Life is Good

Another hurdle leaped. My wife is about the most amazing woman in the world but don’t tell her I said that. She believed in me when I doubted myself. It’ll be another few weeks before the last of the tests come back but I’m of the belief that she was right and I was wrong. I do know one thing, when they come back negative and we both believe they will, I’m going to see if Yoichi wants the rest of those damn condoms…if they’ll fit. If they do I’m a proud papa. If they’re too small, I’m an even prouder papa. As for me…that wife of mine is going to have to shoot me up full of tranquilizers to keep me out of her.

Since I’ve gotten over my mental block about the things, we’ve been going at it like rabbits in heat. The only thing I haven’t had is a blowjob but I refuse to go there until those final tests come in. It’s always better to be safe then sorry even if we both believe they’ll be negative. I’m not willing to take the chance.

Aya has been positively glowing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more myself now or because I’m screwing her within an inch of her life most days. I’m hoping it’s both. I do know that she’s been aggressive and demur, quiet and loud, creative and more creative. I never know for sure what woman I’ll be bedding.

Take the other day. She came home from work dragging. It’d been a long day for her so I figured she’d eat a little, shower, and go straight to bed. Nope. She ate a little, showered, and then went straight for me. Somewhere along the way she grew a couple of extra hands. I swear! I’m not kidding! The woman went all grope, stroke, fondle, touch, feel up, “you don’t need to get naked just drop your pants and sit down”, on me. Which she did by the way…sat down on me…repeatedly and I loved every minute of it.

I’ve started keeping condoms in my pockets because I’m apt to be jumped at any minute or do some jumping on my own. It’s raised a few eyebrows on those rare occasions when I’ve pulled keys or money out of my pocket and one falls out. I just give a cheesy grin and play it off. I’ve gotten several different types. Dotted, ribbed, contoured. Ones with feelers at the tip and even a female one for her. Didn’t like that much. She said she was worried it would slip.

I hate to admit this and I’m not sure that it’s because I’m having sex every night or getting old but I’ve been only good for one a night. Now if it’s the weekend and we are both off, that’s different. I have all day to recover if we start in the morning. I’m good for at least a couple but at night on work days…once maybe twice if the first one was quick. Aya doesn’t seem to mind but you know men. Can’t accept that they can’t do what they used to do at 18.

Back to Aya. She has pushed every button I have and then some. It’s like she’s making sure that this will be a questionable memory but what man in their right mine would cheat on a woman with the skills she has. It’s a touch of scary and a lot of pleasurable. I’ve been showing up for work looking like I fell asleep in a mosquito trap, a full mosquito trap.

She’s been seriously marking her territory. I thought it was my imagination that she continuously wears a “fox in the chicken coop” expression on her face when I’m around but apparently it’s not. Yoichi came up the other day to borrow something or other. Never found out what. He took one look at the expression on Aya’s face, turned beet red and fled the flat. We were just sitting having some lunch…across the table from each other. He said later that she looked as if I was buried balls deep in her. When a woman has that look on her face if it’s not directed at you then you git and quick. He was right. She jumped my bones seriously later that day.

It hasn’t been all about sex. We discussed the photos also and who would have put them in the post. No one saw anything but whoever it was knew where we lived and Aya’s name. I know I didn’t give Misaki that information before she drugged me and I really don’t know why she’d want to send Aya the pics any way. Something isn’t quite kosher about this. We just need to figure out what.

Aya just got in and she’s carrying take out which means she’s either tired or doesn’t want to waste bed time cooking. From the way she just ran her eyes over my torso, I’m betting on the latter. Good thing I’ve been resting today and taking vitamins. I hope we at least make it out of the kitchen this time but from the way she’s looking at me I’m not even sure we’ll make it through dinner.

We didn’t even start dinner but I did manage to get her into the bedroom before she ripped my clothes off of me. Life is good.


~ by jujuken on April 22, 2014.

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