Ju was beat when he got in from his latest session. The whole day had been an exercise in patience and he’d lost that fight a few times. The session had started late. The artist was being a baby and a demanding one at that and to top it all off because he’d been out late visiting Toshi he hadn’t gotten much sleep. He nodded off in the barber’s chair just as the man was cutting and had managed to cause him to cut off a huge chunk of his hair in the middle of his head. The only thing the man could do was trim all of his hair to that length. It was short. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem but since he wasn’t sporting a goatee these days, his lovely wife had taken to pulling him down for kisses by his hair. It was a little too short for that now. The timing was also suspect considering he’d accused her of treating him like a piece of meat. All he needed was for her to think he’d cut his hair short on purpose to keep her from starting things with those kisses of hers.

Sighing, he stowed his gear and headed into the flat. Aya’s suv wasn’t in the garage so he at least had a little time to get his nerves together. He wondered if he’d have time for a nap before she got in and decided to chance it. He showered quickly then climbed into bed but sleep didn’t come. His mind kept wandering back to his conversation with Toshi.

He was getting older and the drive he had in his early twenties and thirties was fading. He admitted reluctantly that his stamina was also. While his was diminishing, Aya’s was in full swing. She’d be like that for at least another couple of years before cooling off some. Damn women and going into their sexual prime in their mid-thirties. Damn Toshi for jokingly saying that if he didn’t keep up, Aya might get herself a boy toy on the side. He didn’t honestly think she would but who trusts anyone one hundred percent? There was that small, tiny, miniscule little bit of doubt in the back of his mind hiding where his common sense couldn’t seem to get to. He finally nodded off while his mind tried to stomp on that bit of doubt but kept missing.

Aya got in a couple of hours later. She and Hana had gone shopping for things for the nursery. She had been asleep when Ju had gotten in the night before and he was sleeping when she left for work. What Hana had said made sense. Maybe he was worried about getting older. Maybe she was being to demanding. Women were different from men. They peaked at a time when most men are slowing down which made no sense to her at all. She’d decided to back off and let him do the approaching. It would be hard sometimes she knew. She’d always thought he was sexy and he was so good at pushing all of her buttons. Having sex with him was like a drug and she was thoroughly addicted.

She noticed that his car was in the garage but the lights were off in the flat. Upon entering the bedroom she left the light off seeing that he was asleep. He must have been beat to be asleep at that time of evening. She quietly went into the bathroom and took a quick shower hoping the sound of the water wouldn’t wake him. It didn’t. She got a change of clothing from her closet and was tempted to go over and kiss his brow but opted not too. No use in waking him up if she didn’t have to. She dressed and walked out of the bedroom not noticing the pair of eyes watching her.

Ju had heard the shower and had figured that Aya didn’t want to wake him which wasn’t that unusual. What was unusual was the fact that she hadn’t come over to give him a kiss on the forehead. She always did that. He knew because she told him that she did and sometimes he’d find a lipstick print on his forehead. At this time of the evening she’d usually make sure he got up or his sleep would be hard coming later on.

He stretched his long frame and yawned. He was considering just going back to sleep when his stomach reminded him he hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. He got up and padded into the kitchen to see what if anything was there to eat. He’d forgotten all about his hair cut. It came crashing back to him when Aya turned to smile at him and say hello. The smile fell off of her face replaced with an “oh”. She walked up to him and took a good look.

Aya didn’t know what to say. First no goatee and now no long locks to reel him in for kisses. She told him how she felt about that but Aya being Aya quickly came to the conclusion that she’d just have to man handle him to get her kisses if he wasn’t quick enough to give her one. She grabbed two handfuls of his shirt and pulled down. He got the idea and gave her a kiss and a smile. It was a welcome home kiss and not a toe curler but at the moment Aya was happy just to get any kiss at all. At least she could count on getting a few of those during the day…she hoped.

They had a light dinner and Ju told Aya how he managed to get scalped almost. Aya considered scalping Toshi for keeping him out so late but Ju was a grown man and could have, probably should have, left earlier. She was careful to keep the conversation light and without any sexual overtones. She did want to touch him though. She’d missed having him close to her before she went to sleep the night before but she didn’t want him to think she was pressuring him into performing.

Ju was mildly puzzled that Aya wasn’t all over him. He assumed that she was a little put out by the hair cut even though it was an accident. He didn’t press her though. She seemed happy enough if a little reserved for her.

They went about their normal evening routine and before they knew it bedtime had rolled around. They both crawled into bed, gave each other a kiss and Ju turned out the light. Neither went right to sleep. Ju was turned onto his right side as he normally slept but Aya hadn’t curled up against him. In a way he was relieved. He really was still very tired. That thought and Aya’s lack of interest made that little miniscule piece of doubt start gibbering. He fell into an uneasy sleep filled with dreams of suitors for his wife’s attention.

Aya for her part had faced away from him knowing that if she didn’t she’d have to touch him and she didn’t want him thinking she was asking for sex even though she’d have loved to make love to him. She knew he was tired so she kept her hands to herself. She finally fell asleep and dreamt of being unwanted and untouched.


~ by jujuken on May 13, 2014.

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