About Aya

Okay so I know I’ve been complaining about her jumping my bones a lot. It’s a ruse mostly. While I don’t always start it, I love that she does. I mean what man wouldn’t want someone to give him the type of pleasure she gives me? She’s all moistness and heat, tightness and just deep enough where I don’t have to worry about hurting her if I get vigorous but not so deep that I need more equipment then I have to please her if you get my drift.

She’s adventurous and because of that formidable memory of hers, she remembers what works and what doesn’t. She remembers what sounds I make or reactions I have to anything and everything she does or doesn’t do. She’s got a not too small kink streak in her that I’ve nurtured and grown because hey, I’m kinky. I’ll admit it. I kind of worried about that when I first suggested toys. I was surprised that she knew about some and pleased that she was willing to at least try some others.

She’s learned what gets me going and has no problem with role playing. She says that men get bored of the same old thing which is one reason why they stray. She says that since I’m not sure who I’ll get it keeps me interested. She keeps me interested with or without the role playing but who am I to cancel her fun? I bet her mom would have a cow if she knew how Aya puts all those dance lessons to use. She can be very creative. She and Hana have a running joke about Aya and pole dancing. It’d never happen. She’d be dancing on my pole long before she could finish a routine. Major button there. Major.

I’ve wondered on occasion why a petite, smart, professional, woman who was raised in a very conservative household could have so many kinks. Whatever the reason I’m enjoying them all. I told her once that she didn’t have to do any of the kinky things I’d asked her to do if it was just to please me. She gave me a sharks grin then rode me like a bucking bronco. The lesson there…she does what she wants because she wants to and I should shut the fuck up and fuck her. No arguments from me on that.

Now I guess you’re wondering why I’m going through the trouble of playing the “I’m getting to old” card. I’m trying to teach her a little restraint. If left unchecked I’d never getting anything done outside of having sex. I need a little energy for other things. My friends think it’s amusing to have me hide from her only to let her find me and drag me home to do all kinds of wonderful things to me. She’s tiny compared to me and I should be able to beat her off but where’s the fun in that?

What they don’t know is when she has to “drag me to bed kicking and screaming” she usually makes a quieter type of love to me. It’s soothing, slow, delectable and it doesn’t drain me as much. Oh and she talks to me. Not the dirty talk but the “I love you so much” talk. Like I said, quiet and soothing. Since she’s more of a “rough and tumble” type of woman, I enjoy these quiet rounds a little more then she does I think. She’s gotten on me before for being too gentle with her.

Speaking of rough and tumble, my performance after her little ambush to the sounds of Closer got me rave reviews. I hope she doesn’t expect that kind of performance all the time. It’s tiring to the utmost and I do worry about hurting her when I’m like that. I’d have given my soul to have another set or two of hands then so I could have molested all of her at one time. Just remembering it makes me hard sometimes.

I’m saying all of this because, while it was her beauty, charm, intelligence, and big heart that attracted me to her, the sex just cemented her firmly in a heart that she had already claimed. It’s just another reason why I get crazy thinking about anyone but me having her. I would gladly push a guy into oncoming traffic if he got to forward with her. She. Is. Mine. Period. End of story. Which is why the flowers she got that I didn’t send her and the pictures that came are making me anxious. There have been some strange calls where no one says anything that we get late at night. Someone is on the other end. She says she can hear them breathing but they don’t say anything. The call back number is usually to a phone booth. Someone has eyes on her and I have no idea who. When I find them may whatever god they pray too have mercy on their souls.


~ by jujuken on June 3, 2014.

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