Toshi part 3

Aya only emerged from the bedroom long enough to make some dinner for the guys and to check on Yoichi. Once that was done she took her plate into the bedroom and ate there. Toshi did the dishes and she thanked him for that. Ju had gone into the room while Aya was cooking and came out with bedclothes. He wanted nothing to do with her and was planning on sleeping on the sofa back or no back. She didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Toshi had clued Yoichi in on what was going on. “Both of them are stubborn. If they’d just hear each other out maybe things wouldn’t be this bad. I swear I don’t know how those two have managed to stay married this long.”

Yoichi laughed. “They usually do talk things out. Something else is going on here Toshi. I just don’t know what. I hope it blows over soon. I’ll talk to you in the morning. Night.”

Toshi bid him a good night and tried to talk to Ju for a while but the man was clearly distracted and unhappy so Toshi left him to stew in his own juices and turned in. When Toshi got up the next morning, Ju was nowhere to be found and asking Aya wasn’t helpful. All he got from her was a terse “out”. He left it alone. Ju showed up a few hours later clearly agitated. Seems he couldn’t get anyone to finance the car without Aya’s signature so unless he could talk Naohito into okaying a loan through the dealership his dreams for that car were toast. For a change Toshi was glad Aya wasn’t around. If she’d shown one minute of gloat all hell would have broken out and he didn’t want to be around for that. At least Ju would have a chance to calm down some before she got back in…he hoped.

The two tiptoed around each other for the next two days. Neither spoke more then was absolutely necessary to the other. Ju stayed on a slow burn and Aya was looking more and more tired and sad. When Toshi asked if she was feeling okay Ju had the good grace to look chagrined but he didn’t say anything. Toshi could tell she wasn’t sleeping well.

In the meantime he’d been allowed to go back to what was left of his apartment and get what could be salvaged which wasn’t much but it was the most important stuff. He’d talked to Kiba who was relieved that Toshi was okay and offered him his place to stay until he found one of his own. Toshi thought about it but declined. He told Kiba that he was okay where he was and it was the address he’d given the agent so he didn’t want to change things on the man. Kiba understood and told him to hurry up and get a place so he could help him decorate it. He just looked at the phone for a while after they’d hung up. He missed Kiba but life went on. He was startled when he turned around to find Aya watching him.

For a change they were alone in the flat with Ju at a session job and Yoichi in class. Aya fixed them both some tea and settled down at the kitchen table to do some menu planning. “I’m surprised you didn’t take him up on his offer Toshi. What gives?”

Toshi took a sip of his tea and got his thoughts together before speaking. “You know how I feel about Kiba. It would be hard being around so much of him without him there and when he was there it would make it hard for me to leave and love or no love I couldn’t stay there forever. If I could we’d already be shacking up. Just staying for a couple of weeks would make the leaving so much harder. It would make the loneliness I feel even sharper. At least if I’m here you guys are around even if Ju is on a concert date. I don’t want to give this up right now for an empty apartment filled with the essence of the man I love but can’t be with for the foreseeable future. I know I can’t stay here for long but at least when I do leave you guys are close. Kiba’s is a lot farther from here. Me showing up to his place every now and then doesn’t raise any eyebrows but if I lived closer I’d be there way too much. So I took the pass.”

Aya looked at the sadness in his eyes and her heart went out to him. She knew how hard it was to love someone and not be able to be with them. She missed her husband terribly but she couldn’t back down and he wouldn’t back down. They were at a stalemate. She took Toshi’s free hand and squeezed it. “You’ve been a good guest so you can stay as long as you need too.”

Toshi smiled at her but the smile was short lived. He said what he was thinking. “Aya, you look like hell. Haven’t been sleeping well have you?” She shook her head no. “I know Ju told me to stay out of it but since when do I ever listen to him? What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours? Why are you so adamant about him not getting that car? He seems to have the payment thing worked out in his head. He’ll just have to do some more tours and…that’s it isn’t it? I’m such a dunce. I forgot how his being away makes you feel. Talk to me. I’m right aren’t I?”

Aya sighed. “That’s part of it Toshi. A big part yes but just a part. Financially we are at a point where I can go back to what I love doing and that’s private practice. Ju said he wanted me to travel the world with him when he goes out of the country to perform. I can only do that if I’m doing private nursing. I can pick and choose when I work. If he gets that car I’ll have to stay at the hospital. He’ll be gone for even longer periods and I’ll be here without him and no way to go see him.

That’s the main thing but secondary is the fact that anything can happen in the future what with the world economy still being so shaky. Winter is coming so the work slows down, so does touring. The note would be astronomical and the bank won’t care about the work and the income slowing down. It would or could put a drag on our savings. I’ve been putting money away since we got married so we could retire early and see the world together. He’s willing to throw all of that away on a car. I’m not, but he just won’t see it that way. It’s me telling him he can’t have something even though he’s worked hard to give us a good life. That’s really not it at all but he just can’t seem to see past the car. Considering all the things that have happened that could have hurt our marriage but didn’t, that car could be the thing that could kill it. I love him so much Toshi but I won’t allow a car be the thing that strains our marriage to the breaking point.”

Toshi had forgotten that Aya hadn’t been the happiest person in the world when Ju got “discovered”. When Ju had said he’d work extra sessions and tours it was like him rubbing salt in a wound that would probably never heal. He’d spend most of his time away from her. No way would that make her happy and with that note there was just no way she’d be able to leave the hospital. He’d see the world without her and she’d be forced to live most of the year without him. The only person who’d gain would be the bank and Ju but at what price?

Toshi had been wondering what to say or do when he felt the first drop hit his hand. He looked up and Aya was quietly crying. He got up and sat next to her. He gave her his shoulder and let her cry herself out. He was going to have to do something. Those two not being all lovey dovey, touchy feely was just wrong. They both looked up when they heard the motorcycle pull into the garage. Aya wiped her face, got up and fled the room just as Ju was coming into the flat. He watched her flee from him and a shadow crossed his face for a moment. Instead of going to his wife he went in the opposite direction and got a beer from the fridge. He gave Toshi a look. Toshi gave him one back. Neither spoke for a time. Toshi was the one to break the silence.

“I take it you had no luck looking for a financier? You know she’s not going to budge right?” Ju took a sip of beer. “Oh she will if I ignore her long enough. She loves me and wants me to be happy.”

Toshi shook his head. “I don’t think so dude. Not this time.” Ju narrowed his eyes. “Since when did you become an expert on my wife Tosh? If I say she’ll come around, she’ll come around. I just hope no one buys the car before then. I know things will be tight but I’ll just have to work harder.”

“You know you are a horse’s ass sometimes. Come on stupid. We need to talk but I don’t want to do it here. I’ve got to take some stuff over to Kiba’s and I can use the company.” He took the time to write a note to Aya and Yoichi telling them where the two had gone which got another look from Ju but he said nothing.

Because of the gear in the back of Toshi’s van, he could only get a limited number of boxes back there so Ju wound up riding with a box on his lap. “I don’t know why you just didn’t leave this at the flat.”

Toshi shook his head. “That would be too much like I’m moving in for the long term. This is fine and Kiba’s okay with it. Now about your situation at home. Ju…you aren’t thinking this through. You should be talking to your wife and not giving her the cold shoulder. I’m telling you she’s not going to back down and if she does I’m not sure what will happen to your marriage. Oh it won’t end. She loves your dumb ass too much for that but I think it will be, I don’t know, weakened somehow. Changed. Do you really think having that car is worth the risk?”

Ju just laughed. “Dude you’ve got it all wrong. She’ll come around. She always does. Making me happy makes her happy. It might take a little while but she’ll let me have my way. Hey you better pay attention or you’ll miss your turnoff. You worry about getting to Kiba’s and I’ll worry about my wife.”

Tosh grit his teeth and held his tongue at least until they were on their way back when he tried again to talk some sense into his friend. He didn’t have much success. By the time they had gotten back Toshi was ready to hit something to keep from hitting Ju. He just didn’t get it. He had just slammed the van closed when Yoichi walked up to him. He turned, pointed at Ju’s back and declared that Yoichi’s dad was the biggest horse’s ass he’d ever met and he’d met plenty.

“What happened Toshi? Dad being stubborn?” He sighed when Toshi nodded. Aya’s at Acchan’s she said “to find someone to smile at”. Guess she’s going to spend some time playing with Eri. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve seen her smile and it’s bothering me. I don’t know what dad’s thinking.”

Toshi leaned against the van. “He isn’t thinking which is the problem. I can’t even say it’s his penis thinking because if it was he wouldn’t be so hell bent on keeping Aya away. It’s his pride or his testosterone or something stupid like that. He thinks if he waits it out she’ll come around. I don’t think so this time. I talked to her. She’s got valid reasons for saying no. If your dad would just sit her down and ask her why maybe they could work something out. Those two not making out like teenagers is unnatural.” He shuddered which made Yoichi snicker.

Yoichi was about to suggest they do some making out of their own when his phone rang. Whoever was on the other line didn’t allow him to say much. “Okay. I’ll tell him. What? Why not? “Oh” and “yes” were the only words he could get in before the call ended. He looked at the phone then at Toshi. Toshi raised an eyebrow in question.

“That was Aya. She wanted me to know and to tell you she’s not coming home tonight. She said she was going to stay and babysit while Hana and Acchan had some quality time out. That may be true but I could tell she’d been crying. She told me that Ju wouldn’t care so unless he asks, it’s none of his business. This is going to get out of hand Tosh and if it does it’s going to end badly. I don’t know why dad just won’t talk to her. It’s like the car has him possessed.”

“That’s it! I’m going to kick some sense into that father of yours if it kills him. Come on. Let’s break the news to stupid and see what he does. Better yet, you let me do the talking and follow my lead. I’ve got a plan.”

If Yoichi had known Toshi longer he’d have known to be very afraid.


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