Ambushed again

Ju had just finished a session and was happily entering the flat. The place was quiet though Aya’s car was parked in the driveway. He figured she was taking a nap since there was no smell of cooking food and she hadn’t greeted him when he walked in.

After putting down his bass by the door, he walked into the living room intending to get a beer from the frig when he spotted a magazine open on the sofa. He recognized the magazine and a small shiver went up his spine. His blood ran cold when he saw what page the magazine was open to. His first thought was to turn and get out of the flat as quickly as he could. It wouldn’t change anything just postpone it. He wondered how long she’d been simmering before he got there. If it had been a while then he might be safe…might.

He took another look at the photo then closed the book deciding that going out for a while might be the better thing to do. He turned around and meeped. Aya was standing there looking at him. There was something in her eyes that made him swallow audibly. The smile she was giving him made him back up a step. She licked her lips and he backed up another step and into a corner.

Since he’d shaved off his goatee, she’d taken to running her fingers into his hair to pull him down for kisses. This time she played with the soft strands at the base of his neck and if he’d been a canine his leg would have been going like dogs do when they are feeling real good. She gave him a kiss that threatened to make him pass out from it’s intensity. She only said six words as she started pulling his clothing off.

“Sweaty, crazy, sexy pushes my buttons!” It was hours before she was done. Ju swore again he was going to have to kill that photographer and his manager.



~ by jujuken on March 18, 2014.

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