Acchan’s Party part 3

“I knew you were trouble the minute I laid eyes on you! Yoichi? What are you doing letting this…this…person kiss you like that? For two yen I’d…” He didn’t finish the sentence before Lee Joon chimed in.

“Yoichi I thought you’d clued this caveman into what was going on with us. You promised me you’d tell him. I guess I can see now why you didn’t. Homophobe.” He spat the word at Ju like a curse which of course caused Ju to get even angrier. Aya stepped in front of Ju just as he raised his fist while Yoichi pulled Joon back.

“Quit it both of you! Ju, Yoichi is a grown man and can bed whom he wants. Yoichi, you could have talked to us and told us that you and Joon were involved. I’m disappointed in all three of you!” When Joon started to protest Aya turned a full blown glare at him that made him shut up. “You did that on purpose to get a rise out of Ju. Shame on you for baiting him like that. I thought better of you but now I’m not so sure. Yoichi, you’ve got some explaining to do later but for now, you and your “friend” should get out of both of our sights.” With that she took Ju’s arm and dragged him to the other side of the club.

Lee Joon shrugged. “Well that could have gone better. You’re right. She’s a feisty little…ow! Why the hell did you hit me?” Yoichi glared daggers at him. “That was uncalled for and you know it. You knew I hadn’t spoken to dad yet. Why didn’t you just wait?”

Lee Joon crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. “Not my fault he’s a caveman but the look on his face was worth it.” He chuckled at the memory. Yoichi rounded on him. “He was well on his way to rearranging yours and before you say you could take him, even if you could and the jury is still out on that, he’s a former delinquent. He knows your face is your lively hood. He’d have broken your nose just to start. Did you get a look at the rings on his fingers? Obsidian. They could have cut your face to ribbons. I’m not saying he’d have done that on purpose but accident or no, your face would still be ruined.” He got closer to Joon and caressed his cheek trying to sooth his lover.

“Look. This being a dad thing is new to Ju. Me being gay or bi is just another shock in his life. Cut the man some slack okay? Please?” Joon sighed and nodded. “Okay. I’ll apologize for my boorish behavior when you think he’s calmed down enough to not maim me on sight. Now come on. There be ladies waiting who thought that display was hot.”

He pushed Yoichi toward the two waiting women. Yoichi didn’t protest. If he knew his dad, the man probably wouldn’t calm down enough for that until Aya had screwed him senseless. Aya. He wondered what his stepmother thought of the display. From the gleam in her eye she wasn’t turned off that was for sure. He cursed Lee Joon again for putting ideas in his head and turned his attention to the task at hand.

Ju rounded on Aya as soon as they hit a relatively calm spot. “You knew didn’t you?” Aya gave him a puzzled look. “Knew what Ju?”

“Don’t play coy with me Aya. You knew that Lee Joon was bad news and was going to seduce Yoichi.” Aya gave Ju the look that comment deserved. He modified his accusation. “Okay so you couldn’t have known that but you knew Yoichi was gay didn’t you?”

“I thought he might be. So what? We did talk about the possibility. Why are you so bent out of shape about this? Your best friend is bi and about to get married to another guy.”

“That’s different. Toshi isn’t my son. I was hoping that I might have a grandchild or two one day. If he’s gay….” Ju took on a forlorn look. This was the first Aya had heard of Ju even considering grand kids.

“There could still be some but I never heard you speak of it before.”

“I know but who’s going to take care of me when I get old?” Aya smiled. “I’ll take care of you baby. You know that.” Ju nodded. “You aren’t that young yourself so who’s gonna take care of you.”

Ju knew he’d stepped in it the moment the sentence left his mouth. He turned around suddenly to check and see if the paint had peeled from the look that comment got from his wife. When he turned back around Aya was walking away. He followed after her. “You know I didn’t mean it like that. Aya!” When she stopped and turned to face him there were tears in her eyes. He tried to hug her but she was having none of it.

“I’m so old you might break my brittle bones! Go to hell Junichiro! We’ll just see who does and doesn’t think I’m old!” She stalked across the room to where Joon and Yoichi were and promptly grabbed Joon and headed out on the dance floor without a second glance at her husband.

Acchan, who had just come out of the back, witnessed the exchange. He went over to his friend. “What did you do now? I swear it’s always something with you. Haven’t you learned anything after 100 years of marriage?” Ju glared at him before sighing in defeat. He gave Acchan the short version. When he got to the part about being older Acchan just shook his head.

“I always knew you were an idiot and this just proved it without a shadow of a doubt. What in the hell were you thinking? Wait. You weren’t thinking or you’d have never stepped in it up to your elbows. I can’t help you with this one man.” When Ju suggested he ask Hana for help Acchan threw up his hands defensively. “Sure. Then you’ll have both women glaring out you. Go over there and apologize again you dolt…to all three of them. You owe them one at any rate. Your son is a grown man and you embarrassed him in front of his…friend, insulted the friend and your wife. Be thankful I don’t boot you in the ass for trying to ruin MY New Year. Now go before we have to hose down those two guys your wife is dancing with. They seem to showing her a lot more attention then you would expect to an old lady.”

Ju looked out on the floor and frowned. Aya looked like the filling in an Asian sandwich. Yoichi and Joon were practically stuck to her. She was on and putting out moves that Ju should have been on the receiving end of. He stamped on his temper with a vengeance and headed toward the trio. He tapped Yoichi on the shoulder, mouthed that he was sorry and could he cut in. Yoichi smiled and nodded. Aya was surprised when she turned around and Ju was where Yoichi had been. Before she could escape, he had her by the waist and had whispered an apology into her ear. He also added that he was an idiot, had apologized to Yoichi and would to Joon when he got the chance. That seemed to calm the woman since she didn’t step on his foot by accident on purpose. Ju took that as a good sign. When the next song came on he motioned with his head for Joon to follow them as they headed back toward the bar.

Since it was quieter by the bar, Ju made his apologies to everyone. Lee Joon also apologized saying he shouldn’t have baited him like that. Yoichi apologized for not telling them sooner and Aya gave her husband a kiss that let him know that his apology had been accepted. He wasn’t as dumb as Acchan seemed to think and knew he hadn’t heard the last of this from his wife. He steeled himself for the lecture he was going to get on the way home.

He was right. She did and he was lucky to have skin left when she’d finished. One thing did have him puzzled though. “I’m surprised that arrogant Korean asshole pervert apologized.” Aya nuzzled him and gave him a quick peck on the neck since that’s all she could really reach strapped in her seat belt. “I told him that if he didn’t I’d find a way to have him chemically neutered. He thought I was joking until Yoichi assured him that I could and more importantly would and he’d promised Yoichi that he would.”

The picture of his pretty little wife, dressed in a red dress that made him drool, being all homicidal kind of, made his pants tighten. “We are going to have to find out what has turned you into a barbarian and package it. It’s a real turn on.” Aya laughed and it was sultry with a hint of wicked. He resisted the urge to look at her then, scared he’d run off the road or into someone.

The flat was quiet when they got home. No one was there but it didn’t mean that no one would be coming home so making out in the front room was out. If Ju had his way they would have started in the garage and worked their way upstairs. As it was, as soon as the bedroom door closed he was in her personal space unzipping her dress as he kissed her.

“You know they say that what you do during New Year’s day is what you’ll be doing all year.” Ju grinned at that. “Are you telling me that you’re going to be ravaged constantly because I’m about to do that now?” When she nodded he leered at her. “I’ll be sure to take my vitamins.” He picked up a now undressed Aya and plunked her down on the bed. “You just lay there looking delicious while I give you your own personal strip show then we’re going to see just how happy this new year is going to be.”

Aya turned out being the one who took control of their love making, riding Ju until he thought his heart would burst. When he was able to draw breath enough to speak he asked her what that was all about not that he was complaining. “That was for being man enough to apologize and because I love you. Happy New Year Junichiro.” He repeated her statement and they both settled down for sleep in each others arms. He hoped that the coming year would be full of just as much love as the last…but a tad more settled. And while he’d never admit it to Aya he was honest enough to know he was getting too old for all the excitement that happened outside of their bed. If he could have a peaceful year he’d be more than happy but knowing his family…he did a mental shrug, kissed his sleeping wife on the brow and went to sleep himself.


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