Lost it.

Mun is working on post when Ju walks or more like staggers in. His shirt is torn to shreds, he’s holding his pants up because the belt loops are all torn so his belt won’t hold his pants in place. His hair is going every which away. He looks as if he’s been mugged. Mun is suitably alarmed.

Mun: Oh my God Ju what happened? Are you okay? Here, sit down. pulls out a chair

Ju: slowly sits down Yeah. I’m okay. You know Aya and I have been extra busy. We really haven’t had much time together other then a quick meal and sleep. Well things have eased up so I treated her to her favorite take out and her favorite wine. Then I gave her a foot massage, the deluxe version. That’s where things got interesting.

Mun: I bet from the looks of you. So you’re hiding in here? You know this will be one of the places she looks for you.

Ju: I came here to see if you have any of that lotion she likes so much. I want to give her a full body massage.

Mun: gives him a long look Give me a minute and I’ll see if I have any.

leaves the room long enough for Ju to start nodding. Comes back in with two men with a white jacket who truss Ju up. Ignores his squawking and watches as he’s taken away past an upset and curious Aya.

Aya: What’s going on? Where are they taking my Ju?

Mun: He came in here after treating you to your favorite food, your favorite wine and we know how you get with some alcohol in you, and his deluxe foot massage, looking like he’d been mugged and asked to borrow some of that body lotion you like so much. He was planning on giving you a full body massage. So I figured he was either stupid, high, a masochist, suicidal, or crazy. He married you so he’s not stupid. He hates drugs so he’s not high. That leaves masochist, suicidal and crazy. I figured we’d let the doctors figure out which.

Aya: He wanted to do what? A full body massage after… So how long do you think they’ll keep him? Three days? That should give him plenty of time to recover and for me to buy some more lotion.

Mun: O___O


~ by jujuken on August 10, 2014.

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