Toshi part two

Ju was in a spectacularly good mood. He’d survived the earthquake with minor damage. The knee was healing. He and Toshi were still friends. Yoichi and Toshi hadn’t done anything serious yet; he was hoping it stayed that way. Last but certainly not least, Aya had been more then very attentive and Ju had no problems with that.

The insurance on the mustang was enough for him to get his GTR with the discount that Naohito gave them. He was going to customize it himself to look like the picture he’d seen. That saved him enough money to get a car for Yoichi. The young man hadn’t wanted anything special but as they were looking around the lot Ju spotted a vintage Porsche that made him drool.

When he was told how much it was Ju almost choked. He’d have a note with that car and a fairly large one if he wanted to pay it off early and the insurance would be just as high as on the GTR. Aya would have a cow. He was pretty disappointed when Toshi, who’d come along for the ride mainly because he was bored, chimed in that Ju could write the GTR off as a business expense if he showcased it at shows and when he wasn’t driving it, in the showroom of the shop. He could probably do that with either vehicle also. He’d recoup some of his money at tax time. All three men looked at him as if he was a space alien.

Ju was clearly surprised. “Uh…just how do you know all about this kind of stuff Toshi?” Toshi blushed. Blushed! If Ju hadn’t been there to see it, no one could have convinced him it had happened. Toshi put his hand behind his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “I have an accounting degree. Who do you think does all the tax and financial work for Gargoyle. Hey what’s with the looks? The music business is hit and miss most times. A guy needs a backup plan. You’ve got the shop and I’ve got an accounting degree. Well it’s not a bachelor’s or anything, just an associates but it’s enough.”

Ju looked at his friend with new respect. “And here I thought you were just another idiot musician.” Toshi threw a fake punch at Ju and the men, minus Yoichi who had wandered off to look for a car, started laughing.

“Seriously dude I had no idea. You’d better not let Aya know. She’ll have you all over our books trying to find ways to save a few dollars. By the way. How’d you get her to let you stay? I know she’s warm and caring but it is you, no offense.”

Toshi shrugged. “I told her what happened in the apartment minus your story of course. That’s for you to tell or not. I guess I was looking kind of pitiful so she asked me to stay as long as I behaved. I’m not sure how much behaving I’ll have to do and I make no promises but I’ll try to keep her from regretting such a kind offer. I’m going to start looking for a real estate agent when we get back. Things have hopefully calmed down enough where there are a few available. Oh and I get to go back and get some of my things but the bedroom is toast.”

Ju nodded. “At least it wasn’t a total loss. Hmm…I think Yoichi has found something he likes. I told him I’d let him have what I had left to add to what he got from the insurance company which wasn’t much. I’ll detail it for him if he wants. I’m really curious to see what he’s gonna get.”

Toshi nodded in agreement. He was curious to see if Ju’s love of hot vehicles had been passed down to his son. When the car came around the corner, both of their jaws dropped. Yoichi pulled up in a 1997 light blue Toyota Supra with a spoiler on the back and side air vents. It had rumbled around the corner like a much bigger car with a hungry tiger for an engine. Ju grinned. Toshi laughed. “Life father, like son I see! That’s gonna draw almost as many eyes as yours Ju. But then all that will change when they see you two together. You are the ugly duckling and he’s the handsome swan.”

Ju was about to comment on that when he spotted Aya talking to Naohito. Since she was the only one with a car, Toshi’s van didn’t count, she drove. She also wanted to check on Naohito to make sure he was healing properly. Ju did a slow burn at that, started mumbling when she pulled Naohito into his office after he’d helped pick out the cars, and actually growled a little when she closed the door behind her. That low growl started from him again but this time Toshi smacked him in the back of the head.

“Quit it you idiot! You know damn well that no one stands a snowball’s chance in hell with your wife. Look at the smile on her face now that she’s seen you. One look and a blind man could tell her heart and soul belong to you. I’d pay good money to have someone look at me that way. Now stop acting like a spoiled two year old and go greet the missus. She looks like she’s dying to touch you in some kind of way. Just keep it to pg please. I have delicate eyes.”

Ju didn’t get a chance to comment on that either as the subject of the discussion came up and wrapped her arms around his waist, tilting her head up for a kiss. He was happy to oblige her and gave her a hug that made her squeak. They broke apart with Aya slapping Ju on the arm for hugging her so tightly. Ju commented on the abuse she liked to give out which had Aya going “poor baby” at him.

Toshi nudged Yoichi to let him know he was about to start something and winked at Aya. “Yeah he likes to do that poor pitiful thing to get some attention. If it wasn’t for that and hot cars no one would even look at his no assed self. I mean seriously. He’s thin as a rail and has no ass at all. I swear the man must sit on his back and he’s got a mug that only pug would like. How he managed to snag you is beyond me Aya. I thought maybe he’d drugged your food but it should have worn off by now.” He turned around and ran his hands down his ass.

“Now this is what you’d call a fine ass. Yoichi has one too. Oh and there’s Naohito. An overall fine specimen of maleness but what do you cling to? A tattooed stick.” Ju was fuming, Yoichi trying to stifle a laugh, Naohito was wondering if running away would be prudent and Aya was out and out laughing.

Ju looked at all of them then Toshi. The glare was almost an Aya level glare. “If I could run right now you’d be on the verge of an ass whipping you traitor.” He flipped them all the bird then turned his back on them in a huff. Aya wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to comfort her poor put upon husband. He wasn’t having any of it. Toshi went over to him and clamped a hand on his shoulder, holding on even when Ju tried to shake him off.

“Dude what I’m trying to get over to you is despite some glaring imperfections, that woman loves you more then I’ve ever seen anyone love anything. Chill out with the growling and jealousy. No matter who looks at her or tries to get close to her, her heart is and will forever be yours. Don’t believe me? Watch this. Hey Aya? Ju just said he loves you and he’s gonna prove it to you later tonight, knee or no knee.”

Ju’s anger faded away when he saw the smile that comment brought. Her whole being just radiated love and it was all for him. “You could have just said that she loves me. Why the insults?”

Toshi grinned. “Besides being fun, you needed to see it for yourself…I mean really see it in context. You know she loves you but I don’t think that you actually KNOW she loves you. There is something deep down inside that doubts that you can be loved like that. Could be that whole mom thing but the point is you do not have to worry about that woman ever cheating on you dude. Besides, Naohito? Really? With their history? What you should be doing is acting like a man and being nice to the person that saved your wife’s life.”

Ju managed to look chagrined. “When the hell did you get so smart?” Toshi just got a serious look on his face which was something Ju rarely saw. “You spend enough time alone, you get to thinking and trying to sort out the mysteries in life and love I guess. Now do me a favor and go give the pretty miss one of those kisses you are so famous for while I try to copy it with your son.”

Toshi easily dodged the punch Ju threw at him, not sure whether the man was playing or serious and not wanting to find out the hard way. He collected Yoichi and Naohito and herded them toward the showroom. If Yoichi was going to get that car then they were going to need to work out some details and he wanted the lovebirds to have a few minutes alone especially since Ju hadn’t told Aya about the Porsche yet.

Ju watched them leave and shook his head. Who would have thought that Toshi was capable of that level of thought? He turned to his wife and looked down on her smiling face. He placed his hands against her cheeks and just looked at her. She had the beginning of some fine lines at the corner of her eyes and he thought he saw a gray hair or two but all and all she was just as beautiful to him now as she was when they first met. He leaned down and kissed her. It was slow and deep, one that he usually didn’t give in public but he couldn’t help it.

She smiled at him and kissed his hand before he removed it from her cheek. “So what’s this I hear about you showing me how much you love me? Not that I mind but I already know you do. What’s up handsome? Get your new chick magnet yet?”

Ju nodded then began to pace getting his thoughts together. He really wanted that Porsche but the cost was astronomical. She was going to balk he just knew it. “Uhm…well Aya you see this car here? It’s a 1978 Porsche 911 3.0 SC Coupe. It’s in beautiful condition. It was one of the best in the 911 series and I’m thinking about getting that too. Toshi said that I can write one of the cars off on our taxes if I keep it in the showroom on display when I’m not driving it. It’s kind of pricey so I wanted to talk to you first.”

Aya nodded and gave the car in question a good looking at. It was nice and she could see why it would appeal to her husband. 1978. That made it a classic and she knew they were never cheap. “How much is a little pricey?”

“It’s in excellent shape Aya. I’d do a little more customizing but a lot of it is already done and the mileage is low so the engine is still in good shape. The leather interior is to die for.”

Aya gave him the look. “How much Ju?”

Ju looked down and mumbled something under his breath. “I didn’t hear you Ju. How much?” He just mumbled something again. Finally at the end of her patience she got into his face. “How freaking much!”

“Three million one hundred and thirty three thousand yen give or take a few yen.” Aya repeated what he’d said just so he could verify that she wasn’t hearing things. She looked at him for so long that Ju really began to fidget.

“Aya? Say something. I know it’s a lot but the flat is paid for and so is the shop. We only have the mortgage on the extension to pay. The new car doesn’t have a note so it’ll be tight but I can manage. I know it’s expensive as hell but I can do it if I work a few extra session jobs between tour dates. I’ve got an offer to be the official bassist for V. I’d have to travel a lot and not just in this country but I could probably make enough in a couple of years to pay it off. Aya? Baby?”

“No.” That’s all she said as she walked away. Ju followed behind her trying to plead his case. “No! I refuse to be a party to this insanity! It’s a freaking car but it costs as much as a house! No!”

“Aya be reasonable! I don’t ask for much and I really want that car.”

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t have bought the GTR. Either way I’d still say no. You need me to sign along with you or you wouldn’t even be asking. You’d just say to hell with our savings and our future for a car! A car! The answer is still NO!”

Ju got in front of her halting her progress. “You seem to forget that I’m the major money maker around here. Why is it that you get what you want but I can’t get what I want?” He knew it was a mistake the minute it left his mouth but he couldn’t pull it back. Aya looked like he’d just told her he was leaving her for another woman. She looked at him, hurt and unshed tears in her eyes. When she spoke her voice was shaky and whispered as the tears began to fall.

“Is that how you really feel? That I don’t contribute anything to this household? Wasn’t it my salary that tipped the scales at the loan office for your dream to expand the shop? Haven’t I given all that I have to make sure that the dreams you had were our dreams? I didn’t know you thought so little of me and what I do for this family.”

She took a deep breath and turned her tear stained but hardened face to him. “Fine. Get the damn car if you can without me but know this, the day it shows up at the house is the day one of us leaves. I can’t stay with a man who thinks more about a piece of metal then he does about our financial future or so little about what I contribute. I’ll be in the car.”

“Aya! Wait! I didn’t mean it like that! I misspoke. Aya?” Ju managed to grasp her by the arm but she shrugged him off and put up her hands to make him stay away. She ran out the lot and to the Pilot wishing that there was some other way for the men to get home. She just wanted to leave.

Toshi had been watching the whole scene through a window in the manager’s office but he couldn’t hear what was said. He frowned when Aya started to cry and could tell by Ju’s face that he’d stepped in it. Tired of the dickering between Naohito and Yoichi and wanting to get out to his friend to find out what stupid thing he’d said, Toshi told them to wrap it up and he’d pay the difference in the price. Yoichi could just pay him back when he could then he walked out and toward a despondent Ju.

“I take it she said no and you said something incredibly stupid. I swear I don’t know how you managed to stay married for so long.” Even Toshi was surprised at the level of Ju’s stupidity. “And here you thought I was stupid for mentioning Aya’s lingerie…twice. Dude what in the hell were you thinking?”

Ju bristled. “Why can’t I have something that I really want? Damn it, I work my fingers off and all it takes for her to say no and something that I really want is denied me? I know I shouldn’t have coached it like I did but it’s the truth. I make the money and she spends it. Okay, a lot of what she buys is to please me but I’m not asking for it. Tosh…I just want that Porsche so bad. Is that wrong of me? All the pain and work I’ve put in over the years. Shouldn’t I get something that’s just me for me at least once?”

“Ju…okay, you say that but what was the mustang, chopped liver? You loved that car. Now you’re trying to say it wasn’t an expensive toy you just had to have? Look. Get the Porsche instead of the GTR. Problem solved.”

Ju shook his head. I need a car I can drive all the time and the Porsche isn’t it. It’s a two seater for one and sometimes I need that extra seat. Two…it wouldn’t put a dent in the cost of the Porsche.”

Toshi looked at him. “Just how much is it? WHAT? Are you fucking crazy? That’s, that’s…” He just shook his head. Before he could say anything else Ju chimed in.

“I know it’s expensive as hell but I can do it if I work a few extra session jobs between tour dates. I’ve got an offer to be the official bassist for V. I’d have to travel a lot and not just in this country but I could probably make enough in a couple of years to pay it off. “

“Did you tell Aya that Ju? I mean that you’d worked it out in your head?” When Ju nodded Toshi sighed. You want me to talk to her? Get in her head a little? Okay. I’ll leave it alone then. Good luck.”

The two men went back into the office where a smiling Yoichi was signing his ownership papers. Ju raised an eyebrow when Toshi signed his name to the loan along with Yoichi’s but said nothing. He talked to Naohito about the Porsche and told him he’d let him know whether he was going to get it when he came back to pick up the GTR and the Supra. The three men headed back to Aya’s car where she was sitting quietly. The ride back to the house was tense. When Yoichi looked at Toshi, the man gave him the “I’ll tell you about it later” look. When they got back to the house, Aya went into the bedroom slamming the door behind her. Ju got himself a beer and sat down on the sofa silently fuming. Toshi sighed. It was going to be a long night.


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