True to her word…

Aya stuffed me with all of my favorites on Valentine’s Day. For the first time in forever, someone in the house got more stuff then I did. Oh I still got a nice haul but Yoichi is gonna need a truck for all the stuff he got. Took us a while to sort it all out. His pile was twice as large as mine. I started to pout about it when Aya pulls a bottle of body chocolate from behind her back with a bow on it and a tag with HER name on it. When I asked she said that she was going to dip me in it and have me for dessert. Oh my god did she ever.

She had said she couldn’t top last year’s gift. Ha! I’m not sure who enjoyed the day more, me or her. Every time I blinked she was either kissing me in a not so innocent way or touching me in places that enjoyed being touched. I had considered hiding from her at one point but Yoichi told me to take it like a man so I did. I had at least been a little safe while he was there but that traitor left out telling us not to wait up, as if we would, cause he had a hot date. The look on his face reminded me of me at his age. I hope the lady or sadly maybe the guy knew what they were in for.

Back to that woman I married. She fixed a great breakfast, helped me sort through my plunder then left me in peace to watch the soccer game only interrupting long enough to bring me a huge burger with the works and a plate full of fries. I almost passed out from the shock. She’s death on that kind of food. Says it’s too unhealthy. After lunch and the game, she gave me a massage. Put me to sleep like a baby.

I woke to a dinner of grilled salmon, some sushi, and my wife in not much more than an apron. Eating with her siting there like that was a distraction. The look on her face as I was eating was alarming. She was going to eat me alive and I was going to let her. After dinner, I took a nice long soak with her washing me and generally molesting me at will. By the time she announced it was time for dessert I was ready to pop a seam…if I’d been wearing any pants.

She led me to the bed which was covered with a huge, plush, chocolate brown, bath sheet. When I raised an eyebrow in question, she just smiled, pushed me down onto my back and produced that damn body paint and a brush. Without going into details she nibbled, licked and sucked to her hearts content. The first time I came was very satisfying. The second time was amazing. By the time she was going for number three, I threatened divorce if she didn’t let me at her. Being the dutiful wife that she is, she cleaned me up then jumped my bones. I didn’t think I had three in one night left in me. Seems I was wrong. Go Me! Now…I need to burn down that store that sells that chocolate body paint. I don’t think I’ll survive another round like this next year. XD


~ by jujuken on February 17, 2014.

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