Toshi part 4

Toshi talked and the more he did the paler Yoichi got. “Dad is going to kill you if this doesn’t work and I don’t even want to know what Aya might do to you. I’d like to get a crack at your family jewels before you lose them you know?” That comment got a very perverted smile from Toshi that put Yoichi on notice.

“Don’t worry about it Yoichi. Those two idiots love each other too much to not work it out. They are just both being them right now. This will work and if it doesn’t…well if nothing else I’ll make sure you get a crack at my jewels before Aya relieves me of them. Now come on. The sooner we put this in motion the sooner we can get busy. I don’t know about you but I’m more then ready for some action. You know what to do and say right? Let’s go set some sparks a flying.”

The two men went upstairs to find Ju sitting on the sofa watching a soccer match. Neither man mentioned Aya’s call. Yoichi fixed them all some dinner which wasn’t all that unusual. What was unusual was that it was getting late and Aya hadn’t come in yet. Ju started getting worried around nine pm. He was about to ask if the guys knew where she was when Toshi asked if they had an overnight bag or suitcase. Confused Ju said yes and told him it was in the bedroom. He got even more confused when both Toshi and Yoichi went into the bedroom. He followed them in.

They pulled a suitcase out of the closet, decided that one was too large and went back for a smaller one. Yoichi went into Aya’s closet and began pulling out some of her nurses uniforms, a few pairs of jeans, a couple of tops then two pairs of shoes. He went over to Toshi who was busy holding up a pair of barely there panties and smacked his hand. “Aya told me to make sure that YOU stayed out of her lingerie drawer.” Toshi laughed. “Too late. Damn she’s got some nice stuff in there.”

He was about to say more when Ju finally had enough and exploded. “What in the hell are you guys doing? Where is Aya and why are you packing a suitcase for her?”

Toshi answered. “Well Aya called earlier. I guess you were right. She caved. We had a long talk and went over the details of what your note would look like if you got the car at the rate Naohito told her he’d give you guys. She figured with winter coming on and things slowing down, the only way to make the note was if she worked double shifts for the next six months. She had to sign a new contract with the hospital. Since she wouldn’t be home much and she really didn’t want to see you, she decided that it would be best if she moved into the nurses dorm near the hospital…at least until you moved out. Let me see how did she put it? Oh yeah. Since that car is more important then anything to him, he can damn well sleep in it and since the flat is in my name, he goes, I stay and he doesn’t have to like it.”

Yoichi flinched and Toshi counted to ten or at least he attempted to. He’d only gotten to four when Ju exploded with a string of expletives that made Toshi blush. Mad was a pale word to use to describe the storm cloud that was one Ichihara Junichiro. He picked up the phone, dialed Aya’s number then uttered another strangled curse and tossed the phone across the room. Her phone must have been off. “What the hell is that woman thinking? How could she think that I wanted things like this? And who is she to tell me to move out? Just because her name is on the deed doesn’t mean she gets to forget I helped pay for this place! I’m not going any damn where and she better learn to deal with it! Where the hell is she anyway? Acchan’s?” He didn’t wait for an answer but called that number. The answering machine picked up and he cursed again.

“Acchan if Aya is there you tell her I said I’m not going any damn where and she’d better get her ass here in the morning pronto or I’m going to drag her ass here.”

Toshi smirked. If Aya heard that she’d be at the house in the morning hunting for bear. Good. He looked up at a squawk from Yoichi. Ju had snatched the suitcase from him. He tried to get Ju to give it back saying that Aya needed it. Toshi was impressed with his acting skills. If he didn’t know better he’d have thought everything was on the up and up. Yoichi was stammering. “But dad! Aya needs that stuff!”

“Where did she tell you to take it?” Yoichi stammered to the hospital in the morning which set off another round of curses. Toshi figured it was time to step in. “Dude, do not take this out on Yoichi. He’s not the one who stupidly forgot his love has a temper and is very independent. You did, but at least you’ll get that car.” Ju glared death at him.

Toshi picked up the suitcase and grabbed Yoichi’s arm. “I think we’d better go. Your dad doesn’t seem to be in the best of moods.” The two men made a quick retreat and closed the bedroom door in time to miss the shoe thrown at it. Yoichi looked worried. “I don’t know Toshi. Dad is madder then I’ve ever seen him. I don’t know what he’ll do.”

“What he’ll do is sleep in a cold bed and wonder what he’s going to say to that wife of his to keep his boney ass in this house. You know what to tell Aya right?” Yoichi nodded. “Tell her that Ju said she could just stay at Acchan’s for all he cared. He was getting the car no matter what and that she can come pick up her things tomorrow or he was going to give them away. Do you honestly think she’ll believe that?”

“After that message he left on Acchan’s machine? She’ll believe it and why would she think you’d lie to her? Now I need to get cracking on that lock. Bring some beer back with you. I can tell Ju you went on a beer run if he comes looking for you. We’ll leave the suitcase by the door.”

Yoichi nodded then left. He gave a seething Aya the message. She’d heard the message Ju had left on the answering machine. Since Hana wouldn’t be home until late she was going to go home in the morning and “tell that asshole she married a thing or two”. When Yoichi got back to the flat all was quiet. He found Toshi in the living room watching some show with the sound off. He raised an eyebrow in question.

Toshi grinned. “Oh he threw some crap around, came out to get the last beer damn him and a bottle of Jack he had then went back into the room. He mumbled and grumbled for a while and then I think I heard him sobbing but I’m not sure. Then it got quiet. Let’s hope that what could happen set into that thick skull of his. I got the lock fixed and removed most of the dangerous or breakable items. I’m hoping that won’t be necessary but better to be safe then sorry. Now I need your help. I’ve got another idea but I’m lost when it comes to the internet at least something this detailed. Oh and just as a warning…I intend to do some molesting while you’re sitting here. You’ve been warned.”

The grin he gave Yoichi made his pants tighten a little. He was going to kill someone himself if he didn’t get a chance at the man sitting in front of him. Talk about a tease. When Toshi told him what he wanted, besides the obvious, Yoichi couldn’t believe how simple a solution it was and why no one had thought of it before. He managed to fend off Toshi’s roaming hands long enough to find and print out what he wanted then he turned to his molester and gave him some long overdue payback.


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