A brand new me?

It had been a long day and Aya was tired when she finally got off. She caught a cab home not wanting to bother Yoichi or wait for him to get there and not wanting to catch the subway. With Ju performing on tour he wasn’t available to pick her up. She sighed and opened the door stifling a yawn as she did so.

She had hung up her coat and was heading toward the bedroom when she was grabbed from behind and hugged. She let out a scream and managed to break away. The figure that had grabbed her lunged at her again and she fled into the kitchen. She had pulled the largest knife they had out of the drawer when her attacker entered the kitchen. He was tall and thin with a wild mop of frizzy multicolored hair. She pointed the knife at him and threatened to gut him if he didn’t leave.

“Aya? It’s me Ju! Will you please put the knife down?” He took off his hat and pushed the hair out of his face. Aya couldn’t believe her eyes. He’d shaved off his goatee and about ten years of age at the same time. The hair though. It looked as if he’d stuck a wet finger in a light socket.

She put the knife down and went over to him. She ran her fingers down his cheek to his chin. “You look younger and different and what the hell happened to your hair?”

Ju sighed. “The manager said I looked too old to be playing with the group so he “suggested” the changes. I don’t have a problem, well not a big one, with the shaving cause that will grow back but the hair. Do you think you can do something with it?”

Aya smiled at him. “My poor wild headed baby. You wash and I’ll blow dry it. Maybe we can get the frizzes out. If not, I’ll use the flat iron.” That got her a kiss and a sigh of relief.

It was about a week later when Ju came storming into the house with a magazine. In it was a picture of him with the wild hair. Apparently the makers of the cap he was wearing liked the look and ran it with an interview he’d done. HIS manager had okay’d the photo. Ju planned to have a long talk with him about that.

The picture in question:


~ by jujuken on February 11, 2014.

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