I don’t even know what to say. It was just….

Mind blowingly freaking awesome! She pushed the right combination of buttons and let the beast out. I think she realizes what she’s done now. Could be because of the look I get on my face when I see her or the fact that I’ve been at her almost non-stop.

Hell, I picked her up from the hospital the other day and by the time we’d gotten home I’d had my hand in all kinds of warm, moist places. We did make it into the flat before the clothes came off but not by much.

That crazy friend of mine Toshi came by the other day. Aya and I had not to long gotten out of the shower, still conserving water, when he rang the bell. He looked at me then at her and the grin on his face was positively obscene. That is until she gave him a look. Man got ten shades paler in record time. Glad it was him and not me.

I’d pretty much told him everything that had been going on since he deserved the truth for saving my life. He was real interested in the fact that someone had sent those pictures to Aya. He brought up some good points.

Why take pictures? How did she know where to send them? Even if I’d told her Aya’s name, what’s the chance that I’d tell her where we lived? What would the woman get out of that? He also thought the timing was suspect. Considering I hadn’t been away from home for weeks, wasn’t it strange that they showed up on the one day when I wouldn’t be around? He thinks someone set me up. The question now is who and why. He said it was a shame we’d burned the pictures but I told him that the woman had made sure most of her face was covered by her hair.

Then the brain damaged man strayed into dangerous territory. “The last time I was wearing a look like that was when Kiba, dressed up in that dragon outfit of his, gave me a lap dance and….nooo…you’re kidding? What was she almost wearing?”

I looked around to make sure the coast was clear and gave him a brief description of what she was wearing. No way was I going to let my baby be upstaged by a guy. He whistled softly and told me that considering what we’d just been through we deserved some fun. He even managed to keep a straight face when Aya walked in thank goodness. Of course he couldn’t completely go without saying something which I guess would have looked suspicious to her. So he told her she had a lovely glow about her. To the amazement of us both she just blushed then she gave me a look that let me know she wasn’t done with me for the day. I returned that look with a grin…okay…a leer.

Toshi was looking at us both and mumbling about horny teenagers and true love. Out of kindness and to thank him yet again, we tabled our lust and fed him dinner before kicking him out and going at it again.

I’m tired but the conversation we had at dinner kept me from falling right to sleep. Aya thinks that maybe the woman posted the pics on her social media account and one of Aya’s bitchy coworkers sent it to her. Pics have a habit of showing up on the net that way. That would make sense except for one thing. You do something like that you want people to know it’s you so why cover your face? I’m not important enough to be known like that by sight so it’s not like you’d get a lot of kudos for bedding me. I’m beginning to think like Toshi and that isn’t giving me a whole lot of peace of mind. My radar is up now. I’m going to be keeping an eye on things around me and Aya. If I find out who set me up there is going to be hell to pay but for now my lovely wife has wiggled that lovely ass of hers up against me in sleep. Time for me to join her.


~ by jujuken on April 23, 2014.

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