a good look. He grinned.

“I know I’m irresistible but really Aya, a little foreplay first is nice.” She pulled his pants down, gave him another long look then turned and went into his closet. She rummaged around in one of the boxes for a moment then came out with her hands behind her. Ju was enjoying this game especially when she asked him to turn around. He did and wiggled his ass at her.

He yelped when the paddle struck him square on the ass. It wasn’t a love tap. He was about to turn around when she swatted him again. That one really stung.

“You, you, you pervert! Please tell me why I had the misfortune of finding this on my locker today?” She threw a photo at him when he turned around. Ju groaned and sat down on the bed, his pants still down around his ankles. Of all the pictures for her to see he had prayed she wouldn’t see this one.

He tried to explain. “Aya we were all drunk off our asses and someone suggested we show them. I didn’t think they’d actually post it up somewhere.”

Aya snatched the photo out of his hand and straddled his waist. She got nose to nose with him. “How many times must I tell you that ass is mine and no one gets to see it but you, me and occasionally your doctor?” Then she kissed him. It was not a angry kiss.

Sometime later Ju got a call from Hana of all people. “So…did you enjoy her reaction? Yeah I bet you did. Best prank I ever pulled.” Then she hung up but not before he heard her tell Acchan that it worked and he owed her a dinner out. He was so going to kill them both but not until he had another go at the possessive little minx he’d married.


~ by jujuken on December 30, 2013.

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