Party at Acchan’s continued

The entrance of the two young men went unnoticed by the married couple due to their intense interest in each other. They were sipping champagne at the bar and giving each light kisses and smiles. A new year was about to start and they had both gone through a lot in the year about to end but they were still together, healthy and just as in love as they had been when the year started. They had a lot to be thankful for, each other at the top of the list.

“You know I’m getting too old for all the excitement that fate seems to want to deal us. I say we stay in bed all the time and forget the rest of the world exists.” Aya grinned at that remark. “Just like you to forget if we don’t work, we don’t eat. We don’t eat and neither of us will have the strength to do anything in that bed but lie there. I for one can think of a whole lot of things I could do in said bed but lay there.” She gave him a kiss that let him know how good some of those things were.

Ju wiggled his eyebrows at her. “I guess I could stand a few adventures if you continue to kiss me like that. You ready to do some dancing pretty lady?” When Aya nodded yes, he led her out on the dance floor. They still hadn’t spotted Yoichi and his date.

The two men in question had found a nice little corner away from some of the noise of the party and were deep in conversation. Lee Joon had introduced Yoichi to the joy of man on man passion to their mutual enjoyment but to be fair, Lee Joon had told Yoichi that he needed to sleep with a woman also. “You have to try both to see what you really like. You could be gay or bi but you’ll never know unless you go there and I’ve seen how you look at some of the girls. There is some interest there especially there.” He looked in a certain direction and as Yoichi followed his eyes he spotted Aya and Ju on the dance floor.

Yoichi huffed indignantly. “I am not trying to sleep with my stepmother dude. That’s just ew.” His denial wasn’t helped by the blush that colored his cheeks. He could feel the burn but he didn’t think Lee Joon could see it in the semi-darkness. Lee Joon wasn’t buying it.

“All I’ve heard is how great she is. You haven’t talked about any other woman but her. Admit it. If she wasn’t married to your dad you’d have made a play for her for real. She is nice and kind of hot for an older woman. You could do worse.”

Yoichi almost hit him for that remark but figured it would only fuel Joon’s already too active imagination. “Look, we came here to dance, drink and find some willing ladies. I do not intend to stand here all night while you accuse me of drooling over Aya. I’m going to find some bubbly. Are you coming or not?”

Joon grinned at him. “I think we both came enough earlier. You looking for more?” He laughed when Yoichi sighed and shook his head. Joon enjoyed teasing the younger man. He grabbed Yoichi by the arm and pulled him toward the bar and a group of ladies that seemed rather lonely and looking for some male company…he hoped. Lee Joon was firmly in the bi camp and wanted his younger lover to enjoy both sides of the fence.

The dance floor was packed which both delighted and dismayed the couple. Aya couldn’t cut loose like she wanted but being packed in like sardines meant that she could rub up against her husband and no one would think a thing about it. Ju enjoyed watching her dance so he was a little put out but he did enjoy all the rubbing. She’d worn high heels so all her right places hit his right places.

They had just finished a slow dance where Ju had whispered some very naughty things into Aya’s ear that she was promising to hold him to when the music stopped and Acchan came on stage. He announced that it was almost midnight and for everyone to get a drink in hand. The waiters and waitresses passed out glasses of champagne and everyone waited with drinks in hand as the clock counted down to midnight. They all counted out the last ten seconds then shouted Happy New Year as the clock struck midnight.

Ju gave Aya a kiss that he would normally save for home but since everyone around them were occupied doing the same thing, he figured no one would really notice. “Happy New Year pretty lady! May we have plenty more together. I love you.” Aya echoed his sentiments and they both took a sip from their glasses. It was then that Aya noticed Yoichi and waved to him. Ju turned to see who she was waving to and was pleased to see Yoichi with a pretty little thing with a nice rack on her. He gave her a kiss then headed toward the two.

“Happy New Year dad, Aya. Mind if I get a kiss from my favorite lady?” Yoichi pulled Aya closer and gave her a kiss on the lips that while not proper wasn’t too over the line. Aya gave him a semi-glare but chuckled when he motioned with his eyebrows toward his dad who was giving him his most potent “am I going to have to get stupid?” stare.

Aya went over to him and game him a swift kiss. “My protector. Calm down handsome. Yoichi was just yanking your chain.” She was about to say something else when the young lady that Yoichi had just kissed sauntered over, turned Ju around and promptly gave him a not so innocent kiss. She grinned at him as he pushed her away. “I just wanted to see if the father tastes as good as the son does.”

Ju was sputtering from the unexpected kiss when Yoichi chimed in. “I think you’d better run my dear. His wife isn’t one to let that kind of behavior pass.” The young woman fluffed her hair and stated that she wasn’t worried about any old lady then meeped and backed up a few steps when said “old lady” got into her face and threatened to rearrange it for her. Ju just chuckled and pulled his homicidal wife away from the other woman. He then showed the other woman just what kind of a kisser he was as he kissed the hell out of his wife. She swayed a little when he came up for air. “Damn I hate you when you do that you demon,” but she was smiling when she said it.

Yoichi was grinning at the two, used to these displays. He jumped a little as a hand snaked around his waist. Lee Joon leaned on Yoichi’s shoulder and looked at Aya and Ju. “Now I know where he gets it from. He’s quite the kisser you know.” He punctuated that remark with a mini-breath stealer that could have come straight from Ju’s technical manual if he’d had one.

Aya, the young woman that had kissed Ju and the young woman who was trailing behind Lee Joon, all stood transfixed. The two ladies said what Aya was thinking but dared not say. “Damn that’s hot!” She turned to look at Ju. The confusion on his face would have been funny if it hadn’t turned into a glare that rivaled one of hers. She went to grab his arm but missed. Before she could give a warning Ju had Lee Joon by his collar and was dragging him away from Yoichi or attempting too. Lee Joon stood his ground and the two men squared off, glares firmly in place.


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