Ju woke up with a contented sigh which turned into a whine when he realized he was alone and hard. Just like the woman to not be available when he really wanted it. Not really feeling like taking care of it himself he pictured Toshi in drag and that did the trick. Instant softening. He got up and headed into the living room still in his boxers. It was Saturday and neither had to work. After last night he was sure that there was going to be a serious conversation before anything else took place.

He found Aya sitting at the kitchen table, a plate of mostly uneaten food in front of her and a cup of tea. She looked up as he walked in and the glare he got made him wince. He sat down across from her.

“I’m sorry Aya. I was way out of line. My only excuse is that I was so damn scared when I found you weren’t home and I don’t know. I just lost it when I found out I had worried for nothing. Forgive me?”

Aya was silent for long enough that Ju started to fidget. Finally she sighed and took his hand. “Ju. Where to start? I don’t know why all of a sudden you are doubting yourself. For you to even think I’d consider another man touching me is just…” She shuddered. “Baby…I know I’ve been rather greedy when it comes to you and sex but that’s not really unusual for me. What has been unusual is your reaction to it. I do realize that you are getting older and there will come a time when that awesome dick of yours might have some problems but if and when that time comes we’ll handle it together. Honestly, the thought of another man touching me makes me ill. You’ve so ruined me for anyone else. I had undying faith in you when that groupie thing went down. Try to have a little faith in me okay?”

Ju was suitably chastised. He drank some tea as she got him some breakfast. He almost choked on it when she turned and said, “You know if that awesome dick of yours ever stops working your mouth is pretty awesome too. I can make do with either.” She patted him on the back before she set his plate down and sat back in her chair, a wistful look on her face. “There’s the toys too. Those will help. I’ll be fine.” She went back to eating her breakfast as if she hadn’t said something so hentai that it made Ju blush.

“You do know that you aren’t helping right? What am I going to do with you woman? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be married much less to a woman that might have a bigger sex drive then I ever had. I should have known something was up that first night when you kept up with me stroke for stroke. Serves me right for wishing for a woman like you. Guess I’d better let the doctor know I’m going to need a running prescription for little blue pills…but not right now.”

Aya gave him a small glare before leaning on her hands and smiling at him like the cat that ate the canary. “You won’t have to worry about it if I don’t get a kiss from you soon. You’ve been in here long enough to have corrected that oversight.” When he leaned over for a kiss, she gave him a long very naughty one. “So. What’s on the menu for today?”

Ju grinned. “The only thing I have planned for today is making my wife cry uncle.”

Aya gave him a sly grin. “Oh? Is that so? We’ll see.” She finished eating hoping that the confidence he was showing her would continue. If it didn’t, it was going to be a very long summer.


~ by jujuken on May 16, 2014.

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