Party at Acchan’s!

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, Ju’s poor abused ass had stopped hurting and Aya’s abused…other parts…were fine. While she was thankful that Hana had waited until she was coming into the locker room before putting up the pic and hiding, Aya was still going to give her a good tongue lashing. If any of the staff had seen that picture. She shuddered to think about it though she had to admit the aftermath was very pleasing.

As if on cue, said ass strolled into the room looking good enough to eat. Ju always did clean up well and tonight was no exception. She had insisted that he have a few tailored suits in the basic colors, black, navy blue, brown and gray. He was dressed in black and knew he looked good. He came out and struck a pose waiting for his wife’s reaction. When she came over, ran her hand down the front of his shirt then reeled him in for a breath stealer he knew he had the desired affect. He grinned down at her.

“Are you sure we have to go out tonight? I can get us some champagne and we can bring in the new year peeling each other out our clothes.” Aya just laughed and called him a pervert. She went to fix her makeup after making sure to get the lipstick off of Ju’s mouth. He watched her go with appreciative eyes. She was wearing a tight little red dress that he loved watching her walk in. His wife wasn’t very busty but she had a very very nice bottom and as far as he was concerned that was just fine.

When she was ready, he helped her into her coat and the two headed off to Acchan’s. Tonight was the only night of the year that a cover charge was paid to get in. Normally, he made his money off of booze and food but the place was so packed on New Year’s that for safety reasons he started charging a cover charge…a very high cover charge and that kept the crowd down somewhat. Less people he had to turn away. Of course being related to the owner had it’s advantages.

Ju still had trouble processing the fact that he and Acchan, who he’d been friends with for forever, were now related. He’d shake his head whenever it was brought home to him by some comment or action on Hana or Acchan’s part. They pulled into his parking spot and headed into the bar. Megumi was wearing an almost there Santa elf costume and flirting with everyman who was solo. The man she was engaged to finally had enough of her flirting and had dumped her so she was back to her skanky ways. She did however ignore Ju which had to have been a first. When he mentioned that it kind of hurt his feelings Aya gave him a look that made him blanch.

He took his irritated and somewhat perplexed wife in his arms and explained that Megumi only ignores a man she thinks is too old. Aya nodded and ran her fingers down his face gently. “If she thinks you are too old then she’s a bigger fool than I thought she was. Still I’m glad you are out of her cross hairs. I’ve been tired of verbally kicking her for a while now. Come on handsome. I want to party!” She gave him a mini breath stealer and pulled him farther into the bar.

Acchan and Hana were holding court at the bar, surrounded by friends and well wishers. Both paled when they saw Ju and Aya head their way. Aya had given Hana a verbal beat down at work that almost had her cousin in tears. She apologized, said she really wasn’t thinking that if someone else had seen that picture Aya would be the one to suffer for it, and promised never to pull a prank like that at work again. She left Acchan to Ju.

For his part, Acchan tried to get into the backroom but Ju used those long legs to his advantage and caught up to the man before he could make his escape. “Give me one good reason why I don’t kick your scrawny ass for giving Hana that picture? You knew what she would do and you had to suspect how Aya would react to my…excuse me…according to her, HER ass on display. You can thank your luck stars that I didn’t tell her that you were the one to take that picture or I think she’d have a glare that would frighten even you. First she tried to beat me to death then she tried to screw me to death. And don’t you grin. Death is the key word here you asshole!”

Acchan couldn’t help himself. He fell out laughing. “Dude I don’t know how that five foot snip of a wife of yours can cause you to act like she’s a sumo wrestler about to fall on you but she’s a master at it.” He was about to say something else insulting when Hana walked up to him with a potent glare on her face that made Acchan meep.

“Me being yelled at is all your fault mister. You do know you’ll be paying for it right?” Acchan tried to plead his case as Hana walked off in a huff and Ju was the one doing the laughing. He caught Aya heading his way out of the corner of his eye and was composed by the time she got to him.

“I read Hana the riot act. If I ever find out who took that picture and gave it to her, I’m going to cover my laptop with their skin.” Aya let out a meep of her own as Ju pulled her to him and nuzzled her neck.

“You know I love it when you get all homicidal woman. Keep talking like that and I’m going to drag you home, peel that dress off you, and have my way with you.”

Aya huffed again but smiled. “You’d better make sure that I’m not the one having my way with you handsome. Let’s get some bubbly and hit the dance floor. I didn’t get dolled up and come all of this way just to leave before I shook it some.” Ju couldn’t argue with that and they both headed toward the bar.

Neither saw Yoichi and Lee Joon when they entered. Both men were dressed in tuxes and had heads turning as they passed. The fact that they were two stunningly handsome men was one reason. The fact that they were arm in arm was probably another.

to be continued.


~ by jujuken on January 1, 2014.

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