Toshi part one

Toshi was surprised and touched when Aya had given him a hug and a kiss and called him family. He figured that besides being an all around nice person, she more or less put up with him because he was Ju’s friend. Finding out she considered him family, well it made him feel warm inside.

He stuck around the hospital, helping Aya when he could. Fetching water and food for the staff and killing time until Yoichi and Ju had been completely checked out. He figured once that was done he could go home and…he didn’t have a home any more. He had the clothes on his back, his wallet and his van. That was about it. Fortunately his gear was mostly in the van so at least he had his basses. He was pleased to note that he’d missed a call from Kiba. The lines were still suspect but that only made the knowledge that he didn’t have a home much harsher. He hoped that the authorities would allow him to salvage something from his apartment. The front room was relatively intact. He could at least get his pictures and some of his awards he hoped.

He was brought from his musings by Aya putting a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. “Ju is going to be on crutches for a couple of days but there was no lasting damage to the knee thanks to you. Yoichi has a concussion. They wanted to keep him but I told them that I’d watch him and to give the bed to someone worse off. Now, would you fill me in on how Ju managed to be at your house when this all went down.”

He did without mentioning the story Ju had told him about his mom. That was a story that only Ju could tell. It wasn’t his place to make that decision so he glossed over that part. Aya was none to happy with her husband and told Toshi that, along with apologizing for being married to an idiot. Toshi shushed her. “I already knew you were married to an idiot but he does have flashes of intelligence from time to time. He married you didn’t he?”

Aya gave him a radiant though tired smile. “Where are you going to go from here Toshi?” Toshi shrugged. “I checked around. All the hotels are full. A lot of people have been displaced at least temporarily. Kiba’s out of town and I don’t have a key to his place. I can sleep in the van for a day or two I guess. I’ll work something out.”

Aya watched as he started walking toward the hospital. His shoulders were slumped and he looked old and tired. She’d never seen him look so defeated. She just couldn’t let him leave like that and though she was sure she was going to regret it at some point she called out to him.

“Hey Toshi? You want to stay with us for a while? At least until you can find another place. And no you can’t stay in Yoichi’s room! Pervert! You can have Michiko’s old room.”

Toshi walked over to her and just stared for a moment. Then he smiled. You aren’t kidding are you? Ju’s okay with this?”

“Considering the bruise on your face, I’d say he deserves whatever he gets. Now go get some ice on that and I’ll collect you, Ju and Yoichi in about half an hour. No arguments Toshi. Don’t make me give you the look.” That got the man going. Aya shook her head and went to give her husband the questionably good news.

For a wonder Ju didn’t argue. That really made Aya suspicious. They must have had some conversation while waiting to be rescued. She knew that Toshi had left some things out. Maybe one of them will fill her in. She’d ask Yoichi but he was out most of the time. She shrugged and went to fetch her husband who she knew was probably whining and being a big baby. Men.

It wasn’t until Aya had gotten everyone home that she found out about the mustang. Tears filled her eyes at the loss. They’d had some fun times in that car and she knew that Ju loved it dearly. At least it had been heavily insured. He could start from scratch with a new mustang or get a new vehicle altogether. He was looking as depressed as she felt about the situation but first things first.

She got Toshi situated and put Yoichi in Ichi’s old room for the next couple of days so she could keep an eye on him. No one was hungry so after showing Toshi where the towels and toiletries were, she went to give her baby some TLC. She should have known better. He was busy on his laptop checking out cars. He turned the laptop toward her. “This is what I want if I can afford it.” She took one look at the car and shook her head. That thing was as bad as the mustang if not worse. She was just going to have to steal herself to the fact that the man loved his chick magnets but that was gonna draw anything with two eyes and an appreciation for cars.

“Whatever you want handsome. We can twist Naohito’s arm for a good deal. Now do you need me for anything?” Ju thought about it. His legs were propped up on a pillow and he was leaning against a pillow on the side of the sofa. He looked at his laptop then at her. He put the laptop down on the coffee table and beckoned her over.

“I just noticed that I have the perfect cup holder form right now.” He pulled her down onto his lap. “And you are the perfect cup for my holder.” She leaned over and gave him a little kiss. “You are such a pervert.” Ju just grinned then kissed her again. They sat like that for a time, trading insults, kisses, words of love, and just being happy they were both safe.

“Are they always like that?” Ju and Aya both jumped. Toshi was standing in the doorway with Yoichi. Yoichi turned to him and said, “Honestly…that’s a toned down version. Unless you want to get an eyeful, I’d suggest you make some noise when you are roaming around.” Toshi said he’d make a mental note of it to which Ju replied he’d needed a mind first. That set the two men off trading insults while Yoichi and Aya just shook their heads. It was going to be a long couple of days.


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