A day in the life of…

ME! I thought I’d just post up what life is like when things are normal around here. I know. I know. Normal isn’t a word you’d associate with this family but we have our moments.

Take today. Aya beat me into the shower which is not unusual since I hate getting up in the morning and I secretly…or not so secretly, enjoy watching her getting dressed. I finally stopped trying to get her undressed when she had to go to work. For someone her size she packs a mean swat. While she went to make some breakfast, I hopped into the shower.

Getting dressed for me is as simple as a tee shirt and jeans usually and today was no exception. By the time I’d gotten to the kitchen breakfast was ready. A nice omelet loaded with veggies, her idea of keeping me healthy, along with miso soup for me and tea for us both. We discussed dinner, what I’d be doing today and then she was off to work with a quick pedestrian kiss so as not to mess up her makeup and a swat to that nice ass of hers from me.

While she was off doing her nursing thing, I went down to the shop and worked on a design for a new client. It was boring work actually. The client had very pedestrian tastes but a paycheck is a paycheck. I guess it was a good thing in a way. Since it was simple, I had it finished and ready for application before I had to leave for my session work.

This session was an easy one. The tracks had already been written out and it was just a matter of playing them and laying them down. Couple of hours and a break for lunch later, I was on my way back home. I stopped and picked up Aya on the way. For a change things were quiet in ICU. No new admittances and a few people who had gotten well enough for regular care.

We stopped to pick up a few items for dinner then headed home. Michiko was on her way to work when we got there and Ichi was off with Tomoka. I swear that boy does more winky wetting then I did at his age. I still wonder how long those two will last. They were both rather young when they got together. The roaming bug will get to them both at some time. I hope their relationship doesn’t suffer too much from it. Some time away from each other might do them both some good though.

Yoichi…what can I say. I thought he’d be devastated when Lee Joon went back to Korea. I was elated but I couldn’t tell him that. He took the whole thing in stride and went back to auditioning for parts and school. He still works in the shop on weekends and has no end of ladies vying for his attention. He actually gave a few some play which had me grinning and Aya rolling her eyes.

Toshi dropped in just long enough to say hello on his way to a gig with Gargoyle and to grab a free meal, the moocher. I helped Aya with the dishes and we both watched a drama on tv before she hit her medical magazines and I watched the end of a rather boring soccer match. She came over after a while and settled down on the sofa next to me, her head on my shoulder. We just sat like that for a while just relaxing in each others presence and talking about nothing particularly important. She finally got up and headed to the bedroom. I heard the shower running not long afterward. A little later she padded out in her slippers and gown, fixed herself a cup of tea and headed back to the bedroom while I hit the shower.

She was done with her tea by the time I was done. We both climbed under the covers. I gave her a easy soft kiss goodnight, she snuggled up against my back like she usually does and we went to sleep. See? Nice and normal.

Around five the next morning I woke to my wife stroking me into full attention. Oh boy! Sex in the morning! When she turned me over onto my back and kissed me, I knew I was in for a nice ride. She was already well primed and I wondered how she could be so ready with no help from me. I was going to ask when she straddled my waist and lowered moist heat onto me and that was the end of any coherent thoughts I had for a while. She set a leisurely pace since neither of us had to work. I’m afraid to say that didn’t last long. I had other ideas.

I figured it was time for a little payback for all the ambushes I’d been getting. I turned putting her on the bottom, lifted her legs to my shoulders, and since she’s so much shorter than I am, pulled that delicious ass of hers up onto my thighs as I sat up a little. I warned her that I was going to try to rearrange some of her sexy parts, she told me that I talk to much and to put some action to those words. Boy did I. I have to admit, the muffled scream I got when she came was very satisfying. I know my wife. She will find a way to pay me back for that…as soon as she can walk properly again. Booyah!

So that’s it in a nutshell. Life at the Ichihara’s…just like any other family…for now.


~ by jujuken on January 15, 2014.

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